Complete one-hit wonders 1950 – 2018 according to the mcduff rule

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A FLOCK OF SEAGULLSI Ran16 June 198235514
AALIYAHTry Again10 July 200035616
AB LOGICHitman3 May 199335321
Gregory ABBOTTShake You Down18 February 198727911
Shirley ABICAIRBotany Bay9 July 195532716
ABIGAILJe T'Aime (I Love You)5 July 197335414
Josh ABRAHAMS & Amiel DAEMIONAddicted to Bass23 November 1998351220
ABSENT FRIENDSI Don't Want to be With Nobody but You28 May 199028417
ADVENTURES OF STEVIE VDirty Cash (Money Talks)29 October 199034719
AFIMiss Murder7 August 200621149
AFROMANBecause I Got High1 October 20012111
AFTER 7Til You Do Me Right13 November 199529927
Christina AGUILERA, LIL' KIM, PINK & MYALady Marmalade30 April 20013111
A-HATake On Me16 October 198526216
AJRI'm Ready11 August 201414614
Jewel AKENSBirds and Bees10 March 196536413
Morris ALBERTFeelings23 October 197540517
Willy ALBERTIMarina6 February 1960381811
ALCAZARCrying at the Discoteque4 February 2002241411
Cristian ALEXANDAParty Anthem4 October 200417174
ALEXIAUh La La La3 August 1998391810
ALI G & SHAGGYMe Julie27 May 2002111110
ALICE DEEJAYBetter Off Alone22 November 199932517
ALIEN ANT FARMSmooth Criminal22 October 20013115
Deborah ALLENBaby I Lied12 April 1984301013
Rex ALLENDon't Go Near the Indians3 November 196235147
Candice ALLEYDream the Day Away2 June 200313515
ALLURE feat.112All Cried Out10 November 199714628
ALPHA TEAMSpeed27 March 199532912
A.L.T. & The LOST CIVILIZATIONTequila23 November 199239616
AMADIN feat. SWINGAlrabaiye (Take Me Up)18 August 1994251512
A-MANPassion (Running Through My Veins)22 July 199640159
AMBERThis Is Your Night25 November 199640816
AMBROSIAHow Much I Feel10 January 1978361510
AMERICAN AUTHORSBest Day of My Life27 January 201428827
Ed AMESMy Cup Runneth Over12 July 1967381211
Bill ANDERSONMama Sang a Song3 November 196239711
Carl ANDERSON & GLORIA LORINGFriends and Lovers5 November 198627621
Leroy ANDERSON ORCHESTRASyncopated Clock (i)1 March 1952391616
Lynn ANDERSONRose Garden25 February 197136120
ANDREA TRUE CONNECTIONMore More More Pt 111 August 197631715
Chris ANDREWSYesterday Man17 November 1965371313
Patty ANDREWSYou Was6 January 19505510
ANIMAL COLLECTIVEGraze14 December 200920203
ANNETTE With THE AFTERBEATSTall Paul4 April 1959331614
ANN-MARGRETI Just Don't Understand2 September 196136179
ANOTHER BAD CREATIONIesha29 April 199138515
Ray ANTHONYPeter Gunn Theme (i)17 October 1959361116
Steve AOKIJust Hold On29 December 201616162
APOLLO 100Joy (i)2 March 197240413
ARCADIAElection Day4 December 198518188
Tasmin ARCHERSleeping Satellite1 February 1993311216
Jann ARDENInsensitive31 July 199537214
Toni ARDENPadre13 July 195821511
ARGENTHold Your Head Up29 June 197238198
Joan ARMATRADINGDrop the Pilot21 April 198338514
Louis ARMSTRONG & Danny KAYEFive Pennies Saints27 June 195936149
Eddy ARNOLDAnytime3 May 195236819
ARONCHUPAI'm an Albatraoz1 December 201426411
ARROWHot Hot Hot9 January 199530616
ARTHUR LYMAN GROUPYellow Bird (i)22 July 196139612
ASHFORD AND SIMPSONSolid24 May 198526198
ASIAHeat of the Moment16 June 198240209
ASSEMBLED MULTITUDEOverture from 'Tommy' (A Rock Opera) (i)4 September 197030514
ATCAround the World (La La La La)5 March 2001271312
Chet ATKINSBoo Boo Stick Beat (i)28 November 1959291213
ATLANTIC STARRSecret Lovers7 May 1986391215
Winifred ATWELLLet Have Another Party1 January 1955342011
AUDIO BULLYS feat. NANCY SINATRAShot You Down18 July 200512129
AUSTRALIA TOOGarden11 September 198520164
AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM 1972Here Come the Aussies27 July 19723789
AUSTRALIAN IDOL FINAL 12Rise Up20 October 2003115
AUTUMN with DAVE ALLENBYShe Works in a Woman's Way13 November 197039718
AVENERFade Out Lines22 December 201429811
Charles AZNAVOURShe22 August 1974311911
AZTECSMost People I Know Think That I'm Crazy23 March 197236116
B. BUMBLE & The STINGERSNut Rocker (i)24 March 196239514
B2K feat. P. DIDDYBump Bump Bump24 March 20036416
BAAUERHarlem Shake25 February 2013117
BABYLON ZOOSpaceman26 February 199622416
BACCARAYes Sir I Can Boogie22 February 197840219
BACHELOR GIRLBuses and Trains17 August 199824312
Tal BACHMANShe's So High6 September 1999351010
BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVEYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet30 January 197532714
Cash BACKMANMy Girl Bill13 June 197437912
BAD ENGLISHWhen I See You Smile15 January 199028615
BAD MEETS EVILLighters27 June 2011361418
BADLOVES & JIMMY BARNESWeight29 November 199326710
Zoe BADWIFreefallin'20 September 201030815
Joan BAEZNight They Drove Old Dixie Down23 September 197140519
Long John BALDRY & KATHY MacDONALDYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'21 May 198036419
BALTIMORATarzan Boy5 February 198637205
BALTIMORE & OHIO MARCHING BANDLapland (i)14 February 196834412
BAMBOOBamboogie2 March 1998301710
BAND AID 20Do They Know it's Christmas13 December 2004665
BAND OF LIGHTDestiny Song17 May 1973311011
BAND OF THE BLACK WATCHScotch on the Rocks (i)11 September 1975271011
Pato BANTONBaby Come Back5 December 1994301414
Tony BARBERSomeday23 February 1966321111
BARENAKED LADIESOne Week21 September 1998381917
Gary BARLOWForever Love12 August 1996557
BARRON KNIGHTSNever Mind the Presents24 December 198031197
BARROW POETSPheasant Plucker's Song6 May 198137119
Len BARRY1, 2, 31 December 196537814
Eileen BARTONIf I Knew You Were Comin' I'd 've Baked a Cake19 May 195034222
BASEMENT JAXXWhere's Your Head At26 November 2001181615
Toni BASILMickey21 April 198235118
Noeleen BATLEYBarefoot Boy1 October 196040420
Carole BAYER SAGERYou're Moving Out Today17 August 197736117
Edward BEARLast Song22 March 197335215
BEATS INTERNATIONALDub Be Good to Me21 May 1990401218
BEAU BRUMMELSJust a Little7 July 196532206
BEAU-MARKSClap Your Hands25 June 196033120
Gilbert BECAUDA Little Love and Understanding24 April 197533118
BECKLoser21 March 199414139
Natasha BEDINGFIELDThese Words11 October 20045515
BEENIE MAN feat. JANET JACKSONFeel It Boy16 September 200217148
Lou BEGAMambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)6 September 199936115
BELL BIV DeVOEGangsta28 December 1992381222
Vincent BELLAirport Love Theme (i)22 April 197038222
Jon BELLIONAll Time Low6 February 201729817
BEN FOLDS FIVEBrick27 April 1998401421
Benny BENASSI presents THE BIZSatisfaction28 July 200312913
Bill BENDIXBusy Doing Nothing27 January 1950311813
George BENSONGive Me The Night1 October 1980291210
BENT FABRICAlley Cat (Omkring Et Flygel) (i)22 September 196236123
Dick BENTLEYLittle Red Monkey12 September 195338813
Polly BERGENCome Prima21 February 1959351310
BERLINTake My Breath Away (Love Theme from 'Top Gun')27 August 198631223
BERRISunshine after Rain16 October 199525818
Dave BERRY & The CRUISERSMemphis Tennessee17 January 19643598
Plastic BERTRANDCa Plane Pour Moi15 November 197825320
BEVERLYPower Of Love21 February 199417214
BEYONCÉWork It Out5 August 2002181811
BIG COUNTRYIn a Big Country8 December 198336514
BIG MOUNTAINBaby I Love Your Way20 June 199429418
BIG PIGBreakaway30 March 198836515
BILLY JOE & The CHECKMATESPercolator (Twist) (i)3 March 196234814
BINGO PLAYERSGet Up (Rattle)11 February 2013241312
BINGOBOYS feat. PRINCESSAHow to Dance15 April 199140614
BIRDYSkinny Love27 August 201216315
Beeb BIRTLES & Graham GOBLEI'm Coming Home11 April 197928812
Elvin BISHOPFooled Around and Fell In Love18 August 1976392011
BJÖRKIt's Oh So Quiet25 December 199539813
BJÖRN AGAINFlashdance...What a Feeling4 July 1994372011
BLACKWonderful Life20 April 198827912
BLACK EYED PEAS feat. MACY GRAYRequest Line5 March 2001372010
Jeanne BLACKHe'll Have to Stay4 June 19602079
BLACK LACEAgadoo20 September 198423812
BLACKFOOT SUEStanding in the Road26 October 197240187
Peter BLAKELEYCrying in the Chapel20 December 198927120
Jack BLANCHARD & Misty MORGANTennessee Bird Walk6 May 197037617
BLANCMANGELiving on the Ceiling17 February 198320511
Benny BLANCOEastside16 July 201836425
Billy BLANDLet The Little Girl Dance14 May 196034910
Marcie BLANEBobby's Girl24 November 196229317
Mary J. BLIGEFamily Affair26 November 200114715
BLIND MELONNo Rain15 November 1993321014
BLINK 182All The Small Things24 January 200039621
Edith BLISSIf It's Love You Want19 December 1979351016
Bobby BLOOMMontego Bay6 November 1970401312
BLOW MONKEYSDigging Your Scene28 May 1986301410
BLUE BOYRemember Me5 May 1997351220
BLUE HAZESmoke Gets In Your Eyes29 June 197233159
BLUE SWEDEHooked on a Feeling25 April 197433417
Vera BLUEPapercuts18 July 201626525
BLUES IMAGERide Captain Ride13 August 1970381911
James BLUNDELL & James REYNEWay Out West6 April 199216211
BLURSong 25 May 199740921
BoDEANSCloser to Free19 August 1996381310
BODYROCKERSI Like the Way2 May 2005151218
Grahame BONDFarewell Aunty Jack31 January 19741122
Johnny BONDHot Rod Lincoln1 October 196038305
Tracy BONHAMMother Mother22 July 199630716
BONNIE LOUTennessee Wig Walk20 March 195435814
BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BANDI'm the Urban Spaceman15 January 1969401012
BOOGIE PIMPSSomebody to Love2 February 200421817
BOOMKATWreckoning21 April 2003251710
Daniel BOONEBeautiful Sunday1 June 197240914
Debby BOONEYou Light Up My Life30 November 197728226
Jimmy BOWEN with THE RHYTHM ORCHIDSI'm Stickin' with You8 June 195717911
BOWLING FOR SOUP198525 October 200420207
Brendan BOWYER & The ROYAL SHOWBAND WATERFORDHucklebuck / I Ran All the Way Home26 May 196534318
BOY GEORGEEverything I Own1 April 19873058
Charles BOYERWhere Does Love Go12 January 196626212
BOYS DON'T CRYI Wanna be a Cowboy25 June 198626414
BOYSTARLoverboy7 October 200219185
BRAINBUGNightmare28 July 1997351715
BREAK MACHINEStreet Dance26 April 1984391311
BREAKFAST CLUBRight on Track3 June 198725315
Walter BRENNANOld Rivers19 May 196229210
Edie BRICKELL & The NEW BOHEMIANSWhat I Am8 March 198928127
Alicia BRIDGESI Love the Nightlife (Disco Round)24 January 197932317
BRIGADIERSP.S. I Love You7 November 195339522
Lillian BRIGGSI Want You to be My Baby25 February 195617124
BRITISH JIGSAWSky High (Theme from 'Man from Hong Kong')11 September 197540318
BROODSFree11 April 201629205
Mel BROOKSTo Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)26 April 198418211
Meredith BROOKSBitch14 July 199727416
BROTHERS FOURGreenfields23 April 196039618
James BROWNLiving In America5 March 198636197
Polly BROWNUp in a Puff of Smoke29 May 197537315
BROWNSThree Bells5 September 195927216
BROWNSTONEIf You Love Me17 April 199536818
BUCKETHEADSBomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)22 May 199531617
Lindsay BUCKINGHAMTrouble16 December 198127118
BUCKINGHAMSKind of a Drag1 March 196735316
Jimmy BUFFETTCome Monday5 September 1974381215
BUGGLESVideo Killed the Radio Star14 November 197920118
Emma BUNTONWhat Took You So Long14 May 2001311014
BUREAUOnly For Sheep22 July 198129813
