Perth one-hit wonders 1958 – 2006 according to the mcduff rule

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ArtistSongEntry DateHPTW
A*TeensCan't Help Falling in Love2-Sep-02187
ADAM ANTGoody Two Shoes16-Jul-82113
AFIMiss Murder7-Aug-061215
Christina AGUILERA feat. REDMANDirrty28-Oct-02410
ALAN PARSONS PROJECTEye in the Sky10-Sep-821310
ALESSIAll for a Reason9-Jun-78619
Cristian ALEXANDAParty Anthem4-Oct-04128
ALIASMore Than Words Can Say17-Mar-911813
ALICE DEEJAYBetter Off Alone5-Dec-99617
Lily ALLENSmile21-Aug-061012
Peter ALLENI Go to Rio15-Jul-77117
Rex ALLENDon't Go Near the Indians12-Oct-62910
Candice ALLEYFalling2-Jun-03516
AMERICAN BREEDBend Me Shape Me12-Jan-68911
AMERIE1 Thing30-May-051715
Ed AMESWho Will Answer2-Feb-68189
Carl ANDERSON and GLORIA LORINGFriends and Lovers19-Dec-861321
ANEIKIPleased to Meet You9-Jul-01815
The ANGELSMy Boyfriend's Back6-Sep-63410
Anita WARDRing My Bell13-Jul-79215
ANNETTEO Dio Mio22-Apr-60112
ARCTIC MONKEYSI Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor20-Feb-06129
AREA 7Nobody Likes a Bogan4-Mar-02203
ARNEE and The TERMINATORSI'll Be Back17-Nov-911213
ARTFUL DODGER feat. LIFFORDPlease Don't Turn Me On29-Jan-01177
ASWADDon't Turn Around15-Apr-88217
ATB9PM ('till I Come)30-May-991224
Patti AUSTIN and JAMES INGRAMBaby Come to Me17-Jun-83189
AUSTRALIAN CRAWLSemantics (EP)7-Oct-83221
AVERAGE WHITE BANDPick Up the Pieces7-Mar-751310
AZTEC CAMERASomewhere in My Heart24-Jun-88721
B2K feat. P.DIDDYBump Bump Bump24-Mar-03617
BABY BIRDYou're Gorgeous24-Nov-961513
BACCHUSHey Mista20-Aug-711214
Burt BACHARACHI'll Never Fall in Love Again / Pacific Coast Highway25-Jul-691313
BAD COMPANYCan't Get Enough6-Sep-742012
Corinne BAILEY RAEPut Your Records On10-Apr-06610
Dorothy BAKERI'm the Girl from Wolverton Mountain28-Sep-62910
Kenny BALL and his JAZZMENMidnight in Moscow2-Mar-62114
Russ BALLARDVoices7-Dec-841814
Lori BALMERDon't Throw it All Away16-Jan-76516
The BANDRag Mama Rag20-Mar-70146
BAND AIDDo They Know it's Christmas21-Dec-84115
BAND AID 20Do They Know it's Christmas13-Dec-04105
Jimmy BARNES and DALLAS CRANESit on My Knee27-Jun-05115
J.J. BARRIENo Charge2-Jul-76113
BARRON KNIGHTSHouse of Johann Strauss15-Jan-65911
Natalie BASSINGTHWAIGHTENever Never Never3-Aug-73119
Duke BAXTEREverybody Knows Matilda3-Oct-691413
Carole BAYER SAGERYou're Moving Out Today5-Aug-77119
BAZSmile to Shine24-Jun-02194
BEASTIE BOYSIntergalactic12-Jul-981615
Jeff BECKHi Ho Silver Lining9-Feb-731012
Natasha BEDINGFIELDThese Words11-Oct-04518
Harry BELAFONTEIsland in the Sun16-May-58162
BELLSStay Awhile30-Apr-71315
Tony BENNETTYoung and Warm and Wonderful5-Sep-58513
Merv BENTONDo it Again A Little Bit Slower28-Apr-671314
The BIG BOPPERChantilly Lace31-Oct-581811
Billy VERA and the BEATERSAt This Moment5-Jun-87913
Bill BLACK'S COMBODon't Be Cruel11-Nov-601313
BLACKFEATHERBoppin' the Blues1-Sep-72215
BLIZZARD BROTHERS INC.Thunderstruck4-Mar-021110
BZ feat. JOANNEJackie3-Jan-99815
BOBBY AND LAURIEHitch Hiker8-Apr-66112
BODYROCKERSI Like the Way2-May-051819
BETTY BOODoin' the Doo23-Nov-901817
BOOGIE PIMPSSomebody to Love2-Feb-041817
BOOKER T and THE MG'sHang 'em High22-Nov-681513
BOOMKATThe Wreckoning21-Apr-031910
BOOMTOWN RATSI Don't Like Mondays14-Sep-79123
BOSTONMore Than a Feeling7-Jan-77418
BOURGEOIS TAGGI Don't Mind at All8-Apr-882511
BOWLING FOR SOUP198525-Oct-041816
BOX TOPSCry Like a Baby29-Mar-681512
BOY GEORGEThe Crying Game2-May-931711
BOYS DON'T CRYI Wanna Be a Cowboy20-Jun-861017
BOYS TOWN GANGCan't Take My Eyes Off You17-Dec-821122
Owen BRADLEY QUARTETBig Guitar6-Jun-58214
BRANDY feat. RAY JAnother Day in Paradise4-Jun-011314
BRATZ ROCK ANGELZSo Good29-Aug-051314
Beverly BREMERSDon't Say You Don't Remember31-Mar-721114
BRENDA and THE TABULATIONSRight on the Tip of My Tongue25-Feb-721313
Garth BROOKSOne Night a Day11-Sep-94105
Joe BROWNWith a Little Help from My Friends28-Jul-67714
BROWNSVILLE STATIONSmokin' in the Boys' Room8-Feb-741711
Dave BRUBECK QUARTETTake Five17-Nov-611412
BUBBLEROCK(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction5-Apr-741513
Michael BUBLESway24-May-04199
Solomon BURKEProud Mary16-May-69145
BUTTERFLY EFFECTA Slow Descent19-Jun-0667
Brian CADDKeep on Rockin'16-Nov-73189
Al CAIOLA and his ORCHESTRABonanza16-Jun-611313
CAKEI Will Survive4-May-972012
Debbie CAMERON and TOMMY SEEBACHI See the Moon22-Jan-82169
Debbie CAMPBELLPlease Tell Him That I Said Hello10-Oct-751514
Tevin CAMPBELLCan We Talk6-Feb-941318
CANDY APPLEThat Same Old Feeling21-Aug-70715
CAPTAIN SENSIBLEHappy Talk20-Aug-82129
Emmanuel CARELLADon't Say a Word1-Sep-0388
Henson CARGILLSkip-a-Rope12-Jan-68515
CASSIDY feat. R.KELLYHotel31-May-04198
CASSIEMe & U4-Sep-061019
CHAINBlack and Blue2-Apr-71914
CHAMILLIONAIRE feat. KRAYZIE BONERidin' (Remix)7-Aug-061717
Gene CHANDLERDuke of Earl6-Apr-62108
Kenny CHANDLERDrums27-Oct-61711
Bruce CHANNELHey Baby30-Mar-6218
Ray CHARLES SINGERSLove Me With All Your Heart5-Jun-64511
Sonny CHARLES and THE CHECKMATES LTDBlack Pearl27-Jun-69413
CHEROKEESSeven Golden Daffodils2-Oct-64189
Johnny CHESTER with JIGSAWShame and Scandal (in the Family)25-Feb-72218
CHICLe Freak12-Jan-79119
CHICORY TIPSon of My Father24-Mar-72614
