Melbourne one-hit wonders 1956 – 2002 according to the mcduff rule

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ArtistSongEntry DateHPTW
Bill ADAMSSlow Down Sandy10-Jul-19651212
ADVENTURESBroken Land27-Jun-1988148
AFRO MANBecause I Got High1-Oct-2001112
AFTER THE FIREDer Kommissar30-Apr-1983812
A K SOULI Like It10-Jul-19951512
ALI GMe Julie27-May-20021714
ALIASMore Than Words Can Say4-Mar-1991814
ALIVE AND KICKINGTighter Tighter17-Oct-19701911
Laurie ALLEN REVIEWAny Little Bit20-Apr-1968169
ALLNITERSMontego Bay29-Oct-19831511
ALT & The LOST CIVILIZATIONTequelia9-Nov-1992523
AMERICAN BREEDBend Me Shape Me13-Jul-1968420
Tori AMOSHey Jupiter / Professional Widow29-Oct-1996331
Laurie ANDERSONO Superman20-Feb-1982186
ANDROIDSDo It With Madonna4-Nov-2002417
ADAM ANTGoody Two Shoes17-Jul-1982112
Julie ANTHONYChina Blue27-Feb-1982810
Christine ANUParty24-Jul-19951816
A PERFECT CIRCLEJudith22-May-2000191
ARNEE & The TERMINATORSI'll Be Back18-Nov-19911510
P P ARNOLDGroovy15-Jun-1968811
Johnny ASHCROFTLittle Boy Lost23-Apr-1960222
Doug ASHDOWNWinter in America9-Oct-1976913
ASHTON GARDNER AND DYKEResurrection Shuffle24-Apr-1971314
Ernest ASHWORTHTalk Back Tremling Lips7-Sep-19631013
A.T.G.O.C.Repeated Love8-Jun-19982010
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONSo Into You28-May-19771213
AUGIE MARCHVineyard23-Sep-2001171
AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC TEAMYou're Not Alone9-May-1988195
Charles AZNAVOUROld Fashion Way18-Aug-19731017
BABY DLet Me Be Your Fantasy30-Jan-19951414
BABYBIRDYou're Georgeous25-Nov-19961412
BABYFACEHow Come How Long7-Jul-1997320
BACON POPPERSFree5-Oct-19981713
BAD JOHNNY & The PROPHETS of DOOMEnemy the Sun18-Dec-19891211
BAD COMPANYCan't Get Enough10-Aug-19741412
Philip BAILEYWalking on the Chinese Wall29-Apr-1985188
Dorothy BAKERI'm the Girl from Wolverton Mountain1-Sep-1962513
Long John BALDRY & Kathi MacDONALDYou've Lost That Lovin' Feeling7-Jun-1980116
BANG THE DRUMOnly You26-Mar-1990157
Bobby BAREAll American Cowboy7-Mar-19591418
Nick BARKER & The REPTILESMake Me Smile6-Nov-1989159
Claudia BARRYDancing Shoes18-Sep-1979518
John BARRY SEVENFrom Russia with Love13-Jun-1964129
Duke BAXTEREverybody Knows Matilda13-Sep-19691710
Carole BAYER SAGERYou're Moving Out Today13-Aug-1977116
B.B.E.Seven Days and One Week21-Oct-1996115
BEASTIE BOYSIntergalactic13-Jul-19981611
BEATFISHWheels of Love26-Aug-19911710
BEARMASTERRok Da House16-May-1988207
Jeff BECK & Rod STEWARTPeople Get Ready5-Aug-1985206
BEDROCKSOb -La-Di Ob-La-Da18-Jan-1969176
Freddie BELL & HIS BELLBOYSGiddy Up a Ding Dong14-Feb-195744
Graeme BELL ALLSTARSRag Trade Rag22-Feb-19631811
Maggie BELL & B.A. ROBERTSONHold Me13-Mar-1982149
Regina BELLEA Whole New World12-Apr-1993820
BELLSStay Awhile12-Jun-1971311
Cliff BENNETT & The REBEL ROUSERSGot to Get You Into My Life1-Oct-1966117
BIG BOPPERBig Bopper's Wedding24-Jan-1959177
BJERREShe Taught Me How to Leave Again8-Oct-1977189
BLACK AND WHITE BROTHERSPut Your Hands Up12-Apr-19991510
BLACK SABBATHParanoid30-Jan-19711413
Deborah BLANDOInnocence18-May-1992169
BLOODHOUND GANGBad Touch22-Nov-1999423
Barry BLUEDancin' (On a Saturday Night)3-Nov-19731216
BLUE ECHOESGoing to Party29-Sep-1973419
BLUE RIDGE RANGERSJambalaya3-Mar-1973514
Gary 'U.S.' BONDSQuarter to Three22-Jul-196199
BONE THUGS 'N' HARMONYTha Crossroads8-Jul-19961918
BOOKER T & The MGsTime is Tight24-May-1969322
BOOMTOWN RATSI Don't Like Mondays29-Sep-1979116
BOSTONMore Than a Feeling25-Dec-19761014
BOSTON POPS ORCHESTRAI Want to Hold Your Hand / Hello Dolly11-Jul-1964710
Michael BOWLove and Devotion11-May-1987215
BOYS TOWN GANGCan't Take My Eyes off You26-Mar-1983315
Mike BRADYSympathy12-Dec-19701115
Michelle BRANCHAll You Wanted22-Apr-20021820
BRENDA & The TABULATIONSRight On the Tip of My Tongue21-Aug-19711215
BRIGHOUSE AND RASTICK BANDFloral Dance22-Apr-1978178
Bobby BRIGHTWould You Believe Love19-Aug-1967157
Johnny BRISTOLHang On In There Baby2-Nov-19741412
Terry BRITTEN2,000 Weeks5-Apr-19691911
Arthur BROWNFire7-Sep-19681112
Jocelyn BROWNNo More Tears8-Aug-19941612