BUS STOP {feat. Carl DOUGLAS}Kung Fu Fighting10 August 1998181412
BUSHGlycerine29 April 1996351316
Champ BUTLERDown Yonder8 February 1952391314
BUTTERFLY EFFECTA Slow Decent19 June 20061795
BUTTHOLE SURFERSPepper3 June 1996381911
Max BYGRAVESAny Dream Will Do6 December 197339222
BYRDSMr Tambourine Man2 June 196528412
B. Z. feat. JOANNEJackie14 December 199831419
CABIN CREWStar2fall7 March 200521206
Colbie CAILLATBubbly3 March 200837718
Scott CAINI'm Moving On13 May 2002119
Al CAIOLA ORCHESTRATheme from 'The Magnificent Seven' (i)15 April 1961401712
J.J. CALECrazy Mama27 April 1972341512
CALLWalls Came Down30 June 198330128
CALLINGWherever You Will Go25 March 200235612
CALLOWAYI Wanna Be Rich6 August 199028197
CAMEOWord Up28 January 198738515
David CAMPBELLHope23 June 2003281710
Jo Ann CAMPBELLA Kookie Little Paradise20 August 196039515
CANDY GIRLS feat. SWEET PUSSY PAULINEFee Fi Fo Fum15 January 199633910
CANDY HARLOTSForeplay (EP)2 March 1992665
CANDYMANKnockin' Boots14 January 199137203
Eddie CANTORJuke Box Annie6 January 195015153
Jim CAPALDILove Hurts4 March 197631318
CAPITAL CITIESSafe and Sound30 September 201323154
CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD PROJECTMore and More19 July 1993372015
Carl CARLTONBaby I Need Your Loving3 March 198336415
Hoagy CARMICHAELMt Resistance is Low10 August 1951371022
Kim CARNESBette Davis Eyes15 May 198137118
Cathy CARRIvory Tower18 August 195618115
Joe 'Fingers' CARRPortuguese Washerwoman (i)28 July 195610115
Paul CARRACKWhen You Walk in the Room5 August 198731414
Jose CARRERAS & Sarah BRIGHTMANAmigos Para Siempre (Friends for Life)10 August 199216113
Pat CARROLLAll Kinds of Everything11 June 1970351912
Aaron CARTERCrush On You25 May 1998341411
CARTERSI Am Australian16 March 200932163
Bec CARTWRIGHTAll Seats Taken28 October 200217913
Dick CARUSOPretty Eyed Baby2 April 196029196
CASCADAEvaculate the Dancefloor10 August 200935323
CASCADESRhythm of the Rain23 March 196335215
Al CASEY & The K-C-ETTESSurfin' Hootenanny23 August 196336212
CASH CASHTake Me Home27 January 201432413
CASSIEMe and U4 September 20068812
CASUALSJesamine16 October 196834919
Allan CASWELLAustralia's Cup29 September 1983828
CAT EMPIRESly4 April 200517175
Carmen CAVALLARO ORCHESTRAFor Love of You18 May 1951341017
C.C.S.Band Played Boogie20 September 1973401510
CHAINJudgement18 November 1971371315
Richard CHAMBERLAINTheme From 'Dr Kildare' (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight)14 July 196237811
CHAMILLIONAIRERidin'7 August 2006241715
CHAMPAIGNHow 'bout U8 July 1981321013
Karen CHANDLERHole Me Thrill Me Kiss Me20 June 195340523
CHANTAYSPipeline (i)30 March 196321122
Harry CHAPINCat's in the Cradle19 December 197439616
CHAPSMcRawhide22 September 198320511
CHARLENEI've Never Been to Me26 May 198239115
CHARLES AND EDDIEWould I Lie to You2 November 199229119
Don CHARLES SINGING DOGSPat-A-Cake - 3 Blind Mice - Jingle Bells19 November 195535178
CHAS AND DAVEAin't No Pleasing You10 February 1983391118
CHEAT CODESNo Promises3 April 2017341821
CHECKMATES LTDLove is All I Have to Give7 May 1969391214
CHEERSBlack Denim Trousers and Morotcycle Boots17 December 195535420
CHEFChocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You)25 January 199926156
CHEROKEESOh Monah4 January 1967391211
Eagle-Eye CHERRYSave Tonight1 February 1999381711
Johnny CHESTERWorld's Greatest Mum16 August 197339219
CHICANE {feat. Bryan ADAMS}Don't Give Up17 April 200017712
CHILDISH GAMBINOThis is America7 May 201813138
Altiyan CHILDSSomewhere in the World29 November 201013135
CHLOECrash12 September 2005883
CHRIS BARBER'S JAZZ BANDPetite Fleur (Little Flower) (i)28 February 195939119
CHRISTIEYellow River23 July 197040125
Lou CHRISTIELightnin' Strikes9 March 196638415
Vic CHRISTOPHERAll His Children10 August 1972401611
CHUMBAWAMBATubthumping10 November 19973117
CITY BOY5. September 1978301113
CITY HIGHWhat Would You Do8 October 200122219
Richard CLAPTONGirls on the Avenue27 February 197539214
Sam CLARKBroken30 November 200919157
CLASHRock the Casbah30 September 198220519
Tom CLAYWhat the World Needs Now is Love / Abraham Martin and John2 September 197138511
Adam CLAYTON & Larry MULLENTheme from 'Mission Impossible'17 June 199610212
Clarence CLEMMONS {feat. Jackson BROWNE}You're a Friend of Mine26 February 198637813
Buzz CLIFFORDBaby Sittin' Boogie25 February 19612979
Jane CLIFTONGirl on the Wall29 March 1984331010
CLIMAXPrecious and Few8 June 197237714
CLOCKAxel F / Keep Pushin'5 June 1995391411
CLOUDSLoot (EP)6 May 199139188
CLUB HOUSE feat. CARLLight My Fire6 June 199421915
CLUB NOUVEAULean On Me6 May 198732316
Marc COHNWalking in Memphis29 July 1991291211
COLDPLAYYellow1 January 200140320
Cheryl COLEWords15 February 201032513
Cozy COLETopsy II (i)16 November 1958351018
COLLECTIVESurrender3 December 201216161
COLLECTIVE SOULShine11 July 1994351210
Dave & Ansil COLLINSDouble Barrel26 August 197140316
Edwyn COLLINSA Girl Like You23 January 199528613
Jessi COLTERI'm Not Lisa10 July 1975371711
COMPAGNONS DE LA CHANSONThree Bells (The Jimmy Brown Song)13 September 1952351716
CONCRETE BLONDEJoey16 July 199040215
CONGREGATIONSoftly Whispering I Love You24 February 197238714
Arthur CONLEYSweet Soul Music5 July 196738208
Harry CONNICK JR.(I Could Only) Whisper Your Name31 October 1994391816
Ray CONNIFF SINGERSSomewhere My Love (Lara's Theme from 'Doctor Zhivago') (i)6 July 196632220
Billy CONNOLLYD.I.V.O.R.C.E.8 January 197639316
Sarah CONNORBounce3 May 2004171210
Bill CONTIGonna Fly Now (Theme from 'Rocky') (i)25 May 1977401311
Deborah CONWAYIt's Only the Beginning5 August 199139208
Oliver COOLOliver Cool19 November 1960391513
Rita COOLIDGE(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher3 August 197738218
Lester COOMBSI'm Fine Thank You20 February 197532614
Jill COREYCleo and Me21 June 1954361711
Don CORNELLI'll Walk Alone19 April 195238124
CORONETSGang That Sang Heart of My Heart3 April 195439322
Ida CORRLet Me Think About It22 October 2007191220
Dave 'Baby' CORTEZHappy Organ (i)16 May 195925511
COSIMAWhen the War is Over / One Night Without You16 August 20041112
Don COSTA & HIS ORCHESTRA & CHORUSNever On Sunday (i)18 February 196132519
Day COSTELLOLong and Winding Road25 June 197040321
Billy COTTON ORCHESTRA BANDFriends and Neighbours16 October 1954381812
Darryl COTTONSame Old Girl23 April 198036714
COUNTING CROWSMr Jones28 March 1994332012
COUNTRY RADIOGypsy Queen27 July 1972401811
Tina COUSINS, CLEOPATRA, B*WITCHED, BILLIE & STEPSThank Abba for the Music19 April 199929915
Julie COVINGTONDon't Cry for Me Argentina2 March 197736223
Deborah COXWho Do U Love26 August 199637520
Les CRANEDesiderata (Child of the Universe)16 December 197140416
CRASH TEST DUMMIESMmm Mmm Mmm Mmm16 May 199430116
Randy CRAWFORDImagine16 September 1982251610
CRAZY ELEPHANTGimme Gimme Good Lovin'30 April 1969401810
CRAZY TOWNButterfly26 March 200119422
CREATIONTell Laura I Love Her22 August 197438421
CRESCENTSMr Blue5 December 195936812
CRESTSSixteen Candles14 March 1959281510
CREWCUTSCarmen's Boogie7 January 195618182
Bob CREWE GENERATIONMusic to Watch Girls By (i)15 February 196737712
Jim CROCEBad Bad Leroy Brown6 September 1973381311
Barry CROCKERSusie Darlin'21 June 1973301410
Bob CROSBYYou Was6 January 19505510
Christopher CROSSArthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)4 November 1981381516
Julee CRUISEFalling18 March 199129310
CRUSHJellyhead17 February 1997391615
CRYSTALSThen He Kissed Me25 October 196326115
Burton CUMMINGSStand Tall12 January 1977341013
MIKE CURB CONGREGATIONBurning Bridges16 October 197035119
CUT 'N' MOVEGive It Up20 December 199328120
CUTTING CREW(I Just Died) In Your Arms3 December 1986361315
Johnny CYMBALMr Bass Man24 May 196336314
CYRUSStone30 November 201514146
Billy Ray CYRUSAchy Breaky Heart7 September 199225123
DA HOOLMeet Her at the Love Parade19 January 1998341518
DA MUTTZWassup14 May 2001261112
Alan DALEBirds and Bees20 October 195617911
Maria DALLASAmbush18 October 1967331711
DAMNEDEloise2 April 198626610
DANAAll Kinds of Everything11 June 1970351912
DANIELLETell Me if You Like It15 July 200223209
DANNY & The JUNIORSAt the Hop20 April 1958301611
DANTE & The EVERGREENSAlley-Oop2 July 196033511
DARIO GSunchyme1 December 1997291021
DARTSBoy from New York City13 September 1978381413
DARUDEFeel the Beat27 November 2000341817
DAUGHTRYIt's Not Over7 May 2007191917
DAVE & The DERROSNice Legs Shame About the Face29 August 1979351412
DAVID AND JONATHANSoftly Whispering I Love You5 June 1968391312
F.R. DAVIDWords25 August 198335316
Genevieve DAVISSail Down to Australia1 November 199317174
Jimmie DAVISLet's be Sweethearts Again17 March 195036819
Martha DAVISDon't Tell Me the Time9 March 1988381110
DAWINDessert5 October 201522716
Bobby DAYRock-In Robin / Over and Over5 October 195825918
Inaya DAYNasty Girl7 February 200516139
Joel DAYDEMamy Blue14 October 197134516
DB BOULEVARDPoint of View18 March 200217177
DE KROO BROTHERS(And Her Name Is) Scarlet13 September 196335411
DE LA SOULRing Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)17 June 199123112
Waldo DE LOS RIOSMozart: 1st Movement From Symphony No. 40 (i)13 May 197136414
Lynsey DE PAULSugar Me12 October 197238215
Stephanie DE SYKES with RAINBorn With a Smile on My Face17 October 197439619
DEAD OR ALIVEYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record)14 March 198527415
DEAN & JEANHey Jean Hey Dean26 March 196437176
DEAR ENEMYComputer One1 December 1983391315
Kate DeARAUGOMaybe Tonight5 December 20051113
DEBARGERhythm Of The Night17 May 198529413
DECASTRO SISTERSIt's Yours17 November 195618155
Joey DEE & The STARLIGHTERSPeppermint Twist Pt 16 January 196236611
DEEE-LITEGroove is in the Heart15 October 199028116
DEEP BLUE SOMETHINGBreakfast at Tiffany's22 January 199637514
DEEP DISHFlashdance22 November 2004101015
DEEP FORESTSweet Lullaby18 January 199329514
Rick DEES & HIS CAST OF IDIOTSDisco Duck Pt 13 November 197626218
DEF LEPPARDLet's Get Rocked6 April 1992669
DEFRANCO FAMILYHeartbeat It's a Lovebeat10 January 1974391017
DeGRAW GAVINI Don't Want To Be13 September 2004171712
DEL THA FUNKEE HOMOSAPIENMistadobalina25 May 199227119
DELANEY AND BONNIE & FRIENDSNever Ending Song Of Love19 August 1971391017
DELERIUMSilence19 July 199926627
Robert DeLONGGlobal Concepts22 April 2013351910
Kat DeLUNAWhine Up11 February 2008161211
John DENVER & Placido DOMINGOPerhaps Love24 February 1982371813
Karl DENVERWimoweh24 March 196226214
DEODATOAlso Sprach Zarathustra (2001) (i)10 May 197331314
DEREKCinnamon2 October 196839813
DERROFive More Hours4 May 201539715
DESIIGNERPanda25 April 2016371313
Desmond DEKKER & The ACESIsraelites21 May 196936711
Lorrae DESMONDI Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango19 March 1955381711
Marcella DETROITI Believe23 May 199431812
Charlotte DEVANEYFlip It7 December 201525119
Sheila B. DEVOTIONSinging in the Rain26 July 1978311813
DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERSCome On Eileen30 September 198231120
D-GENERATIONFive in a Row15 November 198936159
DHT feat. EDMÉEListen to Your Heart28 November 200517917
Manu DIBANGOSoul Makossa (i)16 August 197340167
DIDDY DIRTY MONEYComing Home7 February 201138418
Marlene DIETRICHToo Old to Cut the Mustard24 January 195333814
DIMPLES DSucker DJ4 March 199121112
DIPLOWhere are U Now23 March 201524518
DISCLOSUREMagnets5 October 201534168
DISCO TEX & The SEX-O-LETTESGet Dancin'19 June 197539914
DISTURBEDSound of Silence21 March 2016311312
DIVINEYou Think You're a Man27 September 198431109
DIXIE CHICKSLandslide31 March 200324915
Alesha DIXONBoy Does Nothing17 August 200921911
DJ ÖTZIHey Baby (Uhh Ahh)25 February 200229115
DJ PEEWEE FERRIS vs DJ Darren BRIAISI Feel It26 February 1996351521
DJ SAKIN & FRIENDSProtect Your Mind (Braveheart)19 April 1999231812
DNA feat. SUZANNE VEGATom's Diner22 October 199039512
DNCECake by the Ocean2 May 201638721
DO.RE.MIMan Overboard14 June 198540414
Dave DOBBYN with HERBSSlice of Heaven1 April 198738123
Carl DOBKINS JR.My Heart is an Open Book15 August 195936315
Ken DODDTears3 November 196537415
Thomas DOLBYShe Blinded Me with Science12 May 198329198
Joe DOLCE MUSIC THEATREShaddup You Face5 November 198022124
DOLLARShooting Star20 June 1979401410
DOOBIE BROTHERSWhat a Fool Believes18 April 1979361012
Val DOONICANWalk Tall17 February 196531203
DOOPDoop2 May 199438512
Jimmy DORSEY ORCHESTRASo Rare (i)31 August 195716811
Tommy DORSEY ORCHESTRA feat. Warren COVINGTONTea for Two Cha Cha (i)19 October 195828919
Carl DOUGLASKung Fu Fighting7 November 197437119
Joe DOWELLLittle Red Rented Rowboat27 July 196239169
DR. ALBANSing Hallelujah28 February 199431419
DR. & The MEDICSSpirit in the Sky16 July 198632114
Charlie DRAKEMy Boomerang Won't Come Back18 November 196126118
Rusty DRAPERFreight Train24 August 19571279
DRAPHTRapunzel20 December 2010401910
DREAM ACADEMYLife in a Northern Town17 July 198528612
DREAM WEAVERSIt's Almost Tomorrow19 May 195617324
DREAMWORLDMovin' Up25 December 199525412
DRU HILLHow Deep is Your Love1 March 1999291617
DRUMMONDDaddy Cool22 July 197128120
DUCK SAUCEVarvra Streisand4 October 2010161016
DUDLEY MOORE TRIOSong for Suzie22 April 197140913
DUKES OF EARLWOOD feat. Armondo HURLEYDuke Of Earl17 August 198838710
DUKES OF WINDSOROthers26 March 2007171219
David DUNDASJeans On15 September 197639424
Judith DURHAM & Russell HITCHCOCKI Am Australian9 June 1997884
DUTCH feat. Crystal WATERSMy Time15 December 2003281513
DYNOROIn My Mind24 September 2018401015
EAGLESHeartache Tonight31 October 1979331316
EAMONF**k It (I Don't Want You Back)29 March 2004218
Fleur EASTSax11 January 200638194
Katja EBSTEINStar Of Mykonos18 April 1974361015
ECHOMENSki Run (i)6 September 196340195
ECHOSMITHCool Kids1 September 201439319
ECLIPSELook Of Love24 June 199639158
Karise EDENYou Won't Let Me25 June 2012884
EDGAR WINTER GROUPFrankenstein (i)12 July 197340189
EDISON LIGHTHOUSELove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)25 February 197032118
Bobby EDWARDSYou're the Reason18 November 196124313
Jimmy EDWARDSLittle Red Monkey12 September 195338813
Lisa EDWARDSCry8 June 199231414
Billie EILISHLovely28 May 2018301613
ELECTRIC PANDASBig Girls21 June 198433811
ELEGANTSLittle Star17 August 195840912
Maureen ELKNERRak Off Normie26 June 197538517
Col ELLIOTTGotta Give the Grog Away7 July 19831497
Shirley ELLISName Game24 February 196528185
EMERSON LAKE AND PALMERFanfare for the Common Man (i)24 August 1977361116
E.M.F.Unbelievable1 April 199127514
EMILIABig Big World18 January 1999361611
EMOTIONSBest of My Love28 September 1977351312
EMPIRE OF THE SUNWe are the People9 February 2009311912
END OF FASHIONO Yeah25 July 200518188
Scott ENGLISHBrandy3 February 197238314
EQUALSBaby Come Back21 August 1968331312
ERNIERubber Duckie2 October 197037218
ESCAPE CLUBWild Wild West12 October 198834321
ESTELLEAmerican Boy12 May 200815316
EUROPEFinal Countdown25 February 198716118
Morgan EVANSDay Drunk11 June 2018221320
EVERMOREIt's Too Late9 August 2004361319
EVERY MOTHER'S SONCome On Down to My Boat28 June 1967391510
EXAMPLEWe'll Be Coming Back6 August 201220514
EXTREMEMore Than Words1 July 199140220
E.Y.C.Feelin' Alright24 January 199431713
FABOLOUS feat. TAMIAInto You15 September 200322415
Yvonne FAIRIt Should Have Been Me12 February 197629517
FAIRGROUND ATTRACTIONPerfect13 July 198825116
Adam FAITHWhat Do You Want5 March 1960401010
Marianne FAITHFULLCome and Stay with Me24 March 1965351311
Chet FAKERTrouble with Us26 October 201533416
FALCODer Kommissar (The Commissioner)28 April 198322412
Harold FALTERMEYERAxel F (i)17 July 198534712
FANCYWild Thing4 April 1974361114
Bernard FANNINGWatch Over Me3 July 200627175
FANTASIAI Believe26 July 2004229
Don FARDONLament of Cherokee Reservation Indian9 October 196832314
Chris FARLOWEOut of Time28 September 1966361210
Gia FARRELLHit Me Up5 February 20078614
Dionne FARRISI Know27 March 1995401315
FASTBALLWay15 June 1998321318
FAT JOE feat. ASHANTIWhat's Luv13 May 20024311
FAT LARRY'S BANDZoom17 February 198336612
FATBACK BAND(Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop6 October 197626618
F.C.B.Excalibur14 August 19952112
Sam FELDTShow Me Love3 August 2015311511
FELIXDon't You Want Me14 September 1992321615
FENDERMENMule Skinner Blues16 July 196040315
Johnny FERGUSONAngela Jones30 April 196040186
Rebecca FERGUSONNothing's Real but Love28 May 201215153
FERKO STRING BANDAlabama Jubilee (i)24 September 195534199
Jose FERRERMe and Mrs5 March 195540620
FERRETSDon't Fall In Love10 August 197733717
FIDDLER'S DRAMDay Trip to Bangor (Didn't We Have a Lovely Time)5 March 198022515
FIELDING AND DYERWhale8 June 197238610
Ernie FIELDS' ORCHESTRAIn the Mood (i)5 December 195928514
FIFTH ESTATEDing Dong the Witch is Dead21 June 1967381010
Jack FINALamp is Low (i)9 April 1955341710
FINGER ELEVENParalyzer14 April 2008311515
Tim FINNFraction Too Much Friction30 June 198324512
Larry FINNEGANDear One28 April 196235213
Elissa FIORILLOOn The Way Up4 February 1991301516
FIREBALLSBottle Of Wine24 January 196832315
FIRMStar Trekkin'26 August 198730615
FIRST CLASSBeach Baby31 October 197438420
FISCHER-ZSo Long5 November 1980381615
Ella FITZGERALDA Satisfied Mind10 March 195619316
Scott FITZGERALD & Yvonne KEELEYIf I Had Words22 February 197833218
Smacka FITZGIBBONAdventures of Barry McKenzie2 November 1972391114
FIVE FOR FIGHTINGSuperman (It's Not Easy)11 February 20023215
FIVE KEYSGlory of Love15 January 1951381224
FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BANDSigns30 September 197135618
5000 VOLTSI'm On Fire4 December 197536418
Ralph FLANAGAN ORCHESTRAShe Wore a Yellow Ribbon ('round Her Neck)2 June 195036419
FLASH CADILLAC & The CONTINENTAL KIDSDid You Boogie (With Your Baby)13 October 1976351614
FLEETWOODSCome Softly to Me9 May 195940413
FLOATERSFloat On23 November 197736814
FLYING LIZARDSMoney20 February 1980371911
FOCUSHocus Pocus (i)7 June 197340209
John FOGERTYOld Man Down Road14 February 198531109
Red FOLEYPeace in the Valley22 February 195033318
Luis FONSI {feat. DADDY YANKEE}Despacito1 May 201733124
Wayne FONTANAPamela Pamela15 February 196723513
FONTANE SISTERSSeventeen7 January 19565210
Steve FORBERTRomeo's Tune5 March 1980341911
Emile FORD & The CHECKMATESWhat Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For13 February 196038115
49'ERSTouch Me7 May 1990391414
FORUMRiver is Wide23 August 196733810
FOSTER and ALLENMaggie25 August 19839221
David FOSTERLove Theme from 'St Elmo's Fire' (i)29 January 198623813
FOSTER THE PEOPLEPumped Up Kicks12 September 201138127
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNEStacy's Mom20 October 2003191412
FOUR COINSMemories of You31 March 195615114
FOUR KNIGHTSOh Happy Day2 May 195333220
4 NON BLONDESWhat's Up9 August 199326216
4PMSukiyaki6 March 199538321
FOURTH HOUSEWild World18 December 1970301013
Samantha FOXTouch Me (I Want Your Body)11 June 198621220
Peter FRAMPTONI'm In You13 July 1977391112
Winston FRANCISBlue Moon4 March 1973381511
Chris FRANKLINBloke7 February 200019115
Stan FREBERGNuttin' for Christmas24 November 195620201
Stan FREBERGSt George and the Dragonet14 November 195340115
FREDDIE & The DREAMERSA Windmill in Old Amsterdam8 December 1965381710
Alan FREED, STEVE ALLEN, AL COLLINS & The MODERNAIRSSpace Man10 November 195617134
FREEDOM OF THOUGHTGreen and Gold (Song for the Socceroos)5 June 200618185
FREEEZI.O.U.25 August 198322514
Bobby FREEMANDo You Want to Dance13 July 195838411
Ace FREHLEYNew York Groove7 February 1979381810
Nicki FRENCHTotal Eclipse of the Heart16 January 199538122
FRENSHIPCapsize7 November 2016341425
FRESHWATER feat. Alison McCALLUMI Ain't Got the Time11 November 1971361910
James FREUD & The RADIO STARSModern Girl27 August 198038812
FRIDAI Know There's Something Going On16 September 198237317
Dean FRIEDMAN & Denise MARSALucky Stars31 January 197933317
FUELSunburn / Shimmer31 May 1999381625
FUREYSWhen You Were Sweet Sixteen13 January 198335610
Simon GALLAHER & Jackie LOVEMy Friend28 October 198231718
Patsy GALLANTFrom New York to L.A.14 December 197734415
GALLERYNice to be With You25 May 197240513
GANG STARRLovesick11 November 1991231213
Boris GARDINERI Wanna Wake Up With You17 December 198623122
Kenny GARDNERI Don't See Me in Your Eyes Anymore13 January 1950351214
Art GARFUNKELBright Eyes13 June 197937219
Judy GARLANDPut Your Arms Around Me Honey3 March 195030618
Errol GARNERLullaby of Birdland24 July 1954351713
Gale GARNETTWe'll Sing in the Sunshine14 October 196436510
Betty GARRETTTake Me Out to the Ball Game24 March 195026319
David GARRICKLady Jane3 August 196637189
GARY AND DAVECould You Ever Love Me Again17 October 197435613
Gareth GATESUnchained Melody28 July 200314814
Natalie GAUCIHere I Am3 December 20076411
Alex GAUDINODestination Calabria11 June 200717321
Marvin GAYESexual Healing3 February 198320314
Crystal GAYLEDon't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue21 December 1977371118
Teddy GEIGERFor You I Will (Confidence)19 June 2006291315
Bob GELDOFGreat Song of Indifference24 September 1990351910
GENGHIS KHANMoscow6 August 19801116
Philip GEORGEWish You Were Here26 January 201534178
GEORGIA SATELLITESKeep Your Hands To Yourself11 March 198737199
Danyel GERARDButterfly16 September 197128416
GET WETJust So Lonely23 September 198133512
GETAWAY PLANWhere the City Meets the Sea16 June 200820201
Stan GETZ & Charlie BYRDDesafinado (i)27 October 196227413
Dean GEYERIf You Don't Mean It14 May 2007121211
Robin GIBBSaved By the Bell30 July 196937613
Nick GILDERHot Child in the City25 October 197838914
Terry GILKYSONMarianne13 April 195713115
Johnny GILLFloor26 July 199333524
Bruce GILLESPIEVelvet Waters3 September 1960381610
Mickey GILLEYRoom Full of Roses29 August 197427219
James GILREATHLittle Band of Gold30 March 196337413