CHI-LITESOh Girl18-Aug-721315
The CHIMESI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for8-Jun-901517
Tony CHRISTIEI Did What I Did for Maria9-Jul-71219
Jimmy CHRISTOSomebody Like You15-May-00123
The CHURCHMetropolis30-Mar-901911
Dee CLARKRaindrops14-Jul-6117
CLASSIX NOUVEAUXGuilty31-Jul-811312
CLEOPATRACleopatra's Theme5-Apr-981816
CLIMAX BLUES BANDI Love You8-May-811315
CLIMIE - FISHERLove Changes (Everything)30-Sep-88816
CLIVILLES AND COLEPride (in the Name of Love)2-Feb-92615
Rosemary CLOONEYGive Myself a Party16-Feb-62146
Eddie COCHRANSummertime Blues7-Nov-58117
Tom COCHRANELife is a Highway14-Jun-92520
COCKROACHESSome Kind of Girl10-Jul-871914
Brice COEFIELDCha-Cha Twist18-Nov-60197
Toto COELOI Eat Cannibals19-Nov-82821
Alma COGANEight Days a Week31-Dec-651011
Cozy COLETopsy Pt 212-Dec-58213
Paula COLEWhere Have All the Cowboys Gone13-Jul-971511
Jonathan COLEMANAussies on 4515-Jan-82119
Ray COLUMBUS and THE INVADERSShe's a Mod9-Oct-64215
COMMUNARDS with SARAH JANE MORRISDon't Leave Me This Way26-Sep-86323
COMPANY OF STRANGERSSweet Love29-Nov-922014
Arthur CONLEYOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da17-Jan-69214
Sarah CONNORBounce3-May-042014
Mick CONNORSCotswolds14-Nov-80916
COOKIESDon't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)19-Apr-63208
COOLIO feat. L.V.Gangsta's Paradise8-Oct-95122
Louise CORDETI'm Just a Baby19-Oct-62169
COSIMAWhen the War is Over / One Night Without You16-Aug-04116
Elvis COSTELLO & The ATTRACTIONSOliver's Army16-Mar-791014
COUNT FIVEPsychotic Reaction14-Oct-661016
Johnny CRAWFORDRumors14-Dec-62712
CREAMWhite Room8-Nov-68519
CREEDWith Arms Wide Open16-Apr-01324
Peter CRISSBy Myself14-Nov-801512
CROSS COUNTRYIn the Midnight Hour28-Sep-731411
CROWEvil Woman Don't Play Your Games With Me2-Jan-701116
CRUSADERSStreet Life18-Jan-802010
CYRKLERed Rubber Ball17-Jun-661513
DADDY DEWDROPChick-a-Boom (Don't Cha Jes' Love it)21-May-71416
DADDY YANKEEGasolina23-Jan-061016
DALE AND GRACEI'm Leaving it Up to You8-Nov-631012
DANAPlease Tell Him That I Said Hello10-Oct-751514
Vic DANAI Love You Drops3-Jun-661710
Charlie DANIELS BANDDevil Went Down to Georgia2-Nov-791315
DARIO GSunchyme30-Nov-971620
DAVID AND DAVIDWelcome to the Boomtown16-Jan-871913
Bryan DAVIESI Don't Like to Be Alone4-Dec-64310
Dave DAVIESDeath of a Clown4-Aug-67189
Niki DAVISNever on Sunday10-Feb-61226
Sammy DAVIS JRCandy Man16-Jun-72619
Skeeter DAVISEnd of the World5-Apr-63213
Doris DAYEverybody Loves a Lover24-Oct-581312
DE BARGERhythm of the Night17-May-85812
DEACON BLUEReal Gone Kid10-Feb-89917
DEAD END KIDSHave I the Right17-Jun-77116
DEADSTARDeeper Water17-Jan-00156
Bill DEAL and The RHONDELLSNothing Succeeds Like Success19-Jun-70192
DEE DEE SHARPMashed Potato Time27-Apr-621610
Tommy DEEHere is My Love17-Apr-81159
DEEP DISHFlashdance22-Nov-041419
DEFAULTWasting My Time25-Feb-021920
Gavin DeGRAWI Don't Want to Be13-Sep-042014
Martin DENNYQuiet Village3-Jul-5976
The DETERGENTSLeader of the Laundromat18-Dec-64187
Johnny DEVLINStomp the Tumbarumba29-Nov-63316
DHT feat. EDMEEListen to Your Heart28-Nov-051816
DIXIE CUPSChapel of Love29-May-641713
DJ BOBOSomebody Dance With Me28-Nov-93617
DJ KOOLLet Me Clear My Throat25-May-971619
DJ QUICKSILVERBellissima17-Aug-971311
DR BUZZARD'S ORIGINAL SAVANNAH BANDWhispering / Cher Chez La Femme / C'est si Bon27-May-771710
Joe DOLANLady in Blue30-Apr-76615
Bo DONALDSON & The HEYWOODSWho Do You Think You Are4-Oct-741413
Charlie DOREPilot of the Airwaves21-Dec-791115
Harold DORMANMountain of Love27-May-60311
Tommy DORSEY ORCHESTRATea for Two Cha Cha31-Oct-58316
Carol DOUGLASDoctor's Orders7-Mar-75213
DRAFTIMarble Breaks Iron Bends10-Jun-66610
Rusty DRAPERMule Skinner Blues15-Jul-60512
The DUKESGonna Get High5-Jul-92913
Clive DUNNGrandad5-Feb-71815
Francis DUNNERYAmerican Life in the Summertime14-Aug-941713
Ian DURY and The BLOCKHEADSHit Me With Your Rhythm Stick9-Mar-79414
DYNAMIC HEPNOTICSSoul Kind of Feeling2-Nov-84314
EDDIE AND DUTCHMy Wife the Dancer26-Jun-701410
EL CHICANOBrown Eyed Girl15-Sep-721610
ELECTRIC INDIANKeem-O-Sabe17-Oct-691810
ELECTRONICSDance Birdie Dance4-Jun-82124
Rick ELYCircle Game11-Dec-70715
Tommy EMMANUELThe Journey5-Sep-9386
ENGLAND WORLD CUP SQUADThis Time (We'll Get it Right)25-Jun-82166
EPISODE 6Morning Dew28-Jul-671510
ERASUREAbba-Esque (EP)5-Jul-92189
Eric BURDON & WARSpill the Wine4-Sep-70219
ERUPTION feat. PRECIOUS WILSONI Can't Stand the Rain28-Apr-78119
Bob EVANSDon't You Think it's Time22-May-06310
Maureen EVANSAs Long as He Needs Me6-Oct-61199
EVERLASTWhat it's Like21-Mar-991618
The EXECUTIVESSummer Hill Road20-Dec-681511
EXILEKiss You All Over20-Oct-78121
EXPRESSIONWith Closed Eyes25-Mar-83209
Shelley FABARESJohnny Angel20-Apr-621710
FABOLOUS feat. TAMIAInto You15-Sep-03618
Adam FAITHKentucky Bluebird (A Message to Martha)22-Jan-652011
Percy FAITHTheme from 'A Summer Place'11-Mar-6028
FANTASIAI Believe26-Jul-041111
The FANTASTICSSomething Old Something New4-Jun-711115
Donna FARGOFunny Face1-Jun-73120
John FARNHAM & Kate CEBERANO & Jon STEVENSEverything's Alright2-Aug-92715
Johnny FARNHAM and Allison DURBINBaby Without You5-Nov-71417
Maynard FERGUSONGonna Fly Now1-Jul-77711
FISCHER-ZPerfect Day15-Apr-88319