Joe BROWN & The BRUVVERSThat's What Love will Do4-May-19631412
BROWNSVILLE STATIONSmokin' in the Boy's Room9-Feb-1974316
Monique BRUMBYFool for You24-Jun-19961710
Anita BRYANTPaper Roses23-Jul-1960195
BUBBLE PUPPYHoly Smoke and Sassafras3-May-19691113
BUCHANAN AND GOODMANFlying Saucer15-Nov-195682
BUSTA RHYMESBreak Ya Neck4-Mar-20022011
Vince BUTCHELLIHeartbreak Hotel3-Jul-1976159
Jerry BUTLERMoon River9-Dec-19611529
April BYRONMake the World Go Away30-May-1964127
CAKEThe Distance24-Feb-19972013
CAM-PACTI'm Your Puppet22-Jun-1968178
Ian CAMPBELL FOLK GROUPThe Times They Are A-Changin'29-May-1965910
CANDY APPLEThat Same Old Feeling5-Sep-1970109
CANDY FLIPStrawberry Fields Forever4-Jun-1990187
Blu CANTRELLHit 'em Up Style24-Sep-2001411
CAPTAIN MATCHBOX WHOOPEE BANDMy Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes16-Sep-19721012
CARAVELLESYou Don't Have to be a Baby to Cry6-Oct-19632011
Vanessa CARLTONA Thousand Miles27-May-2002122
Vikki CARRIt Must Be Him19-Aug-1967120
Ronnie CAROLLSay Wonderful Things6-Jul-1963814
Buzz CASONAdam and Eve24-Aug-1968416
CCSThe Band Played Boogie27-Oct-1973117
Kasey CHAMBERSNot Pretty Enough21-Jan-2002122
Greg CHAMPION & The MUSIC MENThat's the Thing About Football29-Aug-199498
CHANGING TIMESMary Lou17-Apr-1965710
Bruce CHANNELHey Baby3-Mar-196259
CHICLe Freak20-Jan-1979119
CHIFFONSOne Fine Day20-Jul-1963167
CHIMESI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For18-Jun-19901813
Jimmy CLANTONVenus in Blue Jeans3-Nov-1962912
Dee CLARKRaindrops12-Aug-1961129
CLASSIX NOUVEAUGuilty4-Jul-19811112
Merry CLAYTONOh No Not My Baby21-Jul-19731916
Jimmy CLIFFI Can See Clearly Now28-Mar-19941810
CLIMMIE FISHERLove Changes29-Aug-1988913
CLIVLLES AND COLEPride3-Feb-1992613
Rosemary CLOONEYHey There10-Jan-1957112
CLOVERSLove Potion No. 914-Nov-1959157
Bruce COCKBURNIf a Tree Falls26-Jun-1989176
COCKROACHESShe's the One23-Mar-1987148
Ben COLDER (AKA Sheb WOOLEY)Don't Go Near the Eskimos8-Dec-1962179
Jerry COLEMidnight Mary23-Nov-1963178
Judy COLLINSSend in the Clowns19-Jul-19751111
RAY COLOMBUS & The INVADERSShe's a Mod15-Oct-1964118
COMMITMENTSMustang Sally27-Jan-1992169
COMPANY OF STRANGERSMotor City21-Sep-1992168
COOKIESDon't Say Nothin' Bad27-Apr-1963167
CORNELIUS BROTHERS AND SISTER ROSEToo Late to Turn Back Now19-Aug-19721517
Bill COSBYLittle Ole Man21-Oct-19671210
COUNT FIVEPsychotic Reaction22-Oct-1966315
Randy CRAWFORDOne Day I'll Fly Away28-Feb-1981414
CREAMWhite Room16-Nov-1968417
Bernard CRIBBINSRight Said Fred8-Sep-19622010
Rodney CROWELLStars on the Water13-Feb-1982411
CRUEL SEABlack Stick12-Apr-19931914
CULTFire Woman17-Apr-1989117
Peter CUPPLES BANDFear of Thunder24-Oct-19811715
D12Purple Pills16-Jul-1991414
DADDY DEWDROPChick-a-Boom19-Jun-1971615
Daisy DEECrazy '9610-Jun-1996715
Damita JOEI'll Save the Last Dance for You19-Nov-1960716
DAMN YANKEESHigh Enough11-Mar-19911311
HORRIE DARGIE QUARTETTie Me Kangaroo Down Sport7-May-1960219
DARIO GSunchyme3-Nov-19971026
Rui DA SILVATouch Me26-Mar-20011911
Dave & The DYNAMOSLife Begins at Forty29-Oct-198398
DAVID AND DAVIDWelcome to the Boomtown8-Dec-19862010
DAVID AND JOHNATHANMichelle26-Feb-1966214
Bryan DAVIESDream Girl1-Jul-1961418
Paul DAVIESA Little Bit of Soap1-Aug-1970416
Skeeter DAVISEnd of the World13-Apr-1963169
DE FRANCO FAMILYHeartbeat It's a Love Beat26-Jan-1974415
Jackie DE SHANNONPut a Little Love in Your Heart11-Oct-1969715
DEACON BLUEReal Gone Kid30-Jan-1989711
Hazell DEANSearchin'6-Oct-1984711
Terry DEANIt's You3-Jul-1965166
Tommy DEEThree Stars20-Jun-19591316
DEEP PURPLEBlack Night9-Jan-1971319
DELEGATEWant You to Stay30-Mar-1998179
Tim DELUXEIt Just Won't Do2-Sep-20021111
Jim DIAMONDI Should Have Known Better18-Feb-1985216
Gwen DICKEYAin't Nobody22-Aug-19941110
Babara DICKSON & Elaine PAIGEI Know Him So Well17-Jun-1985205
DIDOOne Step Too Far6-May-2002157
Mark DINNINGTeen Angel20-Feb-1960416
DISCO CITIZENSFootprint24-Mar-1997208
DIXIE CUPSChapel of Love11-Jul-1964195
DIXIBELLESPapa Joe's9-Nov-19631012
DJ BOBOSomebody Dance with Me22-Nov-19931117