GINA GOoh Aah....Just a Little Bit20 May 199623416
GINUWINEPony3 February 199736122
GIPSY KINGSBambolero2 August 1989271611
GIRL OVERBOARDI Can't Believe15 November 198928208
GIRL THINGLast One Standing7 August 2000291914
GLASS TIGERDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)26 November 198636717
GLENCOVESHootenanny2 August 196331109
GLOBAL DEEJAYSEverybody's Free16 February 200913139
Roger GLOVER & GUESTS feat. Ronnie James DIOLove Is All (The Butterfly Ball)11 October 197833713
GNARLS BARCLEYCrazy8 May 20061117
GNASHI Hate U I Love U28 March 201632121
GO GO'SOur Lips are Sealed16 December 198123216
GOANNASolid Rock11 November 198233217
GODLEY AND CREMEAn Englishman In New York (Strange Apparatus)7 May 198037810
GOLDEN EARRINGRadar Love19 September 197433817
GOO GOO DOLLSIris15 June 199815227
Delta GOODREMBorn to Try18 November 20023119
Ron GOODWIN ORCHESTRAThose Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines27 October 1965401213
GOOMBAY DANCE BANDSeven Tears28 July 1982351010
GORDON FRANKLIN & The WILDERNESS ENSEMBLELet the Franklin Flow19 May 198339156
GOSSIPHeavy Cross27 July 2009291112
GOTYESomebody That I Used to Know18 July 201134141
Morton GOULD ORCHESTRABrazil (i)1 November 1952351015
Graham GOULDMANSunburn19 December 1979361411
GRACEYou Don't Own Me27 April 201535115
Jaki GRAHAMAin't Nobody12 September 199440719
Lou GRAMMMidnight Blue8 April 198726911
Andy GRAMMERFresh Eyes5 December 201640420
Billy GRAMMERGotta Travel On21 February 195931217
GRAND FUNKLoco-Motion16 May 197440418
Earl GRANTEnd9 November 195827319
Gogi GRANTWayward Wind25 August 195614215
Michael GRAYWeekend17 January 200510109
GREAT NEW WORLDSay Something20 January 201438115
R. B. GREAVESTake a Letter Maria12 November 196936317
Cee-Lo GREENFuck You (Forget You)6 September 201035521
GREEN JELLYThree Little Pigs16 August 199334811
Norman GREENBAUMSpirit in the Sky15 April 197033222
Lorne GREENERingo18 November 19643485
GRIDSwamp Thing (i)15 August 199429217
Ken GRIFFINYou Can't Be True Dear (i)16 October 1954351613
Merv GRIFFINI Love the Sunshine of Your Smile21 June 195237716
GROOPWoman You're Breaking Me9 August 1967361210
GROOVE ARMADA feat. GRAM'MA FUNKI See You Baby (Shakin' That Ass)10 January 2000201114
GROOVE THEORYTell Me4 December 199535321
GUMMI BEARI'm Your Funny Bear22 October 2007151117
GUNRace with the Devil22 January 1969401511
Norman GUNSTONSalute to Abba6 October 1976361515
GURU JOSHInfinity28 May 199019714
Adrian GURVITZClassic9 June 198240115
Arlo GUTHRIEValley To Pray4 February 1971361114
GYANWait27 September 1989311012
HADDAWAYWhat Is Love13 September 1993401128
Marshall HAINDancing in the City16 August 197827118
HAIRCUT ONE HUNDREDLove Plus One26 May 198233138
Tom T. HALLOld Dogs Children and Watermelon Wine17 May 197339415
HAMILTON, JOE FRANK & REYNOLDSDon't Pull Your Love19 August 1971261411
Lynne HAMILTONOn The Inside (Theme from 'Prisoner')4 April 197935219
Roy HAMILTONYou Can Have Her18 March 196122911
Russ HAMILTONRainbow14 December 195717518
Marvin HAMLISCHEntertainer (i)25 April 197439118
Jan HAMMERMiami Vice Theme (i)15 January 198628138
Keith HAMPSHIREFirst Cut is the Deepest5 July 1973361410
Herbie HANCOCKRockit5 April 198435916
HANNAHNo Relief13 May 200227209
Jimmy HANNANBeach Ball13 December 196333215
Paul HARDCASTLE1931 May 19851878
Lee HARDINGWasabi / Eye of the Tiger19 December 20051113
HARDWELLFollow Me17 August 201530186
Sir Cedric HARDWICKEBusy Doing Nothing27 January 1950311813
Steve HARLEY & COCKNEY REBELMake Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)22 May 19751878
HARPOMoviestar30 June 197636319
Bev HARRELLWhat Am I Doing Here With You18 January 196739612
Paul 'The Chief' HARRIGANThat's Gold3 September 200711112
Emmylou HARRISMister Sandman27 May 198130157
Phil HARRISThing2 March 195123119
Jerry HARRISON & The CASUAL GODSRev It Up6 April 198839712
HARRY SIMEONE CHORALELittle Drummer Boy28 February 195915512
Freddie HARTEasy Lovin'25 November 1971401015
Kim HARTLove at First Night28 May 198024814
Anne & Johnny HAWKERCinderella Rockefella20 March 196827612
Bill HAYESBallad Of Davy Crockett7 January 1956229
Dick HAYMESYou're Just In Love18 April 195338423
HAYSI FANTAYZEEShiny Shiny7 July 198340713
Leah HAYWOODWe Think It's Love20 March 200036614
Roy HEAD & The TRAITSTreat Her Right3 November 1965351313
HEART 'N' SOULLazy Life25 June 196940179
Joey HEATHERTONGone21 September 197240810
HEAVY D & The BOYZNow That We Found Love12 August 199122315
Bobby HEBBSunny14 September 196635911
HEDGEHOPPERS ANONYMOUSIt's Good News Week10 November 1965381112
HEIGHTSHow Do You Talk to an Angel25 January 199315210
Bobby HELMSMy Special Angel18 January 195817714
Ella HENDERSONGhost23 June 201437217
Clarence 'Frogman' HENRYBut I Do29 April 1961301210
Pauline HENRYFeel Like Making Love18 April 1994351910
Woody HERMAN ORCHESTRAMuskrat Ramble (i)11 December 1954372012
Patrick HERNANDEZBorn to be Alive19 September 197933123
HI TEK 3 feat. YA KID KSpin That Wheel18 June 199037415
Bertie HIGGINSKey Largo12 May 198233118
Benny HILLErnie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)6 January 197234414
Dan HILLSometimes When We Touch15 March 197832617
Faith HILLThis Kiss1 February 199937316
Lauryn HILLDoo Wop (That Thing) / Can't Take My Eyes Off You19 October 199832820
Paris HILTONStars are Blind17 July 20066610
Peter HISCOCKA Certain Mr Brown24 June 1971391810
Carol HITCHCOCKGet Ready8 July 1987401912
HOCUS POCUSHere's Johnny9 January 199527123
Eddie HODGESI'm Gonna Knock on Your Door15 July 196117117
HOLEMalibu4 January 1999221114
HOLLYWOOD ARGYLESAlley-Oop2 July 196033511
Rupert HOLMESEscape (The Pina Colada Song)2 January 198019313
HOMBRESLet It All Out (Let It All Hang Out)31 January 196827611
HOMER AND JETHROBattle Of Kookamonga19 September 195917411
HONEYCOMBSHave I The Right9 September 196433115
HONEYDRIPPERSSea of Love6 December 198431516
HONEYZFinally Found26 October 199815319
HOOBASTANKReason24 May 20046610
HOOTIE & The BLOWFISHLet Her Cry3 July 199536515
Lena HORNENow6 December 196329911
Bruce HORNSBY & The RANGEWay It Is29 October 1986371013
HOTAngel In Your Arms29 June 1977401312
HOT ACTION COPFever for the Flava12 May 2003141211
HOT BUTTERPopcorn (i)14 September 197234123
HOTLEGSNeanderthal Man23 October 197037209
HOUSE OF PAINJump Around21 December 1992221114
HOUSEMARTINSCaravan of Love27 May 1987331613
HOUSTON feat. CHINGY, NATE DOGG & I-20I Like That13 September 2004101014
Thelma HOUSTONDon't Leave Me This Way8 June 197734119
Billy HOWARDKing of the Cops4 March 1976371212
James Newton HOWARDHanging Tree1 December 201413133
Jes HUDAKDifferent Worlds16 April 201233203
Bob HUDSONNewcastle Song20 February 197529121
Grayson HUGHTalk It Over13 September 198930319
HUMBLE PIENatural Born Bugie15 October 1969392010
HUMMINGBIRDSBlush23 August 1989371811
Sam HUNTBody Like a Back Road26 June 201737724
Marc HUNTERIsland Nights25 July 197935208
Michael HUTCHENCERooms for the Memory21 January 19871898
Eric HUTCHINSONRock and Roll9 February 200930915
Brian HYLANDItsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini30 July 196018115
ICY BLUPump It (Nice an' Hard)22 July 199138419
IDI AMIN assisted by John BIRDAmazin' Man18 September 197528128
IIORapture26 November 200115318
IMANYDon't Be Shy20 June 201627615
INCREDIBLE PENGUINSHappy Xmas (War is Over)18 December 198514144
Glenn INGRAM & The HI FIVESkye Boat Song16 November 196631515
IN-GRIDYou Promised Me (Tu Es Foutu)17 March 200311714
Sebastian INGROSSOReload17 June 201340209
INNER CIRCLESweat (A La La La La Long)2 August 199314120
INTERACTIVEForever Young5 June 199524120
ISLANDERSEnchanted Sea (i)7 November 1959391811
ISRAELOld Skool Luv14 February 200517175
ITCHAnother Man11 August 2014311311
Tomislav IVCICStop the War in Croatia9 December 19911795
IYAZReplay28 December 200925119
Terry JACKSSeasons in the Sun14 March 197431121
Stonewall JACKSONWaterloo18 July 195924415
Wanda JACKSONLet's Have A Party8 October 196027414
Felix JAEHNAin't Nobody Loves Me Better31 August 201515512
Jarrad JAMESDo You Remember2 March 201538117
Rick JAMESSuper Freak Pt 131 March 1982371414
Sonny JAMESKathaleen13 July 195839197
JAN and KJELDBanjo Boy30 July 196025158
Horst JANKOWSKI ORCHESTRAA Walk in the Black Forest (i)30 June 196537122
JAY & The TECHNIQUESApples Peaches Pumpkin Pie5 October 1967301410
JAY-ZIzzo (H.O.V.A.)19 November 2001261810
JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCEBoom Shake the Room25 October 199324221
Wyclef JEAN feat. Claudette ORTIZTwo Wrongs / PJs15 July 200235419
JEBEDIAHAnimal23 August 199915155
Joe JEFFREY GROUPMy Baby Loves Lovin'8 April 1970391318
JETLook What You've Done3 May 200415158
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCEAll Along the Watchtower13 November 196838616
JIMMY & The BOYSThey Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk to Me22 April 198140620
JIMMY CASTOR BUNCHTroglodyte (Cave Man)13 July 19723589
J-KWONTipsy14 June 20043316
Damita JOI'll Save the Last Dance for You3 December 196030914
John Paul JOANSMan From Nazareth18 March 1971351010
JODECIFreek 'n' You19 June 1995311412
JOE PUBLICLive and Learn6 July 1992391712
Robert JOHNSad Eyes3 October 197940719
JOHNNY HATES JAZZShattered Dreams30 September 198734188
JOHNNY OTIS SHOWWillie and the Hand Jive31 August 195826197
Buddy JOHNSON ORCHESTRABecause7 April 195036424
Jack JOHNSONSitting Waiting Wishing21 February 200520203
Johnny JOHNSON & HIS BANDWAGON(Blame It) on the Pony Express1 April 1971401812
Marv JOHNSONYou Got What It Takes16 January 196033612
Puff JOHNSONForever More5 August 199625711
Robin JOLLEYMarshall's Portable Music Machine1 June 197238914
JON & VANGELISI'll Find My Way Home7 July 1982341916
Nick JONASJealous16 February 2015391610
Camille JONESCreeps21 May 2007271916
Joe JONES & HIS ORCHESTRAYou Talk Too Much19 November 1960341510
Hon. Nick JONES & Ian MacRAEBallad of Lady Di6 May 19812067
Phil JONES & The UNKNOWN BLUESIf I Had a Ticket17 May 196738208
Janis JOPLINMe and Bobbie McGee25 March 197140120
Alexis JORDANHappiness20 December 201025322
Louis JORDANBaby it's Cold Outside6 January 195011125
JUMP INCORPORATEDSex and Fame19 February 198637207
JUNIOR SENIORMove Your Feet27 October 2003141413
JUNIOR'S EYESStar Child26 November 1969402012
Bill JUSTISTamoure11 May 196325117
Noah KAHANHurt Somebody19 March 201831523
KAJAGOOGOOToo Shy24 March 1983331010
KALEOWay Down We Go17 April 2017372016
Ini KAMOZEHere Comes the Hotstepper19 December 199433320
KANDIDon't Think I'm Not15 January 2001241612
Eden KANEWell I Ask You12 August 1961401011
KANE GANGRespect Yourself4 April 198540188
KAOMALambada5 February 199031321
Anton KARASHarry Lime Theme (i)24 March 195019137
KARDINAL OFFISHALLBeautiful23 March 2009331916
Juke KARTELDecember19 January 200918184
KATRINA & The WAVESWalking on Sunshine7 June 198528416