Toni FISHERWest of the Wall29-Jun-62116
FLOY JOYWeak in the Presence of Beauty6-Jun-861316
FOGHATI Just Want to Make Love to You24-Nov-72515
Ellen FOLEYWe Belong to the Night16-Nov-791614
FOOL'S GARDENLemon Tree29-Sep-96529
Clinton FORDDandy4-Nov-661212
Frankie FORDYou Talk Too Much18-Nov-60213
Andy FORRAYDrac's Back26-Oct-791611
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNEStacy's Mom20-Oct-03915
FOUR LADSPut a Light in the Window23-May-58176
4 THE CAUSEStand By Me9-May-991511
FRAGMA vs COCOToca's Miracle17-Jul-001714
FRANKEEF.U. Right Back14-Jun-04114
FRANKIE J feat. BABY BASHObsession (No es Amor)25-Apr-05517
FREDDIE & The DREAMERSI Will1-Jan-65815
FREEAll Right Now20-Nov-701913
FREE MOVEMENTI've Found Someone of My Own15-Oct-711019
James FREUDHurricane7-Apr-891815
Glenn FREYThe Heat is On22-Mar-85217
FRIJID PINKHouse of the Rising Sun20-Mar-70186
Bobby FULLER FOURI Fought the Law25-Feb-661311
Mel GADSONComin' Down With Love8-Jul-60146
Simon GALLAHER and Jackie LOVEMy Friend10-Dec-82119
Chris GANTRYDreams of the Everyday Housewife12-Jul-681212
Ted GARDESTADTake Me Back to Hollywood9-Mar-791113
Gareth GATESUnchained Melody28-Jul-03515
Teddy GEIGERFor You I Will (Confidence)19-Jun-061319
GEMINISunshine River15-Aug-69415
GENERAL PUBLICTenderness1-Mar-851013
GEORGESpecial Ones25-Jun-01175
GERLINGEnter Space Capsule9-May-99178
Robin GIBBBoys Do Fall in Love31-Aug-84713
GIBSON BROTHERSQue Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go)20-Mar-81216
GIDEA PARKBeach Boy Gold22-Dec-781215
Johnny GILLThe Floor5-Sep-93622
GILLABend Me Shape Me3-Nov-781619
GINA GOoh Aah…Just a Little Bit12-May-96519
GIRLS ALOUDJump26-Jan-04159
GLOBOSThe Beat Goes On11-Mar-831015
GNARLS BARCLAYCrazy8-May-06219
Andrew GOLDLonely Boy5-Aug-771911
GONZALEZHaven't Stopped Dancing Yet1-Jun-791212
Delta GOODREM & Brian McFADDENAlmost Here14-Mar-05114
Ron GOODWIN ORCHESTRAThe Trap27-Jan-671613
Gerry GRANAHANNo Chemise Please8-Aug-58312
GRAND POPO FOOTBALL CLUBMen Are Not Nice Guys11-Feb-02198
Macy GRAYI Try21-Nov-99121
Michael GRAYThe Weekend17-Jan-05198
GREEN JELLYThree Little Pigs8-Aug-93517
GROOVESoothe Me26-Apr-68215
GROOVE TERMINATOROne More Time (The Sunshine Song)22-May-0098
Henry GROSSShannon3-Dec-76521
Rick GUARDStop it I Like it23-Sep-02811
HAPPENINGSMy Mammy1-Sep-67147
HAPPY MONDAYSKinky Afro3-Mar-91193
HAPPYLANDDon't You Know Who I Am2-Aug-981215
Francoise HARDYOnly You Can Do it27-May-66113
Richard HARRISMacArthur Park9-Aug-68513
Wilbert HARRISONLet's Work Together6-Mar-70178
Debbie HARRYBackfired4-Sep-81409
Anne HAWKERBoom Bang-a-Bang4-Apr-69515
HEADLESS CHICKENSCruise Control13-Nov-941317
HEAVEN 17Temptation22-Jul-832013
HENCHMENRockin' Robin28-May-65215
Dermot HENRYIf Those Lips Could Only Speak2-Jul-71421
The HERDFrom the Underworld10-Nov-671510
HI FIVE with Terry WALKER and Glen INGRAMSkye Boat Song - Long Time Gone22-Jul-66118
HI TEK 3 feat. YA KID KSpin That Wheel15-Jun-90318
HILLSIDE SINGERSI'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (in Perfect Harmony)14-Jan-72814
Paris HILTONStars are Blind17-Jul-06612
Al HIRTJava31-Jan-64513
Roger HODGSONHad a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy)30-Nov-841617
Ray HOFF and the OFFBEATSLet's Go Let's Go / Bama Lama Bama Loo22-Apr-66811
Eddie HOLMANHey There Lonely Girl20-Mar-70619
HONDELLSLittle Honda6-Nov-641110
HOOBASTANKThe Reason24-May-04610
Jamie HORTONRobot Man26-Aug-60513
HOT ACTION COPFever for the Flava12-May-03513
HOTHOUSE FLOWERSI Can See Clearly Now21-Sep-901711
HOUSTON feat. CHINGY NATE DOGG and I-20I Like That13-Sep-04920
HUES CORPORATIONRock the Boat9-Aug-74912
Ferlin HUSKYWings of a Dove3-Mar-6139
Danny HUTTONBig Bright Eyes14-Jan-661712
ICE TIGERTurn to Fantasy13-Oct-89146
I'M TALKINGTrust Me1-Feb-85811
IMMORTALSMortal Kombat20-Feb-94138
The IMPRESSIONSIt's All Right15-Nov-631311
IN-GRIDYou Promised Me (Tu es Foutu)17-Mar-03716
IRON BUTTERFLYIna Gadda Da Vida25-Feb-72199
Tamara JABEROoh Aah11-Apr-051511
JACKIE and JANBay City Roller Boy6-Feb-761014
JAGGERZThe Rapper27-Mar-70413
JAMTown Called Malice26-Mar-821414
JAM AND SPOON feat. PLAVKARight in the Night (Fall in Love With Music)24-Apr-94417
Sonny JAMESApache14-Apr-61515
JAYNETTSSally Go 'Round the Roses18-Oct-631311
JEFFERSON AIRPLANESomebody to Love12-May-671612
Paul JENNINGSThe Bob Hawke Drinking Song5-Sep-75168
JETHRO TULLLiving in the Past12-Jan-731710
JO JO ZEP & The FALCONSHit and Run3-Aug-791516
JOBOXERSJust Got Lucky30-Sep-831810
JOHNNY & The STRANGERSHeigh Ho / No Other Love26-Nov-652012
Sammy JOHNSChevy Van22-Aug-751411
Betty JOHNSONThe Little Blue Man20-Jun-581710
Kevin JOHNSONRock and Roll (I Gave You the Best Years of My Life)12-Oct-73816
JOHNSTONSBoth Sides Now29-Nov-681910
Davey JONESTheme for a New Love9-Jun-671510
Norah JONESDon't Know Why3-Mar-03510
Rickie Lee JONESChuck E's in Love25-May-791510
JON and ROBYNDo it Again A Little Bit Slower28-Apr-671314
Montell JORDANThis is How We Do it4-Jun-951218
JORDYDur Dur D'etre Bebe (It's Tough to Be a Baby)14-Nov-931313
JOY BOYSMurphy the Surfie1-Nov-63712
KAYLANShake it21-Aug-0034
Paul KELLY and the COLOURED GIRLSTo Her Door9-Oct-87721
Russ KENNEDY and the LITTLE WHEELSI've Got My Eyes On You14-Jan-66137