DJ Darren BRIAS vs DJ Peewee FERRISI Feel It15-Apr-1996813
DJ QUICKSILVERBellissima30-Jun-19972013
DJ SAKINProtect Your Mind19-Apr-1999712
DJ VISAGEFormula15-Nov-19992012
Dave DOBBYNSlice of Heaven4-May-1987117
Val DOONIGANWhat Would I Be21-Jan-19671010
Charlie DOREPilot of the Airwaves22-Mar-19802011
Craig DOUGLASTime21-Oct-1961215
DOVEAmazing Grace9-Nov-1974715
Ronnie DOVEDancin' Out Of My Heart10-Feb-19681614
Joe DOWELLLittle Red Rented Rowboat28-Jul-19621911
DR DRECalifornia Love8-Apr-1996314
DREAM (Australia)Who Could Be Loving You6-Apr-19681910
DUALSStick Shift4-Nov-1961108
Dave DUDLEYSix Days On the Road3-Aug-1963411
Stephen 'Tin Tin' DUFFYKiss Me22-Apr-1985311
DUFFY'S BANDDay Trip to Bangor23-Feb-1980910
DUGITESIn Your Car26-Jun-1980159
Clive DUNNGrandad3-Apr-19711216
Issy DYIncense27-Sep-19691413
E SENSUAL - BG TIPSYou Should be Dancing13-May-19962010
Steve EARLECopperhead Road16-Jan-1989108
Tommy EDWARDSIt's All in the Game9-Oct-1958218
Effie & NORMAN GUNSTONAmigos Para Siempre7-Dec-1992146
ELECTRIC INDIANKeem-O-Sabe20-Sep-1969911
Jon ENGLISH & Mario MILLOSix Ribbons6-Jan-1975315
Maureen EVANSLike I Do23-Mar-1963157
Phil EVERLY & Cliff RICHARDShe Means Nothing to Me18-Jun-1983810
EXILEKiss You All Over11-Nov-1978219
EXPRESSIONWith Closed Eyes26-Mar-1983176
Barbara FAIRCHILDTeddy Bear Song7-Jul-1973816
Adam FAITHIt's Alright20-Feb-1965511
Percy FAITHTheme from 'A Summer Place'10-Jun-1961204
FINCHWhere Were You3-Nov-19781410
Toni FISHERWest of the Wall9-Jun-1962117
FLAKEThis Wheel's On Fire12-Sep-19701212
FLAMING LIPSShe Don't Use Jelly13-Mar-1995168
FLAMINGOSNobody Loves Me Like You9-Jul-1960168
FLOY JOYWeak in the Presence of Beauty7-Jul-1981159
FLYING CIRCUSLa La12-Jul-1969419
Dan FOGELBERGMissing You12-May-1973187
FOGHATI Just Want to Make Love to You13-Jan-19731014
Ellen FOLEYWe Belong to the Night8-Dec-1979811
FOOL'S GARDENLemon Tree9-Dec-19962013
Frankie FORDSea Cruise4-Jul-1959206
Andy FORRAYDrac's Back9-Feb-1980614
FOUNDATIONBuild Me Up Buttercup18-Jan-1969217
FOUR FRESHMENThose Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines16-Oct-19651217
FOUR JACKS and a JILLMaster Jack6-Apr-1968816
FOXS-S-S Single Bed19-Jun-1976119
Nola FRANCISDelta Dawn7-Jul-1973420
David FRANJOxygen25-Mar-2002139
FRATERNITYSeasons of Change3-Jul-1971218
Stan FREBERGNothin' for Christmas29-Nov-195672
John FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BANDJudy in Disguise20-Jan-1968115
FREE MOVEMENTI've Found Someone of My Own25-Dec-19711717
Alan FREED, Steve ALLEN, Al 'Jazz' COLLINS & The MODERNAIRES & George CATE'S OF OF SPACERSSpaceman1-Nov-195657
FRIJID PINKHouse of the Rising Sun7-Mar-1970516
Bobby FULLER FOURI Fought the Law26-Mar-1966910
FUN BOY THREELunitics17-Apr-1982167
Mike FURBER & The BOWERY BOYSYou Stole My Love23-Apr-1966812
GALLAGHER AND LYLEI Want to Stay With You24-Jul-19761810
Frank GALLOPGot to Match7-Aug-1958177
GANTSRoad Runner30-Oct-19651010
Barbara GASKIN & Dave STEWARTIt's My Party12-Dec-1981213
GERRY & The JOY BANDRave On12-Feb-1972915
GIBSON BROTHERSQue Sera Mivida17-Jan-1981316
Mark GILLESPIENothing Special27-Mar-1982187
GIN BLOSSOMSHey Jealousy20-Jun-1994189
GIRL OVERBOARDLove We Make5-Feb-19901412
Tom GLAZER & The DO-RE-MI CHILDRENS CHORUSOn Top of Spaghetti22-Jun-196377
GLOBOSTintarella Di Luna28-Aug-1982148
Roger OLIVERLove Is All30-Sep-1978711
GO 101Build It Up19-Sep-1988167
Brian & Tony GOLDHey Sexy Lady28-Oct-2002324
Phil GOLOTTAPlease Daddy15-Dec-1973129
GONZALEZHaven't Stopped Dancing Yet30-Jun-1979911
GOOD CHARLOTTELifestyle Of The Rich and Famous16-Sep-20021223
Lonnie GORDONHappen' All Over Again25-Jun-19902013
GORDON FRANKLIN & The WILDERNESS ENSEMBLELet the Franklin Flow23-Apr-198348
GORILLAZClint Eastwood28-May-20011920
Robert GOULETMy Love Forgive Me19-Dec-19641810
GRAND FINAL TEAMWe Love Football18-Sep-1988203
GRANDMASTER CHICKEN & DJ DUCKCheck Out the Chicken16-Apr-1990176
Cheryl GRAYYou Made Me What I Am29-Apr-19671110
Macy GRAYI Try29-Nov-1999219
Steve GREENBERGBig Bruce9-Aug-1969158
GREYHOUNDDream Lover10-Mar-1973617
Daryl HALLDreamtime22-Sep-1986197