K-CI & JOJOAll My Life20 April 199821120
Murry KELLUMLong Tall Texan7 February 196433410
Frank KELLYChristmas Countdown (The Twelve Days Of Christmas)13 December 1984816
Judah KELLYCount on Me10 July 201719191
Tori KELLYNobody Love27 April 201536185
Jo KENNEDYBody And Soul14 April 198240613
KENNYJulie Anne22 January 197633416
Stan KENTONMama Sang a Song3 November 196239711
KERMITRainbow Connection19 December 1979301613
Lee KERNAGHANSpirit of the Bush9 July 200718182
Chaka KHANI Feel For You29 November 198427511
KHIAMy Neck My Back (Lick It)7 October 2002311024
KID ROCKAll Summer Lone28 July 200832117
KIDSCare for Kids4 April 1979361317
KIDS NEXT DOORInky Dinky Spider (Spider Song)27 October 196533188
KIIARAGold25 January 200622616
KILLERSSomebody Told Me16 August 2004231813
Andy KIMBaby I Love You2 July 1969381910
KINCADEDreams are Ten a Penny4 January 197340717
KINGLove And Pride4 April 19853289
Elle KINGEx's and Oh's21 December 201527619
KING FOXUnforgotten Dreams22 October 196938715
KING MISSILEDetachable Penis10 May 199317175
KIRBY STONE FOURKids18 March 196140199
Lisa KIRKJuke Box Annie6 January 195015153
KISSCHASYDo-Do's and Whoa-Oh's11 July 200518184
K-KLASSLet Me Show You28 March 1994321610
KLINGANDEJubel4 August 201428419
KNACKMy Sharona18 August 197930119
KNICKERBOCKERSLies9 February 196636614
Gladys KNIGHT & The PIPSSo Sad the Song15 December 197640317
Karen KNOWLESWhy Won't You Explain7 January 198139821
Buddy KNOXHula Love11 January 1958141010
KOKOMOAsia Minor (i)6 May 196132220
Diane KOLBYHoly Man27 November 197036317
John KONGOSHe's Gonna Step On You Again19 August 197130415
KOO DE TAHToo Young for Promises28 August 198522512
KOOL & The GANGCherish / Misled2 October 198539419
KORGISEverybody's Got to Learn Sometime1 October 198022139
KORNHere to Stay27 May 2002994
KOSHEENCatch18 February 200224197
Andre KOSTELANETZ ORCHESTRASweet Surrender Waltz (i)19 February 195537718
KRAFTWERKModel12 May 198231178
Chad KROEGER feat. Josey SCOTTHero3 June 2002371814
Chad KROGERInto the Night15 October 200710226
K's CHOICENot an Addict22 July 1996291515
Bob KUBAN & The IN-MENCheater16 March 196638313
KUNGS v COOKIN' ON 3 BURNERSThis Girl9 May 2016281417
KURUPTIt's Over10 September 2001331319
K.W.S.Please Don't Go13 July 199222118
Kay KYSER ORCHESTRASaturday Date6 January 1950337
LA BELLE EPOQUEBlack is Black12 July 197840124
Natalie LA ROSESomebody23 March 2015401213
L.A. STYLEJames Brown is Dead20 April 199231913
Patti LaBELLE & Michael McDONALDOn My Own11 June 198639612
Nick LACHEYWhat's Left of Me3 July 200613618
LADYHAWKEMy Delirium16 February 2009361415
Francis LAI(Where Do I Begin) Love Story22 April 197137123
Shona LAING(Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy27 May 198738711
Don LANEYou're Everything19 November 196938321
Mickey Lee LANEShaggy Dog20 January 196532167
Nicolette LARSONLotta Love10 January 1979311411
LAS KETCHUPKetchup Song (Asereje)14 October 20021122
LAST DINOSAURAs Far as You're Concerned8 March 201018189
LAST GOODNIGHTPictures of You21 January 200836423
James LAST & ZAMFIRLonely Shepherd (i)5 July 1978381614
LATOURPeople are Still Having Sex15 July 199133148
Rod LAURENIf I Had A Girl23 January 196034413
LAUVI Like Me Better28 August 201728622
John LAWSNo Name3 August 197236189
Jamie LAWSONWasn't Expecting That13 April 201519412
LAZYBOYUnderwear Goes Inside the Pants24 January 20055410
LCDZorba's Dance30 November 1998211017
LDRUKeeping Score18 January 2016361210
Vicky LEANDROSCome What May (Apres Toi)20 July 197240316
LEAPY LEELittle Arrows2 October 196837419
Denis LEARYAsshole24 January 199439314
Ann LEE2 Times2 August 199938423
Ben LEELove Me Like the World is Ending13 August 200727195
Coco LEEDo You Want My Love14 February 2000341314
Curtis LEEPretty Little Angel Eyes2 September 196134910
Dee C. LEESee The Day22 January 198619211
Miss Hue LEERose Rose I Love You20 April 195131719
LEEMENJohnny Guitar (i)18 February 196124811
Paul LEKAKISBoom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room)25 March 198712119
LEMONHEADSMrs Robinson15 March 1993341610
LENSteal My Sunshine20 December 199932316
LENNON SISTERSTonight You Belong to Me1 December 195620414
Annie LENNOX & Al GREENPut a Little Love in Your Heart14 December 1988231012
LEONARDO'S BRIDEEven When I'm Sleeping16 June 199735615
Ketty LESTERLove Letters14 April 196233712
Donna LEWISI Love You Always Forever23 September 199630217
Gary LEWIS & The PLAYBOYSThis Diamond Ring3 March 196526811
Jerry LEWISRock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody23 March 195719182
Lunchmoney LEWISBills3 March 201513114
LIBERACEIndiscretion16 April 195539518
LIBERTY XJust A Little24 June 200231320
LIFEHOUSEHanging by a Moment18 June 200127122
LIGHTER SHADE OF BROWNHey D.J.13 June 199438716
LIGHTHOUSE FAMILYHigh1 June 199820223
LIL BOW WOWBow Wow (That's My Name)23 April 200123616
LIL DICKYFreaky Friday19 March 2018221512
LIL PUMPI Love It10 September 2018311112
Chris LILLEYNaughty Girl17 March 20086314
LIMAHLNever Ending Story24 January 198534513
Bobby LIMB ORCHESTRAMermaid24 January 1953371012
Bob LINDElusive Butterfly6 April 196638117
Maggie LINDEMANNPretty Girl12 June 2007381614
Kathy LINDENGoodbye Jimmy Goodbye1 August 195920185
Reg LINDSAYArmstrong4 March 197138715
LIPPS INC.Funkytown18 June 198034119
LITTLE HEROESOne Perfect Day5 May 198233612
LITTLE REDRock It13 September 201030189
LIVELightning Crashes10 July 1995371716
LIVE ELEMENTSomething About You9 May 200516166
LIVIN' JOYDon't Stop Movin'7 October 199637419
LIVING COLOURLove Rears its Ugly Head27 May 199122416
LLOYDDedicated to My Ex (Miss That)7 November 201128317
Dennis LLOYDNevermind (Alright)4 June 201831915
LMC vs U2Take Me to the Clouds Above5 April 20046610
Lisa LOEB & NINE STORIESStay (I Missed You)15 August 199415615
Johnny LOGANHold Me Now28 October 198734320
Lindsay LOHANRumours6 December 200417914
LOLITASailor....(Seemann....)3 December 196024615
LONDON GRAMMARStrong23 December 201333716
Julie LONDONCry Me A River5 May 195620183
Laurie LONDONHe's Got the Whole World in His Hands27 April 195828116
LONESTARAmazed17 April 2000391921
Shorty LONGHere Come the Judge24 July 196832312
Dick LORYHandsome Guy7 April 196234814
LOS BRAVOSBlack Is Black17 August 196631611
LOS DEL MAR feat. Pedro CASTANOMacarena5 August 199627414
LOS INDIOS TABAJARASMaria Elena (i)13 September 196339116
LOST FREQUENCIESAre You With Me6 July 201529118
LOUD LUXURYBody Like a Back Road27 August 201837319
LOVE AFFAIREverlasting Love20 March 1968371611
LOVE MACHINELion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)25 September 1968391113
LOVE STORYNeanderthal Man23 October 197037209
LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRALove's Theme (i)28 February 197432513
Jim LOWE & The HIGH FIVESGreen Door20 April 195714117
Nick LOWECruel to be Kind3 October 197937814
Lobby LOYDE & The COLOURED BALLSLiberate Rock11 January 197330198
LUCASLucas with the Lid Off14 November 1994381711
Robin LUKESusie Darlin'5 October 195818620
Bob LUMANLet's Think About Living24 September 196031913
LUMINEERSHo Hey10 December 201225122
Liam LYNCHUnited States of Whatever2 June 20038510
Loretta LYNNOne's On the Way25 January 197336915
Kevin LYTTLETurn Me On16 February 20044311
MPop Muzik30 May 197932120
Mary MacGREGORTorn Between Two Lovers7 February 197735217
Gisele MacKENZIEDon't Let Smoke Get in Your Eyes7 March 195331120
Gordon MacRAEC'est Magnifique7 January 1956663
Jade MacRAESo Hot Right Now21 February 200519193
MADASUNDon't You Worry28 August 200039520
MADDEN BROTHERSWe Are Done9 June 201440118
Betty MADIGANDance Everyone Dance12 October 195839178
Liv MAESSENKnock Knock Who's There13 May 197039122
MAGICRude25 November 201319221
MAGICIANSunlight27 October 201437159
MAJOR MATCHBOXRockabilly Rebel2 April 198032714
MAMA CASSDream a Little Dream of Me31 July 196835218
MAN 2 MAN MEET MAN PARRISHMale Stripper25 March 198726515
Melissa MANCHESTERYou Should Hear How She Talks About You7 October 198225215
Silviana MANGANOAnna (The Baion) (El Negro Zumbon)12 September 195334131
MANHATTAN TRANSFERChanson D'Amour23 March 197736416
MANHATTANSKiss and Say Goodbye18 August 197638521
MAPLE LACEGimme Dat Ding2 July 197039317
MARBLESOnly One Woman11 December 1968382011
MARCELSBlue Moon8 April 196130414
Little Peggy MARCHI Will Follow Him13 April 196336219
MARCY PLAYGROUNDSex and Candy13 April 199835819
Pia MARIADo it Again6 July 201538616
Teena MARIELovergirl2 May 198528127
MARILYNCalling Your Name1 March 198422215
MARILYN MANSONDope Show9 November 199836205
Patty MARKHAMBlue Star (Theme from 'Medic')23 September 1961372010
Guy MARKSLoving You Has Made Me Bananas17 April 196837207
MARKY MARK & The FUNKY BUNCHGood Vibrations7 October 199112216
Bob MARLEY & The WAILERSIs This Love21 June 197832910
MARLISAStand by You27 October 20149711
Marcus MARRTrouble With Us26 October 201533416
Lee MARROW feat. CHARMETry Me Out17 July 1995351211
M.A.R.R.S.Pump Up the Volume16 December 198740615
Keith MARSHALLOnly Crying16 December 1981341910
Tony MARSHALLPretty Maid8 March 197327813
MARSHMELLOWolves30 October 201720324
MARTHA & The MUFFINSEcho Beach3 September 198038713
Bobbi MARTINFor the Love of Him18 June 197033917
Ray MARTIN CONCERT ORCHESTRAWaltzing Bugle Boy (i)26 September 195334519
Wink MARTINDALEDeck of Cards31 October 195935177
Hank B. MARVINSacha (i)28 January 197039118
Lee MARVINWand'rin' Star8 April 1970401416
MARY JANE GIRLSIn My House24 July 198530109
MARY MARYShackles (Praise you)24 July 200036323
Hugh MASEKELAGrazing In The Grass (i)14 August 196834139
MASHD N KUTCHERMy Sunshine11 January 201635137
MASQUERADEGuardian Angel1 November 1984391417
MASSIVE ATTACKTeardrop18 May 1998311216
MATTAFIXBig City Life20 February 2006161612
Paul MAURIAT & HIS ORCHESTRALove Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu) (i)7 February 196839121
MAVIS'SCry16 March 1998341912
Ava MAXSweet but Psycho19 November 20182717
MAX QWay of the World6 September 198933710
MAX-A-MILLIONSexual Healing8 April 199629619
Billy MAY & HIS ORCHESTRAMain Title (The Man with the Golden Arm) (i)7 July 195620711
Brian MAYToo Much Love Will Kill You2 November 1992281211
Brian MAY & The ABC SHOW BANDTheme from 'Rush' (i)7 November 197440616
John MAYERBeat It7 April 200819195
Kym MAZELLEYoung Hearts Run Free27 January 199731616
M.C. MIKER G & DEEJAY SVENHoliday Rap22 April 1987261012
C.W. McCALLConvoy8 January 197635118
Peter McCANNDo You Wanna Make Love3 August 1977401913
Marilyn McCOO & Billy DAVIS JrYou Don't Have to be a Star (To Be in My Show)1 February 1977351611
Franklyn McCORMACKMy New Year's Wish to You18 October 195233217
Van McCOY & The SOUL CITY SYMPHONYHustle (i)24 July 197539915
McCOYSHang On Sloopy6 October 196537810
George McCRAERock Your Baby1 August 197439418
Chas McDEVITT SKIFFLE GROUPFreight Train24 August 19571279