Chris KENNERI Like it Like That22-Sep-61212
KHIAMy Neck My Back (Lick it)7-Oct-021824
KID CREOLE & The COCONUTSAnnie I'm Not Your Daddy4-Feb-831912
KID ROCKForever21-Jan-02189
Nicole KIDMAN & Ewan McGREGORCome What May2-Jul-01149
Andy KIMRock Me Gently6-Sep-741216
Evelyn 'Champaigne' KINGShame24-Nov-781217
Jonathan KINGJust Like a Woman19-Aug-661413
Ricky KINGVerde1-Apr-77616
KING TRIGGERThe River5-Nov-821612
KINGS OF SWING ORCHESTRAHooked on Swing22-Jan-82188
KLAXONSClap-Clap Sound17-Oct-86915
Gladys KNIGHT & The PIPSThe Way We Were/Try to Remember (Medley)29-Aug-751214
Buddy KNOXSomebody Touched Me10-Oct-58169
Chad KROEGER & Josey SCOTTHero10-Jun-021413
KURUPT feat. NATIA REEDIt's Over10-Sep-01922
KUSHPeter Gunn13-Jul-731110
KYLEBeautiful Woman15-Nov-04174
LA BIONDAOne for You One for Me2-Feb-791612
Patti LABELLE & Michael McDONALDOn My Own30-May-861313
Nick LACHEYWhat's Left of Me3-Jul-06819
LAZYBOYUnderwear Goes Inside the Pants24-Jan-05312
Fedde LE GRANDPut Your Hands Up for Detroit6-Nov-06821*
Ben LEECigarettes Will Kill You28-Mar-991510
Peggy LEEFever5-Sep-58213
Tommy LEEGood Times26-Dec-051512
LEFT BANKEWalk Away Renee16-Sep-661917
Damien LEITHNight of My Life4-Dec-06115
LEMON PIPERSGreen Tambourine9-Feb-68513
LETTERMENCome Back Silly Girl4-May-62209
Barbara LEWISHello Stranger21-Jun-63712
Bobby LEWISTossin' and Turnin'11-Aug-61159
C. J. LEWISSweets for My Sweet3-Jul-941811
Jerry Lee LEWISGreat Balls of Fire14-Mar-5824
Mark LINDSAYArizona9-Jan-701811
LITTLE PATTIEHe's My Boy10-Jul-64412
LITTLE RICHARDGood Golly Miss Molly30-May-58136
LIVING COLOURLove Rears it's Ugly Head23-Jun-91917
LMC vs U2Take Me to the Clouds Above5-Apr-04810
Robyn LOAUSick with Love28-Sep-971516
LOGGINS AND MESSINAYour Mama Don't Dance12-Jan-731313
Alan LONGMUIRI'm Confessing26-Aug-771810
Billy LONGSTREET'S JAZZ BANDMilord13-Jan-61114
LOOKING GLASSBrandy (You’re a Fine Girl)18-Aug-721213
Trini LOPEZIf I Had a Hammer30-Aug-63215
LOS CINCOSMost Exclusive Residence for Sale27-Jan-67712
LOS DEL MAR feat. Pedro CASTANOMacarena4-Aug-96127
LOS LOBOSLa Bamba21-Aug-87125
John D. LOUDERMILKCallin' Doctor Casey3-Aug-62615
LOVE AND ROCKETSSo Alive1-Dec-891818
MONIE LOVE vs ADEVARing My Bell5-May-91187
Lene LOVICHLucky Number20-Apr-79219
Nick LOWEI Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock 'n' Roll)31-Jan-86117
Fatty LUMPKINDon't Knock My Boogie27-Jul-73414
LUNIZI Got 5 On it14-Apr-96187
Liam LYNCHUnited States of Whatever2-Jun-03313
Kevin LYTTLE feat. Allison HINDSTurn Me On16-Feb-04611
MACHINE GUN FELLATIOFor the Ladies (EP) feat. The Girl of My Dreams (is Giving Me Nightmares)21-Jan-0285
Lonnie MACKMemphis26-Jul-631211
MAGISTRATESHere Comes the Judge12-Jul-681710
George MAHARISBaby Has Gone Bye-Bye7-Dec-62412
MAIN INGREDIENTEverybody Plays the Fool20-Oct-721115
MAJOR LANCEUm Um Um Um Um Um31-Jan-64179
Barry MANNWho Put the Bomp (in the Bomp Bomp Bomp)24-Nov-61146
BOB MARLEY vs FUNKSTAR DE LUXESun is Shining17-Oct-99520
MARMALADEOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da17-Jan-69214
M/A/R/R/SPump Up the Volume22-Jan-882018
Bobbi MARTINHarper Valley P.T.A.6-Sep-68117
Rock MARTINOliver Cool30-Dec-60169
MASSIELHe Gives Me Love (La La La)3-May-681211
MATTAFIXBig City Life20-Feb-061318
Billy MAY & His ORCHESTRA76 Trombones22-Jan-60310
John MAYERYour Body is a Wonderland2-Dec-021627
MAYWOODLate at Night13-Mar-811810
MAZZY STARFade into You4-Dec-942014
MC LARSDownload This Song19-Jun-061113
Alison McCALLUMSuperman / Take Me Back10-Mar-72714
Brooke McCLYMONTI Can't Wait29-Jul-02191
McCLYMONTSMcClymonts (EP)14-Aug-06182
George McCURNI'm Just a Country Boy15-Mar-631811
Maria McKEEShow Me Heaven2-Nov-90225
Robin McNAMARALay a Little Lovin' on Me14-Aug-701214
Betty McQUADEMidnight Bus22-Oct-651114
Glenn MEDEIROS feat. Bobby BROWNShe Ain't Worth it3-Aug-901016
MEDICINE HEADOne and One is One10-Aug-73812
Randy MEISNERDeep Inside My Heart20-Feb-812012
MEL AND KIMRespectable12-Jun-87422
MELANIE B feat. MISSY ELLIOTTI Want You Back25-Oct-981911
MELANIE C feat. Lisa 'Left Eye' LOPESNever Be the Same Again17-Apr-00221
Teddy MERTENSPuppet on a String14-Apr-67121
MIAMI SOUND MACHINEWords Get in the Way17-Apr-871512
MIDNIGHT STRING QUARTETClassical Gas12-Jul-68209
Mike PRESTONA House A Car and a Wedding6-Mar-5949
Gary MILESLook for a Star29-Jul-60111
MILLS BROTHERSYellow Bird29-May-59151
Hayley MILLSJohnny Jingo13-Apr-621910
Rob MILLSMs Vanity7-Jun-0448
MINK DE VILLEMixed Up Shook Up Girl6-Jan-78334
MR BIGRomeo24-Jun-771110
Guy MITCHELLHeartaches By the Number4-Dec-59113
Joni MITCHELLBig Yellow Taxi25-Sep-70811
Gerry MONROEIt's a Sin to Tell a Lie16-Jul-71119
MONTANASCiao Baby7-Apr-67513
MONTE VIDEO & The CASSETTESShoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang11-Feb-83219
MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUSAlways Look on the Bright Side of Life15-Feb-801313
MORCHEEBARome Wasn't Built in a Day7-Aug-001015
Jamie J MORGANWalk on the Wild Side13-Apr-901412
MORRIS MINOR & The MAJORSStutter Rap1-Apr-88315
James MORRISONYou Give Me Something30-Oct-06109
MOTHER GOOSEBaked Beans16-Sep-771216
Nana MOUSKOURIFour and Twenty Hours8-Dec-72419
MOUSSE T vs DANDY WARHOLSHorny as a Dandy19-Jun-06159
