Sydney one-hit wonders 1953 – 2003 according to the mcduff rule

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ArtistSongEntry DateHPTW
A+Enjoy Yourself8-Mar-19992012
AF1Leaving Song Pt 218-Aug-200381
A-HATake On Me11-Oct-1985218
ALI GMe Julie27-May-20021114
ALICE DEEJAYBetter Off Alone22-Nov-1999619
Rex ALLENCrying in the Chapel17-Dec-1953210
Candice ALLEYFalling2-Jun-2003517
ALTERED IMAGEHappy Birthday1-Jan-19822014
Daniel AMALMClassical Gas13-May-1996113
Laurie ANDERSONO Superman18-Dec-19811913
ANDROIDSDo It with Madonna4-Nov-2002716
Christine ANUParty21-Aug-19951814
ARTFUL DODGERPlease Don't Turn Me On29-Jan-20011314
ASHTON GARDNER AND DYKEResurrection Shuffle30-Jul-19711517
Ernest ASHWORTHTalk Back6-Sep-1963208
ATCAround the World19-Feb-2001613
ATTACKHi-Ho Silver Lining12-May-1967712
AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIANSYou're Not Alone29-Apr-19882010
BABYFACEHow Come How Long7-Jul-1997522
Burt BACHARACHTrains and Boats and Planes18-Jun-1965812
BAJA MARIMBA BANDGeorgy Girl19-May-1967175
BAND OF LIGHTDestiny Song11-May-19731512
Yvonne BARRETTYou're the One19-Nov-1965318
John BARRY SEVENLost Patrol (Four-Corners Theme)7-Jun-19631815
Carole BAYER SAGERYou're Moving Out Today12-Aug-1977119
Graeme BELL & HIS ALLSTARSRag Trade Rag8-Feb-19632011
BELLAMY BROTHERSLet Your Love Flow23-Apr-19761019
Regina BELLEA Whole New World12-Apr-1993922
DION & The BELMONTSTeenager In Love19-Oct-19591110
BLOODHOUND GANGBad Touch22-Nov-1999921
BONE THUGS-N-HARMONYThe Crossroads8-Jul-19961121
Jimmy BOYDI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus26-Nov-195326
Charles BOYERWhere Does Love Go7-Jan-1966413
BOYS IN BLACKMore Than a Woman23-Mar-19931313
Tony BRADYA Penny for Your Thoughts9-Mar-19621513
Michelle BRANCEEverywhere7-Jan-20021815
Sam BROWNStop3-Feb-1989824
BROWNSVILLE STATIONSmokin' in the Boy's Room8-Feb-19742010
Michael BUBLELet it Snow8-Dec-2003184
BUGALOO BRASSGrazing in the Grass9-Aug-19681010
BUSTEDWhat I Go to School For20-Jan-20032011
Jerry BUTLERMoon River3-Nov-1961241
CALIGULATears of a Clown6-Dec-19931814
Eddie CALVERTIL Silenzio3-Sep-1965220
Emmanuel CARELLADon't Say a Word1-Sep-2003127
CARNABY STREET SETI Was Kaiser Bill's Batman14-Apr-1967313
David CARROLLMelody of Love12-May-1955114
Karen CHANDLERHold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me20-Aug-195357
Graham CHAPMANGee I'm Gonna Miss You3-May-19681811
Don CHERRYBand of Gold3-May-195658
Johnny CHESTERWorld's Greatest Mum3-Aug-1973423
CHIMES {UK}I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For17-Jun-19901615
CHINGYRight Thurr25-Aug-2003421
CHOIRBOYSRun to Paradise18-Sep-1987135
Dee CLARKRaindrops2-Jun-19611713
Alma COGANDreamboat27-Oct-1955101
Marc COHNWalking in Memphis8-Jul-19911015
Paula COLEWhere Have All the Cowboys Gone21-Jul-1997134
Johnny CRAWFORDCindy's Birthday1-Jun-19621615
CRITTERSYounger Girl10-Jun-19661012
Barry CROCKERLove is a Beautiful Song23-Jul-1971126
CROSBY STILLS NASH AND YOUNGTeach Your Children7-Aug-19701315
D-MOBC'Mon and Get My Love18-Mar-19901122
D-12Purple Pills16-Jul-2001414
GARIO GSunchyme24-Nov-19971621
Frankie DAVIDSONHave You Ever Been to See Kings Cross18-May-1962311
DB BOULEVARDPoint of View18-Mar-2002188
DE BARGERhythm of the Night17-May-1985516