Bobby McFERRINDon't Worry Be Happy26 October 19887117
McFLYLove is Easy21 January 2013231413
Barry McGUIREEve Of Destruction25 August 196537612
McGUIRE SISTERSSugartime27 April 195832411
Maria McKEEShow Me Heaven19 November 199030419
Scott McKENZIESan Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)21 June 196739215
Brian McKNIGHTBack At One7 February 200029207
Craig McLACHLAN & CHECK 1-2Mona30 April 199028316
Penny McLEANLady Bump15 April 197639322
Clyde McPHATTERA Lover's Question7 February 195937136
Ralph McTELLStreets of London6 March 197538913
Sister Janet MEADLord's Prayer20 December 197325521
MECKThunder in My Heart3 April 2006131117
MECOStar Wars Title Theme (i)12 October 197735220
Bill MEDLEY & Jennifer WARNES(I've Had) The Time of My Life6 January 198812121
MEMBERSRadio5 August 198237811
MEN WITHOUT HATSSafety Dance15 September 198333817
Natalie MERCHANTCarnival18 September 1995281711
Freddie MERCURYI Was Born to Love You17 May 198527138
Ethel MERMANYou're Just In Love18 April 195338423
Max MERRITT & The METEORSSlipping Away8 January 197631119
Aston MERRYGOLDGet Stupid20 July 2015301011
METRO STATIONShake It14 July 200816126
Johnny MEYERIt's a Sin to Tell a Lie12 December 1953392211
MFSBTSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)18 April 1974391115
MGMTElectric Feel28 July 2008391025
MICKEY MOZART QUINTETLittle Dipper (i)11 July 1959351711
MIDNIGHT BEASTTik Tok15 February 201025109
MIDNIGHT STARMidas Touch7 March 2005779
MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONESImpression That I Get16 March 1998251119
MIGOSSlide27 February 2017241213
Robert MILESChildren (i)6 May 199634715
Christina MILIANWhen You Look at Me20 May 2002161120
Dave MILLER SETMr Guy Fawkes20 August 196939617
Frankie MILLERDarlin'20 December 197831913
MILLIEMy Boy Lollipop15 May 196423114
Dave MILLSLove is a Beautiful Song19 August 197131122
Frank MILLSMusic Box Dancer (i)28 March 197937615
Garry MILLSLook for a Star6 August 196028185
Rob MILLSMs Vanity7 June 2004668
Stephanie MILLSNever Knew Love Like This Before21 January 198132417
Tim MINCHINCome Home (Cardinal Pell)22 February 201617172
MINDBENDERSA Groovy Kind of Love13 April 196634515
Sal MINEOStart Movin' (In My Direction)14 September 195718182
Marcello MINERBIZorba's Dance (Zorba The Greek) (i)13 October 196538814
MINIATURE MENBaby Elephant Walk (i)29 September 196221926
MISH MASHSpeechless1 May 200639391
MISSING PERSONSWords26 August 198237913
MISSISSIPPIKings of the World31 August 197236519
MR BIGTo Be With You13 April 199231117
MR PRESIDENTCoco Jamboo13 October 199727323
MR PROBZWaves12 May 201433318
MKFLike the River28 September 200932156
MN8I've Got a Little Something for You1 May 199534712
MOCEDADESEres Tu (Touch the Wind)4 April 1974311611
MODJOLady (Hear Me Tonight)16 October 200037920
Domenico MODUGNOVolare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)5 October 195838122
MOE KOFFMAN QUARTETTESwinging Shepherd Blues (i)18 May 195834315
MOIR SISTERSGood Morning (How Are You)17 October 197438315
MOJO SINGERSC'mon Aussie C'mon10 January 197915112
Kylie MOLESo Excellent26 October 1988301111
MOLOKOSing It Back6 September 1999191912
MOMS AND DADSRanger's Waltz (i)20 January 197236118
MONALISA & Terry YOUNGI Wanna Make It with You Tonight11 July 1979371411
Eddie MONEYBaby Hold On28 June 1978391911
MONITORSSinging in the 80s24 September 1980251011
Sophie MONKInside Outside4 November 20026611
MONOTONESBook of Love11 May 195838514
Gerry MONROEIt's a Sin to Tell a Lie30 September 197140316
Yves MONTANDLe Grand Amour De La Ma Vie (The Great Love of My Life)12 February 1955392013
Lou MONTELazy Mary27 April 1958361416
MONTE VIDEO & The CASSETTESShoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang7 April 198333710
Hugo MONTENEGRO & HIS ORCHESTRAGood the Bad and the Ugly (i)29 May 196834216
Al MOONEY ORCHESTRASilver Dollar13 April 195130520
Bob MOORE & HIS ORCHESTRAMexico (i)23 September 196128118
Dorothy MOOREMisty Blue23 June 197639718
Gary MOOREStill Got the Blues (For You)9 July 1990271816
Debelah MORGANDance with Me4 December 200038319
Jaye P. MORGANLongest Walk15 September 195616147
Russ MORGANDog-Face Soldier31 March 1956948
MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIRBattle Hymn of the Republic3 October 195930511
MORRIS MINOR AND THE MAJORSStutter Rap (No Sleep 'til Bedtime)9 March 198817214
Ella Mae MORSEBlacksmith Blues19 July 1952331415
Tex MORTONGoondiwindi Grey12 April 197339313
MOTELSTotal Control16 April 198025417
MOTIV 8Rockin' for Myself29 August 199423616
MOTOR ACECarry On20 May 200213136
MOUSSE T vs HOT 'N' JUICYHorny7 September 1998301226
MOUSTACHE feat. Melinda JACKSONEverywhere9 May 200517137
MOVEMENTJump23 November 199234521
MOZAICNothing in the World13 February 1995291113
M.P.D. LIMITEDLittle Boy Sad20 October 196540515
Jason MRAZI'm Yours21 July 200838535
M2MDon't Say You Love Me13 December 199933612
Maria MULDAURMidnight at the Oasis25 July 197431149
Shaun MULLINSLullaby25 January 199935514
MUPPETSMahnamahna7 September 197732620
MURA MUSALovesick28 November 2016401514
MURMAIDSPopsicles and Icicles24 January 196440177
Miranda MURPHYThat Girl19 July 200417173
Walter MURPHY & The BIG APPLE BANDA Fifth of Beethoven (i)1 September 1976401016
Ruby MURRAYSoftly Softly11 July 1955351117
MUSICAL YOUTHPass the Dutchie11 November 198218118
Jimmy NAILAin't No Doubt28 September 199228417
NAKED EYESAlways Something There to Remind Me5 May 198332613
NAPOLEON XIVThey're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Ha10 August 19663799
NASFree16 December 201326421
Graham NASHMilitary Madness9 December 197140816
NASHVILLE TEENSTobacco Road2 September 196433410
NATURAL SELECTIONDo Anything28 October 199120414
NAUGHTY BOYLa La La1 July 201340515
NAUGHTY BY NATUREHoliday10 April 200030817
NAZARETHLove Hurts4 March 197631318
Youssou N'DOUR with NENEH CHERRY7 Seconds15 August 199421317
NEIGHBORHOODBig Yellow Taxi11 September 197036317
NEIKEDSexual Healing24 October 201629319
NELSON(I Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection29 October 199039148
Peter NELSON & The CASTAWAYSSkye Boat Song16 November 196631515
Phyllis NELSONMove Closer14 August 198533118
Sandy NELSONLet There Be Drums (i)23 December 196122118
NEON JUNGLEBraveheart24 February 2014271710
NEON TREESEverybody Talks14 January 2013371214
NERVOUS NORVUSTransfusion22 September 195618181
NEVADAMack17 October 201634713
NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELSGreen Green26 July 196330910
NEW RADICALSYou Get What You Give22 March 1999331716
Randy NEWMANShort People1 February 197827109
Slim NEWTONRedback on the Toilet Seat15 June 197233116
NFLet You Down6 November 201738820
Joy NICHOLSLittle Red Monkey12 September 195338813
NICKELBACKHow You Remind Me17 September 200129224
NIGHTHot Summer Nights29 August 197938416
NINA SKY99 Luftballons / 99 Red Balloons22 March 198415112
NINA SKYMove Ya Body12 July 2004361912
NINE INCH NAILSCloser17 October 19942549
NITTY GRITTY DIRT BANDMr Bojangles18 March 1971341514
Jack NITZSCHELonely Surfer (i)30 August 196335610
NIVEADon't Mess with the Radio10 September 2001131212
Buster NOBLEPommy Jackaroo20 October 1962371813
Nick NOBLEBible Tells Me So29 October 195535918
Patsy Ann NOBLEGood Looking Boy14 October 196137169
Kenny NOLANI Like Dreamin'16 March 1977301515
NOLANSGotta Pull Myself Together20 May 198121718
Monty NORMANTakes Two to Tango14 February 195333614
Paul NORTONStuck On You12 April 198938514
NOTDI Wanna Know11 June 2008361017
NOVASPACETime After Time16 September 2002281411
NU SHOOZI Can't Wait9 July 198635712
NYCCFight For Your Right (To Party)4 May 1998361615
Phil OAKEY & Giorgio MORODERTogether In Electric Dreams29 November 198423817
Oberst NICHOLSON'S BANDLost Patrol (Theme from 'Four Corners') (i)26 July 196331148
Ric OCASEKEmotion In Motion22 October 198637713
OCEANPut Your Hand In The Hand29 April 1971401113
Johnny O'CONNORSaturday Girl14 December 195832184
OF MONSTERS AND MENLittle Talks29 October 201227620
Esther & Abi OFARIMCinderella Rockefella20 March 196827612
Herb OHTASong for Anna (Chanson D'Anna) (i)31 October 197435416
OINGO BOINGOWeird Science5 February 198629156
O'JAYSUse Ta Be My Girl16 August 1978401710
Laurence OLIVIER & Dave CLARKTheme from 'Time'26 March 19861788
OLYMPICSWestern Movies31 August 1958401310
OMCHow Bizarre4 March 199632120
ONE DOLLAR SHORTPress And Hold27 August 200117172
Sharon O'NEILLMaxine1 September 198320109
Yoko ONOWalking on Thin Ice11 March 198134188
OPERATOR PLEASEJust a Song about Ping Pong6 August 2007141211
William ORBITFeel Good Time21 July 20036610
ORIANTHIAccording to You9 November 200929816
ORIGINAL CASTTime Warp12 November 198031223
ORMSBY BROTHERSYou Don't Own Me12 July 197337218
Joan OSBORNEOne of Us12 February 199630215
Kelly OSBOURNEPapa Don't Preach19 August 20023310
Marie OSMONDPaper Roses15 November 1973391517
OSMONDSCrazy Horses1 February 1973401210
OSMOSISShe (Didn't Remember My Name)7 March 197431218
OU EST LE SWIMMING POOLDance the Way I Feel7 January 2010361715
OUTASIGHTTonight is the Night19 March 2012311414
OUTKASTMs Jackson5 March 20018114
PABLO CRUISELove Will Find a Way13 September 1978371112
Thom PACEMaybe26 September 197931719
Jennifer PAIGECrush28 September 199838122
PANJABI MC feat. JAY-ZMunian to Bach Ke (Beware of the Boys)16 June 2003121012
Pauline PANTSDOWNI Don't Like It14 September 199838511
Nicola PAONEBlah Blah Blah18 April 195934810
PAPA BEAR feat. VAN DER TOORNCherish23 February 199814317
PARIS AVENUE feat. ROBIN ONEI Want You18 August 2005121212
Fess PARKERBalled of Davy Crockett12 November 195536220
Graham PARKER & The RUMOURHey Lord Don't Ask Me Questions30 August 197833209
John PARRSt. Elmo's Fire (Man IiMotion)23 October 198515514
PARRA FOR CUVAWicked Games11 October 201434149
Bill PARSONSAll American Boy28 February 195936911
PASSENGERLet Her Go18 March 201317124
PASSENGERSMiss Sarajevo11 December 19958512
PASTEL SIXCinnamon Cinder (It's A Very Nice Dance)9 February 196337911
PASTORAL SYMPHONYLove Machine29 May 1968401610
PATTI SMITH GROUPBecause the Night7 June 1978381610
PAUL MAC feat. Peta MORRISJust the Thing11 June 2001251619
Owen PAULMy Favourite Waste of Time1 October 198617177
PAULINIAngel Eyes12 July 20042114
Freda PAYNEBand of Gold21 January 197129221
Leon PAYNEI Love You Because11 August 1950401615
Michael PAYNTERLove the Fall19 July 2010121015
PEACHESSubstitute27 September 197831319
Amy PEARSONDon't Miss You11 June 2007291815
PEBBLESGiving You the Benefit26 November 199022186
PEDDLERSBirth22 October 1969391912
Gayla PEEVEYI Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas31 October 195336416
PENGUINSEarth Angel (Will You Be Mine)30 April 195531722
Ce Ce PENISTONFinally16 December 199126517
Michael PENNNo Myth2 April 199038189
PEPPERSPepper Box (i)27 March 19753799
Amanda PEREZAngel21 July 200311219