MOUSTACHE feat. Melinda JACKSONEverywhere9-May-05177
MOUTH AND McNEALHow Do You Do21-Apr-72216
MOVEFlowers in the Rain29-Sep-67416
MOVING PICTURESWhat About Me12-Feb-82118
MUDOh Boy27-Jun-751210
Billy MURE & His ORCHESTRAMaria Elena25-Oct-63213
Michael MURPHEYWildfire8-Aug-75812
Miranda MURPHYThat Girl19-Jul-0468
MUSIC EXPLOSIONLittle Bit o' Soul16-Jun-67812
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCEWelcome to the Black Parade23-Oct-061221
MYLOIn My Arms13-Jun-0593
Jim NABORSImpossible Dream11-Oct-68121
NEON PHILHARMONICMorning Girl13-Jun-69712
N.E.R.D.She Wants to Move15-Mar-041715
NEW DREAMSoft Delights13-Aug-71915
NEW EDITIONCandy Girl1-Jul-831113
NEW MUSIKLiving By Numbers20-Jun-80812
NEWBEATSBread and Butter18-Sep-64148
98 DEGREESThe Hardest Thing1-Aug-991612
Jack NOGUEZCiao Ciao Bambina25-Sep-59212
Shannon NOLL & Natalie BASSINGTHWAIGHTEDon't Give Up11-Dec-06217*
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. feat. PUFF DADDYMo Money Mo Problems1221
NU TORNADOSPhiladelphia U.S.A.20-Mar-5958
Gary NUMANCars14-Dec-791214
OAK RIDGE BOYSEasy23-Jun-781515
Paul OAKENFOLD feat. SHIFTY SHELLSHOCKStarry Eyed Surprise2-Sep-02179
OBIE TRICEGot Some Teeth10-Nov-031613
Sinead O'CONNORNothing Compares 2 U23-Feb-90118
Nigel OLSSONOnly One Woman14-Mar-751410
OPMHeaven is a Halfpipe18-Dec-001411
ORIGINAL CASTEMr Monday12-Jun-701912
ORLONSSouth Street8-Mar-63314
Donny & Marie OSMONDI'm Leaving it all Up to You25-Oct-74515
Little Jimmy OSMONDLong-Haired Lover from Liverpool16-Jun-72318
OSMONDSDown by the Lazy River7-Apr-721313
P.DIDDY feat. USHER & LOONI Need a Girl (Part One)24-Jun-02610
P-MONEY & SCRIBEStop the Music18-Apr-05319
Patti PAGELeft Right Out of Your Heart (Hi Lee Hi Lo Hi Lup Up Up)22-Aug-58711
Elaine PAIGE and Barbara DICKSONI Know Him So Well15-Mar-851913
Kevin PAIGEDon't Shut Me Out27-Apr-90515
PANDORAA Little Bit6-Dec-98520
PANDORA feat. JAY-ZBeware of the Boys (Mundian to Bach Ke)16-Jun-031213
PARIS SISTERSI Love How You Love Me1-Dec-61312
DOUG PARKINSON IN FOCUSDear Prudence6-Jun-69712
Dolly PARTON & Emmylou HARRIS & Aaron NEVILLEDon't Know Much12-Jan-90222
Tony PASSSpring Fever15-Jul-66129
Billy PAULMe and Mrs Jones15-Dec-721015
PAULINIAngel Eyes12-Jul-04115
Toni PEARENIn Your Room13-Dec-921515
PENTANGLETravelling Song8-Nov-681610
Danny PEPPERMINT and the JUMPING JACKSPeppermint Twist26-Jan-621115
Amanda PEREZAngel21-Jul-03226
Belle PEREZHello World1-May-00205
PERFECT STRANGERSNo Fear of Flying13-Dec-85198
Tony PERKINSPrettiest Girl in School8-Aug-58812
Paul PETERSONA Little Bit for Sandy4-Oct-681214
Phil PHILLIPS & The TWILIGHTSSea of Love25-Sep-59112
PICKETTYWITCHThat Same Old Feeling21-Aug-70715
PINK feat. WILLIAM ORBITFeel Good Time21-Jul-031010
PISCESGood Morning Starshine8-Aug-69613
PLANET FUNK feat. DAN BLACKWho Said (Stuck in the UK)23-Jun-031613
Robert PLANTBig Log23-Sep-831810
POCORose of Cimarron15-Apr-771212
POOKAH MAKES THREETake it Back5-Apr-85714
POORMore Wine Waiter Please29-May-94914
PORTRAITHow Deep is Your Love27-Aug-951921
Cozy POWELLDance With the Devil12-Apr-74813
Daniel POWTERBad Day4-Jul-05321
PRATT AND McCLAIN with BROTHER LOVEHappy Days {Theme}23-Jul-76313
Alan PRICE SETHi-Lili Hi-Lo26-Aug-661512
Ray PRICEFor the Good Times15-Jan-71518
PRIMITIVE RADIO GODSStanding Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand25-Aug-961213
PRINCESS SUPERSTARBad Babysitter3-Jun-02159
Eric PRYDZCall on Me25-Oct-04317
PUBLIC ENEMY feat. Stephen STILLSHe Got Game31-May-981910
PUDDLE OF MUDDShe Hates Me16-Dec-021324
PUFF DADDY and FAITH EVANS with 112ll Be Missing You13-Jul-97118
PUFF DADDY and Jimmy PAGECome With Me19-Jul-981312
PULPDisco 200017-Mar-96611
PUSH PUSHTrippin'30-Jun-911510
PUSSYCAT DOLLS feat. WILL.I.AMBeep3-Apr-06319
Curly PUTMANMy Elusive Dreams11-Aug-67117
Josh PYKEMemories and Dust16-Oct-06101
Suzi QUATRO & Chris NORMANStumblin' In8-Dec-78120
QUICKHip Shake Jerk1-May-811511
R and J STONEWe Do it21-May-76218
RADIO FREEDOMI Can Feel it14-Jun-921414
RAINDROPSKind of Boy You Can't Forget20-Sep-631211
Bonnie RAITTSomething to Talk About6-Oct-911411
Kevin RALEIGHMoonlight on Water19-May-89614
RANDOMPut Your Hands Up20-Jun-0599
RARE EARTHGet Ready24-Apr-702010
RASPBERRIESGo All the Way13-Oct-72215
Johnnie RAYI'll Never Fall in Love Again13-Nov-59411
RE-FLEXThe Politics of Dancing24-Feb-841311
RED BOXLean on Me (ah-li-ayo)1-Nov-851013
Jamie REDFERNVenus29-Jun-731215
REDGUMI Was Only 1913-May-83413
Jerry REEDWhen You're Hot You're Hot18-Jun-711611
Lou REEDWalk on the Wild Side13-Apr-731413
Jim REEVESHe'll Have to Go25-Mar-6018
Vic REEVES & The WONDER STUFFDizzy2-Feb-92117
Diane RENAYNavy Blue6-Mar-64314
Bill 'Moon Man' RENFREYDig That Crazy Didgeridoo7-Nov-69411
REPARATA & The DELRONSWhenever a Teenager Cries9-Apr-65811
Digger REVELLYou Won't Find That Kind in Me2-Sep-661312
Digger REVELL'S DENVERMENSurfside8-Feb-6349
Paul REVERE & The RAIDERSLet Me20-Jun-691213
Emitt RHODESFresh as a Daisy12-Feb-712012
RIGHT SAID FREDI'm Too Sexy6-Oct-91121
Smokey ROBINSONBeing With You22-May-811213
Vicki Sue ROBINSONTurn the Beat Around7-Jul-781916
Eileen RODGERSTreasure of Your Love20-Feb-59102
Julie ROGERSHawaiian Wedding Song14-May-65812