John BARBIROLLI & The HALLE ORCHESTRAMorning Mood9-Dec-1972612
Max HAMILTON & The IMPACTSJenny Jenny23-Oct-1965159
Albert HAMMONDIt Never Rains In Southern Calafornia23-Dec-19721017
Emma HANNAHWaiting for the Rain24-Apr-19761812
HAPPENINGMy Mammy26-Aug-1967196
Francoise HARDYOnly You Can Do It30-Apr-1966212
Jet HARRIS & Tony MEEHAMDiamonds23-Feb-19631211
Richard HARRISMacArthur Park29-Jun-1968220
Noel HARRISONA Young Girl 165-Feb-1966137
Johnny HAWKER BANDJava12-Jan-1963148
Ronnie HAWKINSBo Diddley25-May-196359
HEALING FORCEGolden Mile31-Jul-19711615
HEAVY D & The BOYZNow That We've Found Love12-Aug-1991115
HEINTJEI Am Your Little Boy4-Mar-1970117
HELLOTell Him15-Feb-1975199
HENCHMENRockin' Robin / Baby What's Wrong17-Apr-1965515
Dermot HENRYIf Those Lips Could Only Speak24-Jul-1971825
HERBIERight Type of Mood28-Aug-19952014
Woody HERMANGolden Wedding3-Oct-1964206
HILLSIDE SINGERSI'd Like To Teach The World to Sing29-Jan-19721214
Rupert HINEMisplaced Love13-Jun-1981149
HIPPOSDark Age15-Aug-1988188
Al HIRTJava12-Jan-1963148
HITHOUSEJack to the Sound of the Underground13-Feb-1989168
Roger HODGSONHad a Dream21-Jan-19851111
Chico HOLIDAYYoung Ideas13-Jun-19591712
HOLLYWOOD BEYONDWhat's the Colour of Money22-Sep-198678
HOT CITY BUMP BANDDo What You Wanna Do26-Jul-19751311
Shane HOWARDWalk on Fire23-Jul-19901910
Benjamin HUGGThank God You’re Here with Me6-Jul-1974159
HOGO AND LUIGICha - Hua - Hua31-Jul-1958814
Ian HUNTEROnce Bitten Twice Shy23-Aug-19751014
Jade HURLEYHow I Lied17-Jul-19651113
HUXTON CREEPERWSPretty Flamingo21-Sep-1987206
The IDBig Time Operator14-Jan-1967118
IDLER'S FIVEMelborn and Sideny20-Jan-1968121
IGUANACalafornia My Way30-Mar-19681013
INVERTIGOChances Are4-Dec-20001813
Donnie IRISAh Leah27-Jun-19811111
IRON MAIDENRun to the Hills3-Jul-19821912
JACKIEUnder Fire19-Jan-1980416
JACKOI'm An Individual25-Mar-1985310
The JAMA Town Called Malice1-May-1982178
Sonny JAMESRunning Bear21-Jun-1969614
James TAYLOR MOVEMagic Eyes26-Aug-19671510
Tommy JAMES & The SHONDELLSCrimson and Clover8-Mar-1969515
JAMIESSummertime Summertime31-Jan-19591512
Jean-Michel JARREOxygene IV22-Oct-1977168
Jerry JAYEMy Girl Josephine24-Jun-19671013
Jimmy & The BOYSThey Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk to Me23-May-19811010
JO JO GUNNERun Run Run20-May-19721511
JOBOXERSJust Got Lucky29-Oct-1983195
JOE AND EDDIEThere's a Meeting Here Tonight2-May-1964411
Betty JOHNSONLittle Blue Man26-Jun-19581410
Holly JOHNSONLovetrain13-Mar-1989127
Puff JOHNSONOver and Over11-Nov-1996815
Sabrina JOHNSONPeace27-Jan-19921311
Grace JONESSlave to the Rhythm6-Jan-1986198
Jack JONESFirst Night of the Full Moon25-Jul-19641014
Marcie JONESGonna Get Married23-Feb-19741013
Paul JONESI've Been a Bad Bad Boy4-Mar-1967199
Jeremy JORDANRight Kind of Love26-Apr-1993219
JOURNEYOpen Arms31-Jul-1982189
JUMP 'N THE SADDLECurly Shuffle25-Feb-1984117
Jay JUSTINProud of You27-Apr-1963116
John JUSTINFlash King Cadillac11-Aug-19861810
Gunter KALLMANN CHORUSWish Me a Rainbow11-Mar-1967923
KAMALThe Sounds Of Goodbye23-Aug-1969519
Eden KANEBoys Cry18-Apr-1964149
KAVANAI Can Make You Feel Good19-May-19971514
Sammy KAYE ORCHESTRASweet Leilani27-Jun-1959207
Ernie K doeMother Inlaw13-May-1961129
Pat KERRYF-A-T-H-E-R25-Nov-1972717
Barney KESSELMoon River Cha Cha19-May-19621117
Chaka KHANI Feel For You17-Nov-1984213
KID ROCKForever21-Jan-2002207
KING CURTISKing Neptuen's Guitar26/11/10601111
KING HARVERSWichita Lineman20-Feb-19711212
Jonathon KINGJust Like a Woman17-Sep-19661311
KING MISSILEDetachable Penis10-May-1993157
Morgana KINGI Have Loved Me a Man2-Sep-1967514
Sam KINISONWild Thing10-Apr-1989107
Fern KINNEYTogether We Are Beautiful31-May-1980216
KINSMENSphinx Won't Tell19-Sep-1964159
Mark KNOPFLERGoing Home23-Apr-19831112
Buddy KNOXThink I'm Gonna Kill Myself15-Aug-19591312
KOSHEENHide U22-Oct-20011216
Dave KOZNothin' But the Radio On25-May-1992209
KUSHEasy Street5-Oct-19741710
LA BELLE EPOQUEBlack Ii Black16-Sep-1978119
LA BELLELady Mamalade10-May-19751014
Nick LAMPEFlower Garden29-Aug-19701612