DE FRANCO FAMILYHeartbeat it's a Lovebeat21-Dec-1973920
DEACON BLUEReal Gone Kid20-Jan-19892015
Bill DEAL & The RONDELLSNothing Succeeds Like Success29-May-1970188
Hazel DEANSearchin'2-Nov-19841511
Rick DEES & HIS CAST OF IDIOTSDisco Duck29-Oct-1976219
Tim DELUXEIt Just Won't Do2-Sep-20021212
Johnny DESMOND, Don CORNELL & Alan DALEHeart of My Heart15-Apr-1954311
Lorrae DESMONDOn the Waterfront7-Apr-195558
DEUCEOn the Bible11-Nov-19962022
Jim DIAMONDI Should Have Known Better1-Mar-1985216
Babara DICKSON & Elaine PAIGEI Know Him So Well15-Mar-1985924
DidoWhite Flag22-Sep-200327
Mark DINNINGTeen Angel12-Feb-1960412
DISCO MONTEGOBeautiful13-May-2002914
DJ JAZZY JEFF & The FRESH PRINCEBoom Shake the Room18-Oct-1993223
Joe DOWELLWooden Heart4-Aug-19611813
DREAMHe Loves You Not5-Mar-20011710
Denise DRYSDALE & Ernie SIGLEYHey Paula11-Oct-1974124
Francis DUNNERYAmerican Life in the Summertime8-Aug-19941710
Robbie DUPREESteal Away27-Jun-19802012
Billy ECKSTINE & Damita JOLove is a Ball10-May-19632010
Walter EGANMagnet and Steel8-Dec-19781715
Tommy & Phil EMMANUELTerra Firma6-Mar-1995132
ENYAOrinocco Flow6-Jan-1989418
ERASUREAbba-Esque (EP)29-Jan-19921413
Betty EVERETTShoop Shoop Shoop Song1-May-1964199
EVERLASTPut Your Lights On13-Mar-20001917
EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRLMissing19-Feb-1996123
Shelley FABARESJohnny Angel30-Mar-19621413
FATMAN SCOOPBe Faithful1-Dec-2003521
Red FOLEYDon't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes16-Apr-1953111
FORTUNESHere Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again1-Oct-19712011
FOUR FRESHMENThose Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines29-Oct-19651313
FOUR KNIGHTSI Get So Lonely22-Jul-195446
John J FRANCISPlay Mumma Sing Me a Song17-Aug-19732011
Winston FRANCISBlue Moon2-Mar-19731511
Stan FREBERGSt George and the Dragonet14-Jan-195463
Ernie FREEMANRaunchy27-Feb-19581013
Glenn FREYHeat Is On29-Mar-1985417
GANGAJANGSound of Then6-Dec-19851816
Judy GARLANDMan That Got Away15-Dec-1955103
Linda GEORGEMamma's Little Girl16-Aug-1974618
GINA GOoh Aah Just a Little Bit6-May-1996320
GOOD CHARLOTTEThe Anthem10-Mar-20031317
GORDON FRANKLIN & The WILDERNESS ENSEMBLELet The Franklin Flow29-Apr-19831311
GORILLAZClint Eastwood11-Jun-20011618
GRANDMASTER FLASH & The FURIOUS 5The Message14-Jan-19831419
Eddy GRANTElectric Avenue17-Jun-1983319
Dolores GRAYBig Mamou10-Sep-195366
Peter HANLEYBig Mamou10-Sep-195366
Ronnie HAWKINSDown in the Alley6-Mar-19701612
Ofra HAZAMy Love is For Real26-Jun-1995711
HEALING FORCEGolden Miles3-Sep-19711814
HERBIERight Type of Mood24-Jul-1995918
HILLSIDE SINGERSI'd Like to Teach the World to Sing4-Feb-1972814
Al HIRTIL Silenzio3-Sep-1965220
Roger HODGSONHad a Dream11-Jan-19851911
Leroy HOLMES ORCHESTRAThe Good the Bad and the Ugly24-May-1968317
NHONEY CONEOne Monkey Can't Stop No Show14-Apr-19721812
HUES CORPORATIONRock the Boat23-Aug-19741517
Betty HUTTON & Perry COMOA Bushel And A Peck15-Mar-195656
Chrissie HYNDE & UB40I Got You Babe20-Sep-1985121
IDBig Time Operator20-Jan-1967613
Jorgen INGMANNApache3-Mar-19611418
JACKSON 5ABC7-Aug-19701816
JAMA Town Called Malice2-Apr-1982712
Joni JAMESHow Important Can it Be30-Jun-195538
Robert JOHNSad Eyes28-Sep-1979820
Sabrina JOHNSONPeace17-Feb-1992188
Grace JONESSlave to the Rhythm6-Dec-19851713