ROMAN HOLLIDAYStand By5-Aug-831210
Aleesha ROMESearch My Heaven12-Dec-991611
The RONETTESBe My Baby3-Jan-64209
ROSE GARDENNext Plane to London10-Nov-67616
Jack ROSSHappy Jose (Ching Ching)2-Feb-62310
ROUGH TRADEAll Touch6-Aug-82323
The ROVERSWasn't That a Party31-Jul-811316
The ROYAL TEENSShort Shorts16-May-5873
RUMBA ALLSTARS feat. DISCO MONTEGO & SELWYN & Katie UNDERWOODThat's What's Goin' Down10-Mar-03146
RUN-D.M.C. vs Jason NEVINSIt's Like That25-Jan-98126
The RUNAWAYSCherry Bomb24-Dec-76616
Bobby RUSSELLSaturday Morning Confusion6-Aug-711318
Charlie RYAN & The TIMBERLINE RIDERSHot Rod Lincoln7-Oct-60612
SABRINABoys (Summertime Love)8-Jul-88169
SADDLE CLUBHey Hey What You Say / Hello World31-Mar-031513
SADESmooth Operator23-Nov-841810
SAILCATMotorcycle Mama27-Oct-721018
ST LOUIS UNIONGirl11-Mar-661412
ST LUNATICS feat. NELLYBatter Up14-Jan-021217
Buffy ST MARIECircle Game11-Dec-70715
ST WINIFRED'S SCHOOL CHOIRThere's No One Quite Like Grandma27-Mar-81511
SANFORD-TOWNSEND BANDSmoke from a Distant Fire25-Nov-772011
Mongo SANTAMARIA BANDWatermelon Man3-May-63209
SANTO AND JOHNNYSleepwalk27-Nov-5945
SARA-MARIE & The SIRENSI'm So Excited (The Bum Dance)22-Oct-0145
Joe SATRIANIAlways With Me Always With You18-Nov-881914
SAVAGE feat. AKONMoonshine14-Nov-05820
SCHNAPPIDas Kleine Krokadil (Crocodile Song)11-Jul-05425
SCISSOR SISTERSI Don't Feel Like Dancing18-Sep-06229
Freddie SCOTTHey Girl27-Sep-63129
Dan SEALSBop18-Jul-861020
John SEBASTIANWelcome Back25-Jun-761611
SEETHER feat. AMY LEEBroken16-Aug-04321
SENSATIONSLet Me In6-Apr-62120
SEQUOIAMississippi Lady3-Mar-721113
SETTLERSEarly Morning Rain29-Jul-66159
SEVERED HEADSDead Eyes Opened20-Nov-94919
Phil SEYMOURPrecious to Me8-May-81419
SHA NA NAChantilly Lace12-Jun-70511
SHADOWS OF KNIGHTGloria6-May-66159
SHAIIf I Ever Fall in Love7-Feb-93519
SHAMENEbeneezer Goode15-Nov-92722
SHANICEI Love Your Smile10-May-9289
SHANKS AND BIGFOOTSweet Like Chocolate11-Jul-99517
Max SHARAMBe Firm14-May-95208
The SHARPAlone Like Me10-Jul-942010
Gary SHEARSTONI Get a Kick Out of You13-Dec-741712
Kevin SHEGOGWolverton Mountain20-Jul-62115
SHEILA B & DEVOTIONSingin' in the Rain21-Jul-78717
Peter SHELLEYHomosapien29-Nov-74318
Allan SHERMANHello Muddah Hello Fuddah (A Letter from Camp)23-Aug-63310
Tony SHEVETONA Million Drums3-Jul-641216
SHIRLEY AND COMPANYShame Shame Shame18-Jul-75413
SHOCKING BLUEVenus2-Jan-70213
SILKFreak Me13-Jun-93324
Harry SIMEONE CHORALELittle Drummer Boy20-Mar-5919
The SIMPSONSDo the Bartman3-Feb-91120
The SINGING NUNDominique29-Nov-63911
SINITTARight Back Where We Started From28-Jul-891113
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTETNuevo Laredo12-Jun-701110
SIR HENRY & His BUTLERSCamp6-Aug-71117
SIR MIX-A-LOTBaby's Got Back23-Aug-92728
SISQOThong Song29-May-00414
SISTER HAZELAll For You14-Sep-971318
SISTER SLEDGEWe Are Family3-Aug-791014
SKATT BROTHERSLife at the Outpost10-Oct-801314
Peter SKELLERNYou're a Lady24-Nov-72614
SKID ROWI Remember You18-May-901219
Percy SLEDGEWhen a Man Loves a Woman3-Jun-66208
SMART E'SSesame's Treet23-Aug-92214
Carl SMITHTen Thousand Drums9-Oct-5967
Patti SMITHBecause the Night23-Jun-781414
Rex SMITH & Rachel SWEETEverlasting Love30-Oct-81914
Verdelle SMITHTar and Cement10-Jun-66312
SMOKE CITYUnderwater Love11-May-97198
SNEAKY SOUND SYSTEMPictures11-Dec-06310
SNIFF 'N' THE TEARSDriver's Seat23-Nov-791615
SNOOP DOGGY DOGG feat. Jermaine DUPREEWe Just Wanna Party With You19-Oct-971914
Phoebe SNOWEvery Night16-Mar-791413
SOFT CELLTainted Love4-Dec-81122
Joanie SOMMERSJohnny Gets Angry6-Jul-62414
Jimmy SOULIf You Wanna Be Happy31-May-63812
SOUNDBLUNTZBillie Jean27-Jan-03198
SOUNDGARDENBlack Hole Sun17-Jul-94715
SOUNDS NICELove at First Sight (Je T'Aime)6-Mar-7078
SOUP DRAGONS feat. JUNIOR REEDI'm Free13-Jan-91417
SOUTH END with NIK FISHThe Winner is…26-Jun-94912
JOE SOUTHBirds of a Feather26-Jan-681212
J.D. SOUTHERYou're Only Lonely23-Nov-791715
Red SOVINETeddy Bear14-Jan-771011
SPARKSWhen I'm With You19-Sep-80199
Billie Jo SPEARSBlanket on the Ground12-Sep-75517
SPECTRUMI'll Be Gone26-Feb-71118
SPILLER feat. Sophie ELLIS-BEXTORGroovejet (If This Ain't Love)18-Sep-00122
SPIN DOCTORSTwo Princes16-May-93215
SPLINTERCostafine Town28-Feb-751714
Billy SQUIERThe Stroke18-Sep-81120
STACEY QTwo of Hearts21-Nov-862013
STAINDIt's Been a While9-Jul-011220
The STAMPEDERSSweet City Woman26-Nov-711016
Barry STANTONBack in Your Arms13-Apr-621310
STARDUSTMusic Sounds Better with You6-Sep-98727
STARLAND VOCAL BANDAfternoon Delight13-Aug-76414
Edwin STARRH.A.P.P.Y. Radio12-Oct-79615
Lucky STARRI've Been Everywhere18-May-62412
STARSLook After Yourself3-Feb-782015
Candi STATONYoung Hearts Run Free20-Aug-76109
STEALERS WHEELStuck in the Middle With You4-May-731113
STEAMNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye6-Feb-701412
STEEL BREEZEYou Don't Want Me Anymore4-Feb-831515
Tommy STEELEWhat a Mouth (What a North and South)22-Jul-6066
Jim STEINMANRock and Roll Dreams Come Through26-Jun-811216
The STEPPERSAlice Who the F**k is Alice16-Jul-95227
STEPS with Tina COUSINS & CLEOPATRA & BILLIEThanks Abba for the Music18-Apr-99420
Connie STEVENSSixteen Reasons20-May-60812
Dodie STEVENSPink Shoe Laces8-May-59112