LANE BROTHERSBoppin' in a Sack19-Jun-19581413
Dickey LEEI Saw Linda2-Feb-1963197
Peggy LEEFever11-Sep-1958220
LEMON PIPERSGreen Tambourine17-Feb-1968714
Tommy LEONETTILet's Take a Walk5-Oct-1968420
Bobby LEWISTossin' and Turnin'2-Sep-1961128
Gordon LIGHTFOOTSundown20-Jul-1974217
LIL' LOUISFrench Kiss3-Nov-1989119
LITTLE EVELoco-Motion22-Sep-1962611
LIVING COLOURLove Rears it's Ugly Head17-Jun-1991617
LL COOL JHey Lover22-Oct-19961713
Alex LLOYDAmazing Grace24-Sep-20011421
Hank LOCKLINPlease Help Me I'm Falling30-Jul-19601020
Jackie LOMAXSour Milk Sea16-Nov-19682010
LONE JUSTICEShelter19-Jan-1978178
LOOKI'm the Best16-May-1981912
LOOKING GLASSBrandy5-Aug-1972719
Trini LOPEZIf I Had a Hammer24-Aug-1963215
Sophia LORENBing Bang Bong14-Feb-19591612
LOS INDIUOS TABAJARASMaria Elena2-Nov-1963116
LOS LOBOSLa Bamba24-Aug-1987121
LOVE AND MONEYHallelujah Man20-Feb-1989198
LOVE AND ROCKETSSo Alive27-Nov-19891613
Ron LOWERYMarry Me10-Oct-1970315
Jeff LYNNEEvery Little Thing16-Jul-1990187
Lonnie MACKBaby What's Wrong21-Dec-1963198
MANAKINSCruel World8-Feb-1988198
Barry MANNWho Put The Bomp2-Sep-1961177
MANORRock On5-Aug-1972135
Benny MARDONESInto the Night17-Jan-1981116
MARK IVI Got a Wife18-Apr-1959616
MARKETTSOut Of Limits15-Feb-196468
MARMALADEOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da18-Jan-1969176
Keith MARSHALLOnly Crying23-Jan-1982711
Billie Ray MARTINYour Loving Arms18-Sep-19952011
Wink MARTINDALEBlack Land Farmer7-Oct-1961196
Sandy MARTINExotic and Erotic7-Jul-1986612
Robert MAXWELLShangri La18-Apr-1964188
Billy MAY ORCHESTRAOur Melody23-Aug-195681
Alison McCALLUMSuperman19-Feb-19721013
Keith McGOWENA Little Boy's Christmas Prayer1-Dec-1979117
Ewan McGREGOR & Nicole KIDMANCome What May2-Jul-2001138
Peter McKENNASmile All the While11-Sep-1971186
Margaret McLAREN & Johnny O'KEEFEMocking Bird9-Mar-1974119
Penny McLEANLady Bump21-Feb-19761315
Betty McQUADEMidnight Bus9-Dec-1961612
Ralph McTELLStreets of London26-Apr-19751311
David McWILLIAMSDays of Pearly Spencer6-Jul-19682010
Randy MEISNERDeep Inside My Heart11-Apr-1981168
Melanie BI Want You Back26-Oct-199899
MELODIE MCDum Da Dum14-Mar-1994713
MEO 245Lady Love6-Dec-19801810
Freddie MERCURYI Was Born to Love You20-May-1985129
Marv MEREDITHSalvation Rock4-Feb-1961314
MEZZOFORTEGarden Party10-Sep-1983158
MGM SINGING STRINGSLara's Theme11-Jul-196699
MIAMI SOUND MACHINEDr Beat21-Jan-1985311
Barry MITCHELLI Don't Understand1-Sep-198697
Keith MICHELLCaptain Beaky3-May-1980169
MIDDLE OF THE ROADChirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep10-Apr-1971225
MIGHTY AVENGERSSo Much In Love12-Dec-1964612
John MILESMusic10-Jul-19761211
Mitch MILLERChildren's Marching Song7-Feb-1959117
MR BIGTo Be With You20-Apr-1992116
MR PRESIDENTCoco Jamboo15-Sep-1997430
MORRIS MONOR AND THE MAJORSStutter Rap22-Feb-1988115
MOIR SISTERSGood Morning10-Aug-1974913
Chris MONTEZMore I See You11-Jun-1966312
MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUSAlways Look on the Bright Side16-Feb-19801310
Al MORGANI'll Take Care of Your Cares12-Sep-1959119
Jane MORGANDay the Rains Came14-Feb-19591812
Josh MORGANHere's to the King17-Sep-1977179
Adi MORIMare Mare Mare Mare3-Nov-1973323
MOSCOS AND STONECaptain Captain23-Dec-19781513
Elton MOTELLOJet Boy Jet Girl21-Jul-19791111
Wendy MOTENCome In Out of the Rain29-Aug-1994168
MOTHER GOOSEBaked Beans3-Sep-19772010
MOTOR ACECarry On20-May-200278
Nana MOUSKOURIFour and Twenty Hours14-Oct-1972126
MOVEFlowers in the Rain28-Oct-19671310
MOZIACNothing in the World6-Feb-19951713
MUDTiger Feet15-Jun-19741910
Don MUDIE & Brian CADDShow Me the Way4-Dec-19711120
Jerry MURAD'S HARMONICATSCherry Pink and Apple Blossom White25-Feb-19611910
Eddie MURPHYParty all the Time24-Aug-1986511
Anne MURRAYYou Need Me28-Oct-1978216
MURTCEPS {Spectrum spelt backwards}Esmeralda / We Are Indelible11-Mar-19721115
Jim NABORSImpossible Dream20-Jul-1968125
NALIN AND KANEBeachball2-Feb-1998518
NASI'm Gonna Be Alright15-Jul-20021510
Nate DOGGRegulate24-Aug-19941426
ULTRA NATEFree8-Sep-19971330
Me'shell NDEGOCELLOWild Night4-Jul-19941213