Norah JONESDon't Know Why3-Mar-2003410
Spike JONES & His CITY SLICKERSI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus26-Nov-195326
Dick KALLMANYou're the One19-Nov-1965318
Grace KELLY & Bing CROSBYTrue Love6-Dec-1956224
Cheryl KENNEDYLove is Blue9-Feb-1968121
Jonathon KINGJust Like a Woman26-Aug-1966617
Brenda KRISTENTouch the Wind22-Mar-19741414
LA DE DA'SGonna See My Baby Tonight19-Nov-1971717
LIQUIDAbul's Secret Movie (EP)1-Dec-1997181
LITTLE RICHARDGreat Gosh A'Mighty2-May-19862010
LOGGINS AND MESSINAYour Mamma Don't Dance9-Feb-1973517
LOONI Need a Girl24-Jun-2002410
Lisa 'Left-Eye' LOPEZNever be the Same Again10-Apr-2000219
Sophia LOREN & Peter SELLERSGoodness Gracious Me23-Dec-1960514
LOVE AND ROCKETSSo Alive17-Dec-19892013
LUCASLucas with the Lid Off31-Oct-19941315
LUDACRISGossip Folk31-Mar-20031912
MAGISTRATESHere Comes the Judge12-Jul-1968314
Mandy KANEBilly Bones27-Oct-2003135
Silvana MANGANOAnna22-Oct-1953111
Kurtis MANTRONIKHow Did You Know18-Aug-2003205
MARINESI See the Moon17-Jun-195457
MARMALADEOb-La-De Ob-La-Da7-Feb-1969124
Tony MARTIN & Henri RENE'S ORCHESTRAHere19-Aug-195448
George McCURNI'm Just a Country Boy22-Mar-1963159
Ewan McGREGOR & Nicole KIDMANCome What May2-Jul-200187
Giselle McKENZIEDon't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes16-Apr-1953111
MERCURY 4Get Me Some7-Jul-200376
Ethel MERMAN & Dick HAYMANYou're Just In Love28-May-1953213
Teddy MERTENSPuppet on a String19-May-1967912
MGM STRINGSSomewhere My Love8-Jul-1966120
Lee MICHAELSHeighty Hi31-Oct-19692012
MILK INCORPORATEDIn My Eyes20-Sep-19991313
Mario MILLO & Jon ENGLISHSix Ribbons12-Jan-1979818
MILLS BROTHERSGlow Worm26-Feb-195319
Kylie MINOGUE & Keith WASHINGTONIf You Were With Me Now3-Feb-19921614
Vaughn MONROE ORCHESTRAThey Were Doin' the Mambo23-Dec-1954210
MONTANASCiao Baby28-Apr-1967149
MONTE VIDEO & The CASSETTESShoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang1-Apr-1983713
Jamie J MORGANWalk on the Wild Side8-Apr-19902016
Ada MORIMare Mare Mare Mare18-Jan-1974720
Peta MORRIS & PAULMACJust the Thing11-Jun-20011819
Don MUDIE & Brian CADDShow Me the Way11-Feb-19721715
Jerry MURADStory of Three Loves25-Mar-195469
Ruby MURRAYSoftly Softly21-Jul-1955214
NASI'm Gonna Be Alright15-Jul-2002814
NIRVANA (UK)Pentacost Hotel10-Nov-19672010
NOLAN-BUDDLE QUARTETTheme from 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'1-Oct-19761324
Chris NORMAN & Suzie QUATROStumblin' In5-Jan-1979121
Monty NORMANTakes Two to Tango26-Mar-1953111
OBERNKIRCHEN CHILDRENS' CHOIRThe Happy Wanderer15-Jul-1954114
OBLIVIAMy Friend10-Apr-2000137
Jimmy PAGECome With Me20-Jul-19981012
Sarina PARISLook at Us16-Jul-2001137
PARIS SISTERSI Love How You Love Me13-Oct-19611914
PAST TO PRESENTGet Down On It26-Feb-1996513
PATIENCE AND PRUDENCETonight You Belong to Me20-Dec-1956312
Gayla PEEVEYI Want a Hippoptamus for Christmas24-Dec-195343
Esther PHILLIPSWhat A Difference a Day Makes26-Sep-19751913
PORTRAITHow Deep Is Your Love21-Aug-1995420
PRATT & McCLAIN With BROTHER LOVEHappy Days {Theme}28-May-1976419
Tommy PRISCOFriends and Neighbors28-Oct-195455
PROCLAIMERS (Australia)All His Children11-Aug-19721712
PUDDLE of MUDDShe Hates Me11-Nov-20021023
Jack RADICSTwist and Shout28-Mar-19941215
RADIO FREEDOMI Can Feel It1-Jun-1992418