Jimmy STEVENSTears (Behind My Eyes)26-Jan-73416
B.W. STEVENSONMy Maria28-Sep-731710
STEVIE BBecause I Love You (The Postman Song)10-Mar-911911
Al STEWARTYear of the Cat8-Apr-771013
Amii STEWARTKnock on Wood6-Apr-79219
Dave STEWART & Barbara GASKINIt's My Party27-Nov-81517
David A STEWART & Candi DULFERLily Was Here18-May-901019
John STEWARTGold20-Jul-79419
Sandy STEWARTMy Coloring Book25-Jan-63199
KIRBY STONE FOURKids17-Mar-61157
STONE PONEYS {feat. LINDA RONSTADT}Different Drum9-Feb-681313
STONE ROSESFool's Gold23-Mar-901417
Paul STOOKEYWedding Song (There is Love)12-Nov-711710
STORIESBrother Louie21-Sep-731511
Lally STOTTChirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep2-Apr-71118
The STRANGERSWestern Union21-Apr-67910
The STRANGLERSSkin Deep21-Dec-84816
STRAWBERRY FAIRCome Back and Shake Me27-Jun-69613
STRIKEU Sure Do11-Jun-951718
Jud STRUNKDaisy a Day15-Jun-73217
STUART AND McKAYHey Billy26-Oct-732011
Debbie STUARTTalk Back Trembling Lips4-Oct-63206
SUGARHILL GANGRapper's Delight11-Jan-80215
SUGARLOAFGreen-Eyed Lady23-Oct-70414
SUPERCHARGEYou've Gotta Get Up and Dance8-Jul-771016
SUPERHEIST7 Years27-May-02168
SUPERMEN LOVERSStarlight6-Aug-01816
SURFARISWipe Out12-Jul-63215
SURVIVOREye of the Tiger20-Aug-82121
Billy SWANI Can Help6-Dec-74319
Patrick SWAYZEShe's Like the Wind15-Apr-88511
Keith SWEATTwisted15-Dec-96725
SWEET SENSATIONSad Sweet Dreamer29-Nov-741611
SWING OUT SISTERBreakout6-Mar-87824
The SWINGERSCounting the Beat30-Jan-81121
SWINGING BLUE JEANSHippy Hippy Shake6-Mar-641013
SWOOPApple Eyes26-Nov-951716
SWVRight Here17-Oct-932017
SYLVESTERYou Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)23-Mar-791513
SYSTEM OF A DOWNChop Suey28-Jan-021310
T-SHIRTYou Sexy Thing12-Oct-97433
TACOPuttin' on the Ritz9-Sep-83318
TADPOLEThrow a Little Lovin' My Way22-Jan-711213
TAG TEAMWhoomp (There it is)3-Apr-94725
TALKING HEADSWild Wild Life19-Sep-861617
TAMPERER feat. MAYAFeel it5-Jul-981018
TAMSHey Girl Don’t Bother Me1-Oct-711613
Norma TANEGAWalking My Cat Named Dog11-Mar-66911
Quindon TARVERWhen Doves Cry13-Jul-97217
TAVARESHeaven Must Be Missing an Angel29-Oct-761011
Kayne TAYLORHeartbreaker28-Jun-04710
Matt TAYLORI Remember When I Was Young11-Jan-74514
R Dean TAYLORIndiana Wants Me13-Nov-70910
TECHNOHEADI Wanna Be a Hippy23-Jul-951218
TED AND RAYTell Him No17-Jul-59141
TEE SETMa Belle Amie27-Feb-70920
TEEN QUEENSBe My Baby12-Apr-921114
TELEXTwist a St Tropez28-Sep-79415
The TEMPTATIONSTribute1-Jul-02328
TENPOLE TUDORSwords of a Thousand Men21-Aug-812011
Joe TEXAin't Gonna Bump No More (with No Big Fat Woman)15-Jul-77719
THEMHere Comes the Night23-Apr-65214
THEN JERICHOBig Area14-Apr-891516
Donna THEODOREDon't Hang No Halo's on Me4-Dec-702010
THICKEWhen I Get You Alone7-Jul-032017
THIRD EYE BLINDSemi-Charmed Life22-Jun-97524
THIRD RAILRun Run Run1-Sep-671113
THIRSTY MERCSomeday Someday29-Nov-041518
THIRTY-EIGHT SPECIALSecond Chance18-Aug-891311
31st FEBRUARYSand Castles15-Nov-681311
30 SECONDS TO MARSThe Kill (Bury Me)13-Nov-062021*
Sandi THOMI Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair)31-Jul-06(12) 134
Timmy THOMASWhy Can't We Live Together30-Mar-731413
George THOROGOOD & The DESTROYERSGet a Haircut15-Aug-93816
THREE DAYS GRACEI Hate Everything About You29-Mar-041913
3 THE HARD WAYHip Hop Holiday22-May-941013
THROBFortune Teller18-Mar-66214
THUNDERCLAP NEWMANSomething in the Air29-Aug-69910
TIL TUESDAYVoices Carry30-Aug-85199
TIM DELUXE feat. SAM OBERNIKIt Just Won't Do2-Sep-021113
TIMBUK 3The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades30-Jan-871713
TIMELORDSDoctorin' the Tardis26-Aug-88314
TIN TINToast and Marmalade for Tea7-May-711019
TINMANEighteen Strings16-Oct-94618
T.I.S.M.(He'll Never Be an) Ol' Man River25-Jun-951913
Art & Dottie TODDChanson D'Amour27-Jun-581610
The TOKENSThe Lion Sleeps Tonight5-Jan-6227
TOMPALL and the GLASER BROTHERSCalifornia Girl (and the Tennessee Square)13-Jun-691610
TONICIf You Could Only See2-Nov-971816
TONY! TONI! TONE!If I Had No Loot12-Sep-931118
TOPLOADERDancing in the Moonlight23-Apr-011120
Mel TORMEGravy Waltz7-Jun-631011
Peter TOSH(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back15-Dec-781616
TOUCH AND GOWould You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)29-Nov-98119
TOURISTSI Only Want to Be With You13-Jun-80415
Pete TOWNSHENDFace the Face17-Jan-86715
TOYAHI Want to Be Free21-Aug-811510
TOYSA Lover's Concerto24-Sep-65114
TRAINDrops of Jupiter9-Jul-01525
TRASHMENSurfin' Bird24-Jan-64412
Diana TRASKOh Boy19-Sep-75718
TRAVISWhy Does it Always Rain on Me17-Apr-00516
TRIODa Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha20-Aug-82122
TRIPLE XX-Files Theme5-May-96119
TROY AND GABRIELLEBreaking Free10-Jul-06613
Andrea TRUE CONNECTIONMore More More24-Sep-76179
The TUBESDon't Touch Me There24-Sep-76412
TUBEWAY ARMYAre Friends Electric28-Sep-791710
Tanya TUCKERWould You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)5-Jul-74318
Sammy TURNERLavender-Blue18-Sep-59122
TURNSTYLESpray Water on the Stereo / Manhattan13-Jun-99162
TV ROCK feat. SEANY BFlaunt it20-Feb-06130
TWEETOops (Oh My)29-Apr-02195
TWEETSBirdie Song7-May-82188
20 FINGERS feat. GILLETTEShort Dick Man11-Dec-94415
TWENTY 4 SEVENSlave to the Music19-Dec-93222