Carl PERKINSBlue Suede Shoes4 August 195620143
Mike PERRYOcean1 August 2016341017
Steve PERRYOh Sherrie19 July 198434611
PETERS AND LEEWelcome Home6 September 1973371013
Paul PETERSONA Little Bit for Sandy23 October 1968401711
Frank PETTY TRIOHindustan (i)28 February 1953401415
PH.DI Won't Let You Down2 September 198125514
John PHILLIPSMississippi13 August 1970271711
Edith PIAFMilord7 January 196126116
Bobby 'Boris' PICKETT & The CRYPT-KICKERSMonster Mash20 September 197327122
Gene PIERSONReach Out1 April 197038139
PILTDOWN MENBrontosaurus Stomp (i)15 October 196034410
Sir HUBERT PIMMI Want to Say Hello7 March 195339518
PINK FLOYDAnother Brick in the Wall Pt 213 February 198037221
PIPKINSGimme Dat Ding2 July 197039317
PLAIN WHITE T'SHey There Delilah24 September 200713325
PLANET FUNK feat. Dan BLACKWho Said23 June 2003151512
Rachel PLATTENFight Song6 April 201538821
PLAYERBaby Come Back25 January 197837914
PLAYER (1)Space Invaders6 February 198032323
Martin PLAZAConcrete and Clay26 February 198610214
Jack PLEIS ORCHESTRATheme from 'Story of Three Loves' (i)13 February 195433127
P-MONEY & SCRIBEStop the Music18 April 200512615
P.O.D.Youth of the Nation18 March 2002372012
POISONUnskinny Bop9 July 199032815
PONI-TAILSBorn too Late14 December 1958272010
POORMore Wine Waiter Please6 June 19943489
POPSTARS SERIES 3Superstition25 March 200230146
PORTUGAL THE MANFeel it Still4 September 201730335
Peter POSA & HIS GOLDEN GUITARWhite Rabbit (i)29 November 1963291510
Hans POULSENBoom Sha La La Lo27 May 197033718
Daniel POWTERBad Day4 July 200521319
Perez PRADO & HIS ORCHESTRAPatricia (i)20 July 195838117
Billy PRESTONThat's the Way God Planned It6 August 1969321210
Yo PRESTONLove Yourself v F**k Yourself14 March 201621175
Charley PRIDEAll His Children10 August 1972401611
Marvin PRIESTOwn This Club18 April 201138416
Louis PRIMA & Keeley SMITHThat Old Black Magic17 January 1959341810
PRINCESSSay I'm Your No. 18 January 198625311
PROMISESBaby It's You21 March 197931219
Jeanne PRUETTSatin Sheets23 August 197340418
PSYGangnam Style17 September 201212118
PSYCHEDELIC FURSLove My Way28 October 1982371613
PSYCHO TEDDYPsycho Teddy21 April 200823106
PUBLIC DOMAINOperation Blade (Bass in the Place London)29 January 200135520
PUBLIC ENEMYGive It Up15 August 1994361911
PUSSYFOOTWay You Do It12 January 197717119
PYRAMID feat. Erl DALBYCan't Wait for September27 November 197034816
QEDEverywhere I Go19 January 198437613
QUAD CITY DJ'sC'mon 'n' Ride It (The Train)18 November 1996331120
QUARTERFLASHHarden My Heart10 March 198228512
QUESTIONSSally Go 'round the Roses2 August 196739148
QUIET RIOTCum On Feel the Noize12 January 198413611
QWOTEThrow Your Hands Up6 February 201229413
R. CITYLocked Away17 August 201531321
RADIOHEADCreep1 November 199340516
RAE SREMMURDBlack Beatles14 November 201629610
Gerry RAFFERTYBaker Street10 May 197829215
RAG 'N' BONE MANHuman31 October 2016391518
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINEKilling in the Name28 June 199330919
RAH BANDCrunch (i)8 March 1978371312
A R RAHMANJai Ho (You Are My Destiny)23 March 200917215
Tina RAINFORDSilver Bird14 September 1977341114
Sheryl Lee RALPHIn The Evening17 March 199736416
RAM JAMBlack Betty23 November 197734317
Lynne RANDELLCiao Baby26 April 196738169
RANDOMPut Your Hands Up20 June 2005668
RASMUSIn the Shadows10 May 2004262017
Lou RAWLSYou'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine18 May 197740317
Barbara RAYI Don't Wanna Play House2 August 197339119
RAY BRYANT COMBOMadison Time Pt 1 (i)28 May 196037811
Dean RAYComing Back27 October 201420203
Diane RAYPlease Don't Talk to the Lifeguard4 October 19634098
RAY PRICE QUARTETA Moi De Payer (The Pay-Off) (i)27 July 1962202010
Susan RAYEL.A. International Airport5 August 197132120
RAYSSilhouettes9 March 195822711
READY FOR THE WORLDOh Sheila20 November 1985341112
Reg REAGAN & The KNUCKLEHEADSAm I Ever Gonna See the Biff Again5 July 200415814
REAL 2 REAL feat. The MAD STUNTMANI Like To Move It20 June 199436615
REAL THINGYou to Me are Everything2 November 197738518
RED DRAGONCompliments On Your Kiss24 October 1994391715
REDBONEWitch Queen Of New Orleans20 January 1972392010
Otis REDDING(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay17 April 196839716
REDNEXCotton Eye Joe3 April 1995351014
Jerry REEDAmos Moses29 April 1971301611
Vic REEVES & The WONDER STUFFDizzy3 February 199237218
REFLECTIONS(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet3 June 1964331410
REFLEXPolitics Of Dancing8 March 198435119
REGURGITATORPolyester Girl25 May 1998391613
REMBRANDTSI'll be There for You (Theme from 'Friends')2 September 199624414
RENEE AND RENATOSave Your Love5 May 198333118
RENEGADESKahuna (i)17 January 196437811
Jody REYNOLDS & The STORMSEndless Sleep13 July 195837214
Lawrence REYNOLDSJesus is a Soul Man29 October 1969401313
RHYTHM HERITAGETheme From 'S.W.A.T.' (i)25 March 1976391511
Charlie RICHBehind Closed Doors12 July 197339814
Andrew RIDGELEYShake4 June 199029179
Andre RIEUYours Forever2 March 200910910
RIFFWhite Men Can't Jump14 September 199221320
RIGHT SAID FREDI'm Too Sexy14 October 199122118
RIHANNAPon De Replay19 September 20058619
Jeannie C. RILEYHarper Valley P.T.A.11 September 196828216
Miguel RIOSA Song of Joy (Himno A La Alegria)4 September 197036124
RIP CHORDSHey Little Cobra7 February 19643567
Minnie RIPERTONLovin' You17 April 197536314
RITCHIE FAMILYBest Disco In Town Pt 124 November 197635318
Tex RITTERHigh Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)6 September 195234320
RITZLocomotion27 February 1980331214
RITZIToo Much Fandango11 December 1975391914
RIVAWho Do You Love Now (Stringer)17 December 2001381710
Johnny RIVERSSummer Rain31 January 196839138
RIVIERASCalifornia Sun26 March 196433149
ROACHFORDOnly to be With You1 August 199429169
Don ROBERTSONHappy Whistler (i)29 September 195614811
Ivo ROBIC & The SONGMASTERSMorgen (One More Sunrise)17 October 195924316
ROCK STEADY CREWUp Rock12 July 1984311010
ROCK-A-TEENSWoo-Hoo (i)28 November 1959381611
ROCKIN' BERRIESHe's In Town6 January 196534119
ROCKWELLSomebody's Watching Me10 May 198436108
ROCOCOItalo House Mix22 January 1990401115
Clodagh RODGERSCome Back and Shake Me11 June 196937513
ROGER ROGER & HIS CHAMPS ELYSEES ORCHESTRADalilia (i)15 December 196224913
Chan ROMEROHippy Hippy Shake5 March 196020312
Nicky ROMEROI Could Be the One11 February 201335715
Ronnie RONALDEIf I Were a Blackbird12 December 1953401513
Linda RONSTADT & Aaron NEVILLEDon't Know Much20 December 198926324
ROOFTOP SINGERSWalk Right In2 February 196337612
David ROSE & HIS ORCHESTRAStripper (i)30 June 196239814
Lionel ROSEI Thank You21 January 1970371212
Nini ROSSOIl Silenzio (i)1 September 196531120
Marlon ROUDETTEWhen the Beat Drops Off6 October 2014341510
ROUTE 94My Love31 March 2014301612
ROXUSWhere Are You Now10 June 1991341513
Billy Joe ROYALDown in the Boondocks18 August 1965361212
ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRAHooked on Classics (i)30 September 198131189
ROZALLAEverybody's Free (To Feel Good)13 January 199230714
RUBETTESSugar Baby Love4 July 197434122
Paulina RUBIODon't Say Goodbye29 July 200216167
RUBY & The ROMANTICSOur Day Will Come30 March 1963401111
RUDE BANDI'm a Punk23 December 198226811
Bruce RUFFINMad About You16 November 197240919
Bic RUNGASway14 September 199839616
RUPERT'S PEOPLEReflections of Charles Brown23 August 196734138
Jennifer RUSHPower of Love9 October 198515121
Merrilee RUSHAngel of the Morning19 June 196838217
Patrice RUSHENForget Me Nots28 October 198232915
Thane RUSSAL & THREESecurity1 June 1966281110
Bobby RUSSELLGo Chase Your Rainbow19 September 1974391116
Barry RYANEloise11 December 196837320
Ross RYANI Am Pegasus25 October 197336125
Mitch RYDER & The DETROIT WHEELSLinda Sue Dixon14 August 196840815
John Wesley RYLES IKay5 March 1969361713
RYTHM SYNDICATEP.A.S.S.I.O.N.22 July 199129206
SSGT. Barry SADLERBallad of Green Berets2 March 196640815
John SAFRANNot the Sunscreen Song12 January 199818159
SAGE THE GEMININow and Later9 January 2007361410
John St. PEETERSSo Many Ways18 April 1979331311
Crispian St. PETERSYou Were On My Mind30 March 196637186
Kyu SAKAMOTOSukiyaki (Ueo Muite Arukou)5 July 196318212
SAM & DAVEHold On I'm Comin'21 August 1968401212
SAM THE SHAM & The PHARAOHSLil' Red Riding Hood17 August 196640313
SAM & WOMPBom Bom24 September 201226719
SAMAEL LILITHNights in White Satin4 February 1970381413
Sidney SAMPSONRiverside25 May 2009391813
SANDALSTheme from 'The Endless Summer' (i)23 December 196426511
SANDII & The SUNSETZSticky Music9 February 198433129
SANDPIPERSGuantanamera3 August 196634412
Jodie SANDSWith All My Heart30 November 195719192
Samantha SANGEmotion15 February 197822119
SANTA ESMERALDA & Leroy GOMEZDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood4 January 1978321014
Juela SANTANARun It23 January 20064113
SAPPHIRESJohnny Gunslinger15 July 1961401010
SARA-MARIE & The SIRENSI'm So Excited (The Bum Dance)22 October 200111113
Mike SARNECome Outside14 July 196226510
SAVAGE {feat. AKON}Moonshine14 November 20055516
Telly SAVALASIf17 April 197535712
SAVING ABELAddicted9 February 200929198
SCAFFOLDLily the Pink25 December 196839717
Boz SCAGGSWhat Can I Say / Lido Shuffle8 June 197740220
SCANDAL feat. Patty SMYTHWarrior25 October 198436812
SCANDAL'USMe, Myself And I23 April 20011110
Joey SCARBURYBelieve It Or Not (Theme from 'Greatest American Hero')3 March 198233120
John SCATMANScatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)28 August 199529714
SCATTERBRAINDon't Call Me Dude17 December 1990371312
SCHNAPPIDas Kleine Krokadil (Crocodile Song)11 July 200520815
SCISSOR SISTERSI Don't Feel Like Dancin'18 September 20068130
SCOOTERLogical Song26 August 200214113
SCORPIONSWind Of Change2 September 199126814
Calum SCOTTDancing on My Own29 August 201629222
Linda SCOTTI've Told Every Little Star3 June 1961311411
Sandy SCOTTWallpaper Roses14 September 196627517
SCOUTING FOR GIRLSThis Ain't a Love Song24 May 2010371116
S.C.R.A.Roly Poly18 November 1971391413
SCRITTI POLITTIWood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)14 June 198435195
SEALS AND CROFTSSummer Breeze25 January 19733788
Jon SECADAJust Another Day21 September 1992351220
Harry SECOMBEThis is My Song26 April 196739120
SECONDHAND SERENADEFall for You3 November 2008211813
SEETHER feat. Amy LEEBroken16 August 20044216
SEIKORight Combination6 August 1990291012
Ronnie SELFAin't I a Dog25 January 195818186
Peter SELLERS & Sophia LORENGoodness Gracious Me24 December 196033514
Michael SEMBELLOManiac11 August 19831539
SENOR WENCESDeefeecult for You--Easy for Me1 August 1959341810
SEPTEMBERCry for You11 August 2008241517
SERENDIPTY SINGERSCrooked Little Man (Don't Let The Rain Come Down)1 May 196425145
SEVERED HEADSDead Eyes Opened5 December 1994371611
S-EXPRESSTheme from 'S-Express'27 July 198831818
Phil SEYMOURPrecious to Me5 August 198140320