NEILHole in My Shoe11-Nov-1985187
NEW POWER GENERATIONThe Good Life29-Jan-19961510
NEW WORLDTry to Remember4-Jan-19691111
Mickey NEWBURYAn American Trilogy22-Mar-1975615
Troy NEWMANLove Gets Rough12-Aug-1991189
Bert NEWTON & The DEBNEY PARK HIGH SCHOOL BANDBring Back the Spirit of Christmas28-Nov-1981127
NEXTToo Close20-Jul-19981114
Beth NIELSEN CHAPMANAll I Have8-Jun-1992611
98 DEGREESGive Me Just One Night2-Oct-2000188
NO NONSENSEAround Tuit22-Sep-1984155
NOLAN-BUDDLE QUARTETTheme from 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'13-Nov-19761516
Chris NORMAN & Suzie QUARTOStumblin' In13-Jan-1979318
NOTTING HILLBILLIESYour Own Sweet Way16-Apr-1990146
Heather NOVATime After Time11-Sep-20021311
Ric OCASEKEmotion in Motion27-Oct-1986149
Des O'CONNORRemember27-Oct-1973122
Johnny O'CONNORSaturday Girl14-Feb-1959209
Sinead O'CONNORNothing Compares 2 U19-Feb-1990116
OINGO BOINGOStay29-Sep-19861011
OLIVER & The TWISTERSMother Goose Twist17-Feb-19621311
ORIGINAL CASTEOne Tin Soldier2-May-19701611
ORIGINAL CHECKMATESBegin the Beguine14-Jul-1962116
Jeffery OSBORNEOn the Wings of Love29-Jan-1983109
Little Jimmy OSMONDLong-Haired Lover from Liverpool1-Jul-1972227
Mark OWENChild2-Dec-1996176
Reg OWEN ORCHESTRAHappy Guitar3-Nov-19621414
PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRICThe Hunter25-Oct-1969519
PAINTERS AND DOCKERSNude School8-Jun-198799
PAM AND ADEThe Old Apple Tree14-Sep-1963138
Tony PANTANOEvery Time You Touch Me30-Jan-19711514
Alan PARSONS PROJECTEye in the Sky28-Aug-19821311
PARTNERS IN KRYMETurtle Power6-Aug-19901011
Tony PASSSpring Fever30-Jul-19661010
PASTORAL SYMPHONYLove Machine25-May-19681014
Billy PAULMe and Mrs Jones6-Jan-1973915
Les PAUL & Mary FORDPut a Ring on My Finger6-Nov-1958148
Rim D PAULBallad of Lionel Rose18-May-19681114
PEBBLES AND BAM BAMDaddy3-Sep-196648
Donald PEERSPlease Don't Go22-Feb-19691017
Lana PELLAYPistol in My Pocket19-May-1986712
Ce Ce PENISTONFinally20-Jan-1992116
Phil PHILLIPS & The TWILIGHTSSea of Love12-Sep-19591113
Wilson PICKETTLand of a 1,000 Dances17-Sep-1966711
PILITACome Closer to Me21-Nov-1959912
PINK FINKSLouie Louie8-May-19651612
PIECESGood Morning Starshine2-Aug-1969913
P J AND DUNCANStepping Stone3-Jun-19961511
PLATOCopy Cat4-Jul-19641610
POCORose of Cimmarron15-Jan-19771611
Bonnie TYLERHeaven Must Have Sent You16-Feb-1980916
PONI-TAILSBorn Too Late22-Nov-19581216
POOKAH MAKES THREETake it Back6-May-1985127
Brian POOLE & The TREMELOESI Can Dance11-Jan-1964188
Mike POSTTheme from 'Hill Street Blues'8-May-1982197
Frank POUCELL FRENCH FIDDLESOnly You27-Jun-1959196
Cozy POWELLDance with the Devil27-Apr-19741813
PRATT & McLAIN & BROTHER LOVEHappy Days29-May-1976518
PRAXISTurn Me Out19-Dec-19941713
Alan PRICE SETI Put a Spell On You28-May-1966810
Charley PRIDEMe and Bobby McGee18-Sep-1971622
PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITEDThis Is Not a Love Song19-Nov-1983614
PUDDLE OF MUDDShe Hates Me16-Dec-2002824
PURPLE HEARTSEarly in the Morning27-Aug-1966912
PURSUIT OF HAPPINESSI'm An Adult Now22-Jan-1990138
Python Lee JACKSONHold On I'm Coming29-Apr-19671410
Eddie QUINTEROSCome Dance with Me14-Apr-1962814
Eddie RABBITTI Love a Rainy Night7-Mar-1981811
RACING CARSThey Shoot Horses Don't They16-Apr-19771013
Jack RADICSTwist and Shout28-Mar-19941312
Marvin RAINWATERGonna Find Me a Bluebird7-Nov-195772
RAM JAM BIG BANDSunshine and I Feel Fine10-Feb-1968811
Karen RAMIREZLooking for Love19-Oct-19981711
RAMONESRock 'n' Roll High School9-Aug-1980208
RAMRODSGhost Riders in the Sky11-Mar-1961515
RAN-DELLSMartian Hop7-Sep-1963177
RASPBERRIESGo All The Way2-Sep-19721021
REBELSWild Weekend23-Feb-1963186
REDHOUSEI Like Dancing6-Nov-19761614
REEL TO REELI Like To Move It20-Jun-19941016
Jim REEVESHe'll Have to Go12-Mar-1960126
REFLECTIONSRing Ring8-Dec-1973175
Diane RENAYNavy Blue29-Feb-1964811
Johnny RESTIVOShape I'm In19/9/1859817
Digger REVELLTwilight Time14-Aug-1965223
RAIDERSIndian Reservation14-Aug-1971123
Tony RICH PROJECTNobody Knows13-May-1996314
Nelson RIDDLE ORCHESTRATheme from 'The Proud Ones'1-Nov-195692