TWISTA feat. Anthony HAMILTONSunshine9-Aug-041611
TWISTED SISTERWe're Not Gonna Take it12-Oct-84415
2 IN A ROOMWiggle it10-Feb-91515
TWO MAN BANDUp There Cazaly10-Aug-79115
2NUThis is Ponderous28-Apr-91811
2PAC feat. DR DRECalifornia Love7-Apr-96217
2PAC feat. T.I.Pac's Life11-Dec-061811
TZUIn Front of Me10-Jul-06151
UB40 & Chrissie HYNDEI Got You Babe20-Sep-85118
The UGLYSWake Up My Mind9-Jul-65414
UK SQUEEZECool for Cats6-Jul-79218
Tracey ULLMANThey Don't Know6-Apr-84188
ULTIMATE KAOSCasanova9-Aug-981416
ULTRASay it Once23-May-991015
UNCANNY X-MEN50 Years24-May-85615
UNIQUE IIBreak My Stride22-Dec-96123
Andy UPTONStop in the Name of Love20-Jan-781617
Keith URBANOnce in a Lifetime6-Nov-06197
Midge UREIf I Was25-Oct-851014
URIAH HEEPFree Me24-Mar-781114
US 3 feat. RAHSAANCantaloop13-Jun-931910
U.S.A. FOR AFRICAWe Are the World29-Mar-85115
USURAOpen Your Mind28-Mar-931520
UTAH SAINTSSomething Good27-Sep-92521
Ritchie VALENSDonna15-May-5983
VALENTINESWalk on By5-Jan-62313
Armand VAN HELDENMy My My1-Nov-04913
VANDA AND YOUNGLazy River28-Jan-721312
VANDALISMNever Say Never6-Mar-061711
VANILLA FUDGEYou Keep Me Hangin' On26-Jul-68414
VANITY FAREI Live for the Sun18-Oct-68518
Gino VANNELLIWild Horses19-Jun-87322
Randy VANWARMERJust When I Needed You Most20-Jul-791614
The VAPORSTurning Japanese2-May-80218
The VELVETS feat. VIRGIN JOHNSONTonight (Could Be the Night)18-Aug-611014
VENETIANSSo Much for Love7-Feb-86912
Larry VERNEMr. Custer7-Oct-60215
The VERVEBitter Sweet Symphony31-Aug-97720
The VETERANSThere Ain't No Age for Rock 'n' Roll30-May-80159
VIBRANTSMy Prayer13-Oct-67216
VILLAGE STOMPERSWashington Square25-Oct-63314
VIRTUESGuitar Boogie Shuffle5-Jun-5994
VISAGEFade to Grey17-Apr-81517
VOICE OF THE BEEHIVEI Think I Love You1-Mar-921814
Roger VOUDOURISGet Used to it22-Jun-79913
VOYAGERHalfway Hotel14-Sep-791613
Adam WADEThe Writing on the Wall21-Jul-61414
WAIFSLondon Still17-Jun-021723
WAITRESSESI Know What Boys Like2-Jul-821910
Jerry Jeff WALKERMr. Bojangles9-Aug-682110
The WALLFLOWERSOne Headlight15-Jun-971823
Clifford T WARDGaye7-Dec-732511
Johnny WARMANScreaming Jets20-Nov-811216
WARRANTCherry Pie26-Oct-90522
WAS (NOT WAS)Shake Your Head20-Sep-921112
The WATERBOYSThe Whole of the Moon17-Jan-861715
Dennis WATERMANI Could Be So Good for You8-Oct-82419
WAXBridge to Your Heart4-Dec-87219
WAYNE G feat. STEWART WHOTwisted24-May-98723
WE FIVEYou Were On My Mind20-Aug-65513
WEATHER GIRLSIt's Raining Men15-Apr-831812
WEENPush th' Little Daisies13-Jun-93914
Eric WEISS & His BANJOSDueling Banjos23-Mar-731115
Bob WELCHEbony Eyes3-Mar-78218
Lawrence WELKCalcutta17-Feb-61111
Mary WELLSMy Guy22-May-64115
WENDY and the ROCKETTSPlay the Game17-Jun-831210
Kanye WEST feat. Jamie FOXXGold Digger17-Oct-05115
WHA-KOO(You're Such a) Fabulous Dancer1-Sep-78615
WHEATUSTeenage Dirtbag25-Sep-00130
WHEN IN ROMEThe Promise3-Feb-891015
WHITE STRIPESSeven Nation Army16-Jun-0355
Tony Joe WHITEPolk Salad Annie5-Sep-691912
WHITE TOWNYour Woman30-Mar-97219
WHO DA FUNK feat. Jessica EVEShiny Disco Balls16-Dec-021714
WIDELIFE with Simone DENNYAll Things (Just Keep Getting Better)29-Mar-04189
WILD CHERRYPlay That Funky Music22-Oct-76623
Jack WILDWait for Summer4-Dec-701014
Marty WILDEAbergavenny25-Oct-682013
Matthew WILDERBreak My Stride17-Feb-84714
Billy WILLIAMSNola1-May-59310
Danny WILLIAMSWhite on White17-Apr-64512
Don WILLIAMSI Believe in You13-Feb-81514
Mark WILLIAMSShow No Mercy18-May-901026
Maurice WILLIAMS & The ZODIACSStay9-Dec-6055
Vanessa WILLIAMSSave the Best for Last24-May-92417
Viola WILLSGonna Get Along Without You Now4-Apr-801213
Danny WILSONMary's Prayer11-Dec-87719
Jackie WILSONAlone at Last18-Nov-60311
Pat WILSONBop Girl26-Aug-83221
WILSON PHILLIPSHold On15-Jun-90317
Mario WINANS feat. ENYA and P.DIDDYI Don't Wanna Know31-May-04317
Kai WINDINGMore2-Aug-63910
WINDOWSHow Do You Do21-Apr-72216
WINSTONSColour Him Father1-Aug-691910
Edgar WINTER GROUPFrankenstein25-May-73514
Steve WINWOODHigher Love15-Aug-861115
WIZZARDSee My Baby Jive17-Aug-73118
WOLFMOTHERJoker and The Thief6-Nov-061620
WOLVERINES65 Roses16-Jul-01122
WOMACK AND WOMACKTeardrops9-Dec-88122
Brenton WOODBaby You Got it8-Dec-672013
WORLD FAMOUS ORALETTESDirty Weekend14-Oct-831614
WORLD PARTYShip of Fools8-May-87415
WRECKX-N-EFFECTRump Shaker7-Feb-93424
Bobby WRIGHTSeasons in the Sun8-Mar-74119
Stevie WRIGHTEvie (Parts 1 2 & 3)7-Mar-05514
Pete WYLIESinful3-Oct-861710
XTCThe Disappointed5-Jul-9238
Glenn YARBROUGHThe Honey Wind Blows6-Nov-641411
YAZZ & The PLASTIC POPULATIONThe Only Way is Up30-Sep-88325
Trisha YEARWOODHow Do I Live24-Aug-97436
YELLOOh Yeah2-Sep-881113
YELLOW DOGJust One More Night16-Jun-78318
YESOwner of a Lonely Heart13-Jan-841112
Faron YOUNGHello Walls30-Jun-61714
YOUNG IDEAWith a Little Help from My Friends28-Jul-67714
Kathy YOUNG & The INNOCENTSA Thousand Stars27-Jan-61187
Neil YOUNGHeart of Gold7-Apr-72515
YOUTH GROUPForever Young13-Mar-06121
ZAGER AND EVANSIn the Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)18-Jul-69413
Michael ZAGER BANDLet's All Chant28-Jul-78818
Frank ZANDERDa Da Da22-Oct-82107
Warren ZEVONWerewolves of London23-Jun-78514
ZHANEHey Mr DJ28-Nov-931422
ZINCThe Morning After5-Jul-04108