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This Week’s One-Hit Wonder (OHW) is ‘Every Night’ (#15 1979) by the great American performer Phoebe Snow. An incredibly versatile musician she performed music from many genres. This song was written by Paul McCartney and was her only hit here in Australia. She is also remembered for her song Poetry Man. She won the 1975 Grammy for Best New Artist which led to an appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, and we all know how important that is don’t we music fans 😊 During her life Phoebe was a carer for both her parents. A short late seventies marriage resulted in the birth of her daughter Valerie Rose, who was born severely disabled. Phoebe vowed never to institutionalize her and cared for her until she passed at the age of 31. Phoebe died suddenly three years later from a brain haemorrhage in 2010. She possessed a wonderful voice. Personally, I was always a fan and today we remember her as a great artist and superior human being, thank you Phoebe.

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