Floyd ROBINSONTonight You Belong To Me26-Mar-1960911
Smokey ROBINSONBeing with You4-Jul-19811310
Vicki Sue ROBINSONTo Sir with Love4-Aug-19841412
Lyn ROGERSJust Loving You21-Dec-1968516
Aleesha ROMESearch My Heaven3-Jan-2000199
RONDELLSTalking 'bout You19-Jan-1965197
R.O.O.S.Instant Moments28-Dec-19981412
ROSEBUDHave a Cigar23-Feb-1980112
ROULALick It11-Sep-1995187
Demis ROUSSOSMy Friend the Wind2-Jun-1979512
ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDSAmazing Grace22-Apr-1972118
Bruce RUFFINMad About You2-Dec-1972519
Todd RUNDGRENCan We Still Be Friends19-Aug-1978512
RUNNERSSure Fire Things5-Jun-1982167
S-EXPRESSTheme from ' S-Express'25-Jul-19881215
Buffy SAINTE-MARIEUntil It's Time for You to Go12-Mar-19661312
SAINTSThe Music Goes Round My Head6-Feb-1989176
Ryuichi SAKAMOTO & David SYLVIANForbidden Colours22-Oct-1983206
Richie SAMBORABallad Of Youth30-Sep-1991168
Roger SANCHEZAnother Chance30-Jul-20011415
Ray SANDERSBeer Drinking Music9-Aug-19691812
SANTO AND JOHNNYSleepwalk7-Nov-1959611
SARA-MARIE & The SIRENSI'm So Excited22-Oct-200164
SAXONSPedro the Fisherman10-Aug-196388
S.C.I. YOUTH CHOIROh Happy Day31-May-19691810
Bobby SCOTTChaingang21-Jun-195676
Tim SCOTTSwear12-Nov-1983167
Dan SEALSBop9-Jun-1986156
John SEBASTIANWelcome Back26-Jun-1979199
Pete SEEGERLittle Boxes22-Feb-1964910
SENSATIONSLet Me In7-Apr-19621611
SEPARATE TABLESWrap Your Arms Around Me17-Apr-1989184
Charlie SEXTONBeat So Lonely14-Apr-1986188
SHAKAYAStop Calling Me28-Jan-2002516
Chris SHAKESPEAREOb-La-Di Ob-La Da18-Jan-1969176
Dee Dee SHARPSlow Twistin'7-Apr-1962413
Roberta SHAWShaggy Dog28-May-1960206
Kevin SHEGOGWolverton Mountain7-Jul-1962315
Peter SHELLEYGee Baby23-Nov-1974517
Labi SIFFREIt Must Be Love11-Mar-19721315
SILENCERSPainted Moon24-Aug-1987179
SILVER CONVENTIONFly Robin Fly20-Dec-19751513
Gene SIMMONSHaunted House5-Sep-19641813
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTETShe's About a Mover8-May-1965119
SKID ROWI Remember You2-Apr-1990817
SLOW CLUBShout Me Down29-Oct-1990197
Alexander Murray SMITHSteptoe & Son25-May-1963221
Broderick SMITH BIG COMBOFaded Roses23-May-19811012
Jerry SMITHDriving Home29-Aug-1970419
Patti SMITHBecause the Night1-Jul-1978415
Salvadore SMITHI'm an Aussie Yes I Am5-Jan-1980209
SNOOP DOGGY DOGGWhat's My Name31-Jan-1994911
Phoebe SNOWEvery Night17-Mar-19791610
Robbie SNOWDENNobody Really Loves a Clown11-Mar-1967514
S.O.A.P.This How We Party29-Jun-1998617
Joanie SOMMERSJohnny Get Angry14-Jul-1962168
SORROWSTake a Heart6-Nov-19651313
S.O.S. BANDJust Be Good to Me3-Mar-19841010
SOUNDS NICELove at First Sight31-Jan-1970614
J.D. SOUTHERYou're Only Lonely19-Jan-198089
Red SOVINETeddy Bear25-Dec-19761411
SPARROWRain Sung Song9-Sep-19721317
Billie Jo SPEARSBlanket on the Ground6-Dec-1975419
SPINNING WHEELSI've Got My Mojo Working3-Apr-196569
SPIRAL STAIRCASEMore Today Than Yesterday14-Jun-19691410
SPY v SPY {v. Spy Vs Spy}Don't Tear it Down2-Feb-1987129
Jim STAFFORDSpiders and Snakes23-Mar-1974415
STARLIGHTNumero Uno19-Feb-1990197
Bobby STARRTogether24-Jun-1967135
STARSLook After Yourself7-Jan-1978199
STATLER BROTHERSFlowers on the Wall15-Jan-1966165
STEAMNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye24-Jan-1970513
Jim STEINMANRock and Roll Dreams Come Through20-Jun-1981712
STEVE & The BOARDGiggle-Eyed Goo16-Apr-1966415
Al STEWARTYear Of The Cat26-Feb-19771114
Sandy STEWARTMy Colouring Book12-Jan-1963147
Stephen STILLS feat. PUBLIC ENEMYHe Got Game1-Jun-1998209
STONE TEMPLE PILOTSVasoline1-Aug-1994198
STRAWBERRY CHILDRENLove Years Coming2-Sep-1967176
STYLE COUNCILShout to the Top8-Dec-1984312
SUGABABESRound Round11-Nov-20021415
SUM 41In Too Deep18-Feb-2002157
Henry Lee SUMMERI Wish I Had A Girl25-Jul-1988188
SUPERHEIST7 Years27-May-2002164
SUPERTRAMPIt's Raining Again20-Nov-1982910
Keith SWEATTwisted9-Dec-19961021
SWEET SENSATIONSad Sweet Dreamer16-Nov-1974159
SLYVERSBoogie Fever28-Aug-1978812
Sylvia SYMSI Could Have Danced All Night20-Dec-1958318
SYNDICATE OF SOUNDLittle Girl9-Jul-1966168
TALK TALKTalk Talk4-Sep-1982158