Irene REIDMy Heart Said24-May-1963199
ROGUE TRADERSOne of My Kind3-Mar-2003148
Don RONDOWhite Silver Sands5-Dec-1957213
ROSCOETraining Day21-Jan-20021910
Jimmy RUFFINI've Passed This Way Before27-Jan-19672010
RUMOURPlay Mamma Play17-Aug-19732011
Mitch RYDER & The DETROIT WHEELSDevil With a Blue Dress / Good Golly Miss Molly11-Nov-19661516
SADDLE CLUBWonderland14-Jul-20031211
Jeff ST JOHN & COPPERWINETeach Me How to Fly25-Dec-1970318
ST LUNITICBatter Up14-Jan-20021516
John ST PEETERSSo Many Ways6-Apr-19791315
Crispian ST PETERSPied Piper27-May-19661911
Roger SANCHEZAnother Chance30-Jul-20011513
Guy SEBASTIANAngel Bought Me Here1-Dec-200319
George SHAWtill We Two are One8-Jul-195481
SHEILA & B. DEVOTIONSinging in the Rain7-Jul-19781817
Dinah SHOREHi-Lili Hi-Lo16-Apr-1953113
SING 2001 CHOIR & Nikki WEBSTERWe'll Be One9-Oct-20001212
Nick SKITZSlave to the Music3-Nov-2003175
Mark SNOWX-Files Theme20-May-19961711
Joanie SOMMERSJohnny Get Angry29-Jun-19621510
S.O.S. BandJust be Good to Me25-Nov-1983121
SOUL DECISIONFaded8-Jan-20011213
Jimmy SOULIf You Wanna be Happy24-May-1963199
SOUNDBLUNTZBillie Jean27-Jan-2003139
Anthony STEEL & The RADIO REVELLERSWest of Zanzibar3-Feb-195575
Al STEWARTYear of the Cat11-Mar-19772016
Darryl STEWARTA Man Called Peter4-Aug-1955215
Sandy STEWARTI Understand23-Sep-195467
STRAWBERRY FAIRCome Back and Shake Me13-Jun-1969613
STRAY CATSRunaway Boys13-Feb-19811314
Debbie STUARTTalk Back Trembling Lips6-Sep-1963208
SUNNYSIDERSHey Mr Banjo8-Sep-1955103
SUPER CATSFly12-Jan-1998209
Sylvia SYMSI Could Have Danced All Night9-Jan-19591013
T-BONESNo Matter What Shape (your Stomach's In)4-Feb-19662011
3 DOORS DOWNKryptonite11-Dec-2000724
TIMBUK 3Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades16-Jan-19871312
John TORVWhat Have They Done to My Song Ma30-Oct-1970415
TUBEWAY ARMYAre Friends Electric21-Sep-19792016
TWILIGHTERSBottle of Wine26-Jan-1968315
UK SQUEEZECool for Cats22-Jun-1979419
Katie UNDERWOODBeautiful13-May-2002914
UNIT 4 PLUS 2Concrete and Clay19-Mar-1965912
USA for AFRICAWe are the World29-Mar-1985123
Aramand VAN HELDENYou Don't Know Me22-Mar-19991316
VANITY FAIRHitchin' a Ride26-Dec-19691014
VERVE PIPEThe Freshmen11-Aug-19971919
Terry WALKERAnother Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song9-Mar-19751712
WALLIS AND MATILDAClancy of the Overflow15-Aug-19801615
Dennis WEAVERNo Name21-Jul-19721711
WEBB BROTHERSGoondiwindi Grey13-Apr-1973213
Joan WEBERLet Me Go Lover17-Mar-1955115
WHICHWATGimmie Gimmie Good Lovin'18-Apr-19691212
David WHITFIELD with MANTOVANI'S ORCHESTRACara Mia21-Oct-1954212
WILD CHERRYPlay That Funky Music15-Oct-1976424
Larry WILLIAMSShort Fat Fannie2-Jan-1958101
Viola WILLSGonna Get Along Without You Now30-May-19801915
WOLVERINES65 Roses25-Jun-20011115
WORLD FAMOUS SUPREME TEAMOpera House / Aria on Air25-Feb-19911315
Tammy WYNETTEJustified and Ancient13-Jan-1992317
Mark WYNTERVenus in Blue Jeans12-Oct-19621115
YA KID KSpin That Wheel17-Jun-1990518
Glenn YARBOUGHHoneywind Blows23-Oct-19641313
Faron YOUNGIt's Four in the Morning28-Apr-1972316
Harry YOUNG & SABBATHWheat in the Field21-May-19711318
Timi YUROHurt18-Aug-19611810
Michael ZAGER BANDLet's All Chant28-Jul-19781119
Gheorge ZHAMFIR & James LASTLonely Shepherd7-Jul-19781914
ZOMBIESShe's Not There23-Oct-1964414