TALL PAULPrecious Heart3-Sep-2001184
TASTEBoys Will Be Boys18-Dec-19961412
Jo Beth TAYLOR99 Reasons29-Jul-1991189
Matt TAYLORI Remember When I Was Young27-Oct-1973316
THA EASTSIDAZGot Beef26-Jun-20001910
THE THEInfected12-Jan-1987910
38 SPECIALSecond Chance24-Jul-1989212
George THOROGOOD & The DESTROYERSGet A Haircut16-Aug-19932011
3 DOORS DOWNKryptonite4-Dec-2000824
THEE DRIVES ON A VINYLGreece 200013-Apr-19981513
THUMP 'n' PIG & PUFFIN' BILLYCaptain Straightman31-Mar-1973189
Johnny THUNDERLoop De Loop2-Feb-1963168
Justin TIMBERLAKELike I Love You21-Oct-2002711
TIMBUK 3The Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades22-Dec-1986129
Art & Dotty TODDChason D'Amour26-Jun-1958511
TOMSKI14 Hours to Save Earth13-Jul-19981912
Peter TOSHDon't Look Back6-Jan-19791813
TOUCH AND GOWould You30-Nov-1998175
Umberto TOZZITi Amo3-Nov-1979115
TRANS XLiving on Video14-Oct-1985145
Jackie TRENT & Tony HATCHTwo of Us30-Sep-1967518
TREVORCrying in the Rain18-Jul-19701515
TRIODa Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha9-Oct-1982128
TRIPLETSYou Don't Have To Go Home Tonight3-Jun-1991206
Kathy TROCCOLIEverything Changes13-Jul-1992159
TUBESDon't Touch Me There11-Dec-1976216
TUBEWAY ARMYAre Friends Electric22-Sep-19791211
Tanya TUCKERWould You Lay with Me1-Jun-1974515
TURTLESElenore / Surfer Dan12-Oct-1968521
TWINSNot the Loving Kind2-Jun-1984612
2 LOCOS IN A ROOMMacarena9-Sep-1996135
UK SQUEEZECool for Cats21-Jul-1979517
UN DISCO IN LATTINAAlways Coca Cola29-Nov-1993197
Leroy VAN DYKEWalk On By23-Dec-1961521
Armand VAN HELDENYou Don't Know Me22-Mar-19991116
VANDA AND YOUNGLazy River8-Jan-19721914
VANITY FAIREarly in the Morning6-Sep-19691211
VARIOUS ARTISTS (Final 7 - Popstars 3)Superstition25-Mar-200274
VERTIGOForever Lately7-Jul-19791412
VERVEBitter Sweet Symphony1-Sep-1997919
Maria VIDALBody Rock25-Feb-19851012
Gene VINCENT & His BLUE CAPSBe-Bop-a-Lula14-Feb-195765
VIRGIL BROTHERSTemptation's About to Get Me15-Jun-19681312
VIRTUESGuitar Boogie Shuffle9-May-1959318
VISAGEFade to Grey28-Mar-1981614
VOICE OF THE BEEHIVEI Think I Love You2-Mar-1992512
Johnny WAKELIN & The KINSHASA BANDBlack Superman15-Feb-1975117
Jerry Jeff WALKERMr Bojangles17-Aug-19681710
Jerry WALLACEIn the Misty Moonlight19-Sep-1964712
Joe WALSHRocky Mountain Way2-Feb-19741213
WAMDUE PROJECTKing of My Castle6-Sep-19991112
Roger WATERSTide is Turning8-Feb-1988188
Noel WATSONMatilda15-Feb-1988193
WAXBridge to Your Heart9-Nov-1987513
Wayne GTwisted18-May-19981022
WEATHER GIRLSIt's Raining Men21-May-198359
WEENPush th' Little Daisies14-Jun-19931713
Kim WESTON & Marvin GAYEIt Takes Two22-Apr-1967217
WESTWORLDSonic Boom Boy25-May-1987139
Snowy WHITEBird of Paradise16-Jun-19842010
Tony Joe WHITEPolk Salad Annie23-Aug-1969419
WHITE TOWNYour Woman14-Apr-1997117
Margaret WHITINGWheel of Hurt19-Nov-19661314
Slim WHITMANI Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know11-Aug-1962177
WHO DA FUNKShiny Disco Balls25-Nov-20021515
Lewie WICKHAMLittle Bit Late10-Oct-1970814
WILL TO POWERI'm Not In Love11-Feb-19911411
Don WILLIAMSI Believe In You20-Dec-1980314
Johnny WILLIAMSDiana23-Feb-19741511
Pharrell WILLIAMSBoys9-Sep-20021610
Warren WILLIAMSA Star Fell from Heaven7-Oct-1961178
John WILLIAMSONOld Man Emu27-Jun-1970124
Viola WILLSGonna Get Along Without You Now8-Mar-19801213
Al WILSONDo What You Gotta Do2-Mar-19681210
C.J. WILSONDai La Li La La24-Mar-1997179
Frank WILSONHe Rode on a Donkey9-Dec-1972194
Pat WILSONBop Girl3-Sep-1983116
Ross WILSONBed of Nails19-Jun-19891112
WINDOWSHow Do You Do15-Apr-1972122
Pete WINGFIELDEighteen with a Bullet13-Sep-19751910
WORLD FAMOUS SUPREME TEAM SHOWOpera House / Aria on Air9-Apr-198386
Gary WRIGHTDream Weaver8-May-19761512
Trisha YEARWOOODHow Do I Live25-Aug-1997420
YELLOWSTONE AND VOICEWell Hello30-Jun-1973814
YESOwner of a Lonely Heart24-Dec-19831111
Clive YOUNGSomething Special24-Apr-198959
Faron YOUNGIt's Four in the Morning24-Jun-1972426
Neil YOUNGLittle Thing Called Love26-Feb-1983155
YOUNG ONES & Cliff RICHARDLiving Doll21-Apr-1986114
ZOMBIESShe's Not There3-Oct-19641812