SHAFTMambo Italiano1 May 2000341413
SHAIIf I Ever Fall In Love8 February 199319217
SHALAMARUptown Festival16 November 197740220
SHAMENEbeneezer Goode16 November 1992251317
SHANGRI-LASLeader of the Pack11 November 196427110
SHANKS AND BIGFOOTSweet Like Chocolate12 July 199920615
Max SHARAMComa9 January 1995361512
Pete SHELLEYHomosapien10 February 198237613
Anne SHELTONLay Down Your Arms23 February 195713310
Jean SHEPHARDA Dear John Letter10 October 195330422
SHEPHERD SISTERSAlone (Why Must I Be Alone)9 March 1958371212
Allan SHERMANHello Mudduh Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp)23 August 19633548
Bobby SHERMANJulie Do Ya Love Me16 October 197028814
Tony SHEVETONA Million Drums26 August 196438911
SHINEDOWNSecond Chance18 May 2009361911
SHIRELLESWill You Love Me Tomorrow11 February 196128612
SHIRLEYEvery Little Bit Hurts10 November 197640516
SHIRLEY & COMPANYShame Shame Shame24 July 197527813
SHOCKING BLUEVenus14 January 197039518
Dinah SHOREChantez-Chantez4 May 195716135
Ernie SIGLEY & Denise DRYSDALEHey Paula24 October 197429120
SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIKLove Missile F1-1130 April 198640208
SILENTOWatch Me (Whip / Nac Nae)22 January 2015391713
SILKFreak Me31 May 199340321
SILK CITYElectricity17 September 2018361310
SIMON PARK ORCHESTRAEye Level (Theme from 'Van Der Valk') (i)17 January 197440319
Nina SIMONEMy Baby Just Cares for Me15 June 1988331213
SIMPSONSDo the Bartman11 February 199138215
SINGING NUNDominique22 November 1963311310
SINITTARight Back Where We Started From2 August 198937414
SIR MIX-A-LOTBaby Got Back10 August 199230417
SKATT BROTHERSLife at the Outpost1 October 198034714
Peter SKELLERNYou're a Lady16 November 197228217
Percy SLEDGEWhen a Man Loves a Woman15 June 196630313
SLINKEE MINXSummer Rain16 August 20045515
SLY FOXLet's Go All the Way11 June 1986341512
SMART E'SSesame's Treet31 August 19923859
George SMILOVICII'm Tuff8 November 198420212
Arthur SMITHGuitar Boogie (i)1 March 1952381315
Cal SMITHCountry Bumpkin5 December 197439920
Huey 'Piano' SMITH & The CLOWNSDon't You Just Know It1 June 1958401710
Hurricane SMITHOh Babe What Would You Say27 July 197239115
Jerry SMITHDrivin' Home (i)4 September 197037615
O.C. SMITHSon of Hickory Holler's Tramp24 April 196840415
Ray SMITHRockin' Little Angel26 March 196040237
Sammi SMITHHelp Me Make it Through the Night13 May 1971401025
Verdelle SMITHTar and Cement (Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck)25 May 196636115
Whistling Jack SMITHI Was Kaiser Bill's Batman (i)12 April 196738313
Patty SMYTH & Don HENLEYSometimes Love Just Ain't Enough2 November 199215414
SNIFF 'N' THE TEARSDriver's Seat21 November 1979341013
Phoebe SNOWEvery Night4 April 1979341510
S.O.A.P.This Is How We Party29 June 199836716
SOFT CELLTainted Love25 November 198132122
SOHOHippychick10 December 1990261611
Martin SOLVEIGHello27 December 2010391117
SOMEBODY'S IMAGEHush10 January 1968401510
SOMETHING FOR KATEMonsters7 May 200120204
S.O.S. BANDJust Be Good to Me15 December 198335216
SOUL ASYLUMRunaway Train11 October 1993351217
SOUL II SOULA Dream's a Dream28 May 1990401911
SOUND UNLIMITED POSSEKickin' to the Undersound27 April 1992291911
SOUNDGARDENBlack Hole Sun18 July 199437613
SOUNDS ORCHESTRALCast Your Fate to the Wind (i)17 March 196513310
SOUP DRAGONS feat. Junior REIDI'm Free17 December 1990391114
SOUTHEND with Nik FISHWinner Is...20 June 199420411
Red SOVINETeddy Bear10 November 1976372015
SPARKSWhen I'm With You30 July 1980311511
Will SPARKSAh Yeah So What17 November 201424511
Sam SPARROBlack and Gold2 June 200834418
SPECTRUMI'll Be Gone11 March 1971321015
SPILLER feat. Sophie ELLIS-BEXTORGroovejet (If This Ain't Love)18 September 200036123
SPLINTERCostafine Town13 February 197538814
SPRINGFIELDSSilver Threads and Golden Needles18 August 19629114
SPRINGWATERI Will Return (i)23 December 1971371213
SQUEEZECool for Cats27 June 197930417
Billy SQUIERStroke4 November 198137515
STAFFORD BROTHERSHello18 March 201339617
Terry STAFFORDSuspicion17 April 196435416
STAMPEDERSSweet City Woman3 February 1972351211
Alexandra STANMr Saxobeat8 August 2011361613
Johnny STANDLEYIt's in the Book13 December 195240510
Cyril STAPLETONChildren's Marching Song (Nick Nack Paddy Whack)31 January 195939216
STARDUSTMusic Sounds Better with You14 September 199819222
Alvin STARDUSTMy Coo Ca Choo10 January 197440215
STARGATEWaterfall13 March 201720148
STARGAZERSI See the Moon17 April 195439224
STARLAND VOCAL BANDAfternoon Delight14 July 197637616
STARLEYCall on Me5 December 201629921
STARLIGHTERSDown by the Station11 August 195027914
STARS ON 45Stars On 4517 June 198132119
STARS ON 54If You Could Read My Mind26 October 199819214
STARSAILORFour to the Floor10 May 200428422
Candi STATONYoung Hearts Run Free11 August 197635516
STEALERS WHEELStuck in the Middle with You17 May 197332138
Anthony STEELWest of Zanzibar27 November 195428614
STEPPENWOLFMagic Carpet Ride13 November 196837616
STEPPERSAlice who the F**k is Alice28 August 199521512
STEREOPHONICSDakota30 May 2005171712
Connie STEVENSSixteen Reasons4 June 1960292011
Dodie STEVENSPink Shoe Laces11 April 195933318
Jon STEVENSEverything's Alright3 August 199226712
Trudy STEVENSWhite Christmas13 November 1954301110
STEVIE BBecause I Love You (The Postman Song)11 February 199128513
Darryl STEWARTA Man Called Peter30 July 195536223
Dave STEWART & Barbara GASKINIt's My Party9 December 198130514
David A. STEWART feat. Candy DULFERLily was Here (i)10 September 199037418
John STEWARTGold18 August 197940716
Morris STOLOFF & The COLUMBIA PICTURES ORCHESTRAMoonglow and Love Theme (From 'Picnic') (i)9 June 195618119
Angie STONEWish I Didn't Miss You10 June 2002889
Joss STONEYou Had Me20 September 200420208
STONE PONEYS feat. Linda RONSTADTDifferent Drum20 December 196739215
R. & J. STONEWe Do It8 April 197640224
STONE ROSESFools Gold30 April 1990391110
Gale STORMDark Moon14 September 195711113
Lally STOTTChirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep18 March 19713918
STRANGERSMelanie Makes Me Smile30 July 1970321410
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCKIncense and Peppermints13 December 1967401712
STRAWBSPart of the Union12 April 197335413
STRIKEU Sure Do29 May 199524417
STRING-A-LONGSWheels (i)18 March 196121215
Jud STRUNKDaisy a Day3 May 197328218
Chad STUART & Jeremy CLYDEYesterday's Gone27 May 196433208
Harry STYLESSign of the Times10 April 201716217
SUB SUB feat. Melanie WILLIAMSAin't No Love (Ain't No Use)2 August 1993341317
SUGAR RAYEvery Morning29 March 1999291518
SUNDANCE KIDSSolutions11 May 200912128
SUNRAYSI Live for the Sun15 September 196518313
SUNSET STRIPPERSFalling Star7 March 2005241911
SUNSETSTheme from 'A Life in the Sun' (i)8 February 196737189
SUPERJESUSDown Again8 September 1997342014
SUPERMAN LOVERS feat. Mani HOFFMANStarlight13 August 2001341114
SURVIVOREye of the Tiger26 August 198233123
Ellen SUTTONI Want to Say Hello7 March 195339518
Billy SWANI Can Help19 December 197436619
Patrick SWAYZEShe's Like the Wind30 March 198816710
SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIADon't You Worry Child15 October 20129122
SWEET K.I.D.Hey Hey Hey (Pop Another Bottle)9 January 201238214
Rachel SWEETI Go to Pieces23 January 1980371314
SWEET SENSATIONIf Wishes Came True29 October 19901486
SWING OUT SISTERBreakout10 June 198735915
SWINGERSCounting the Beat4 February 198131119
SWINGING BLUE JEANSHippy Hippy Shake28 February 196440910
SWOOPApple Eyes4 December 1995381013
SWVRight Here4 October 1993291019
SYLVESTERYou Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)21 March 1979361511
SYSTEM OF A DOWNChop Suey28 January 2002141411
T. SHIRTYou Sexy Thing24 November 199737726
TACOPuttin' On the Ritz25 August 198319317
TAG TEAMWhoomp (There it Is)16 May 19942214
TAKEAWAYSSweet and Sour9 August 198425148
TAME IMPALAHalf Full Glass of Wine20 October 2008291821
TAMPERER feat. MAYAFeel It20 July 1998401813
TARRIERSBanana Boat Song30 March 195714413
Quindon TARVERWhen Doves Cry14 July 19971113
TATJANASanta Maria5 February 1996371814
TAVARESHeaven Must Be Missing an Angel Pt 122 December 197636915
Kayne TAYLORHeartbreaker28 June 2004665
TECHNOHEADI Wanna be a Hippy31 July 1995261112
TED AND RAYTell Him No23 May 195927149
TEDDY BEARSTo Know Him is to Love Him16 November 195840317
TEE SETMa Belle Amie4 March 197033417
TEENAGERS feat. Frankie LYMONWhy Do Fools Fall In Love22 September 195619173
TEMPER TRAPSweet Disposition7 December 2009331618
TEMPERENCE SEVENYou're Driving Me Crazy10 June 1961331510
Nino TEMPO & April STEVENSDeep Purple1 November 196339189
TENACIOUS DTribute1 July 200221421
TERRY DACTYL & The DINOSAURSSea Side Shuffle14 September 197238139
Joe TEXAin't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)22 June 197738119
T-FUNKBe Together26 June 200618185
THE THEUncertain Smile24 February 198326207
THESE KIDS WEAR CROWNSJumpstart1 August 2011291512
THICKEWhen I Get You Alone7 July 2003161613
THINGS OF STONE & WOODHappy Birthday Helen (EP)18 January 1993251111
THIRD EYE BLINDSemi-Charmed Life28 July 1997371218
THIRSTY MERCSomeday Someday29 November 2004391910
Sandy THOMI Wish I was a Punk Rocker31 July 200610130
Bobby THOMAS & The BEAUMENLavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)24 November 1965361012
Dante THOMAS feat. PRASMiss California8 October 200139417
G. Wayne THOMASOpen Up Your Heart27 April 1972351413
Rav THOMASLily17 August 200920202
Timmy THOMASWhy Can't We Live Together2 August 197332711
Linda G. THOMPSONOoh What a Night11 August 1976401614
THREE DEGREESWhen Will I See You Again12 December 197438149
3 THE HARD WAYHip Hop Holiday23 May 1994391212
THROBFortune Teller16 March 196636415
THUNDERCLAP NEWMANSomething in the Air13 August 196938614
TIDESLimbo Rock (i)21 July 196232411
TIGHT FITLion Sleeps Tonight12 May 1982351010
Tanita TIKARAMTwist in My Sobriety12 April 198936148
'TIL TUESDAYVoices Carry28 June 198538149
TIM DELUXE feat. Sam OBERNIKIt Just Won't Do2 September 2002131011
TIMELORDSDoctorin' the Tardis10 August 198820315
TIN TINToast and Marmalade for Tea19 August 197136209
TINASHEAll My Friends14 December 201540116
TING TINGSThat's Not My Name15 September 2008302014
TINMANEighteen Strings24 October 1994291413
TOBTOKFast Car4 January 2016371710
TOKENSLion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)2 December 196140216
TOM ROBINSON BAND2.4.6.8 Motorway15 February 1978341112
TOM TOM CLUBWordy Rappinghood14 April 198229207
TOMMY TUTONE867-5309 Jenny23 June 19822899
TONICIf You Could Only See4 August 1997292021
TONY RICH PROJECTNobody Knows29 April 199640215
TONY! TONI! TONÉ!If I Had No Loot6 September 199337816
TOPICHome25 April 201639818
TOPLOADERDancing In The Moonlight14 May 2001231415
Mel TORMECast Your Fate To The Wind27 April 196340711
Mitchell TOROKCaribbean26 September 1959371812
Peter TOSH & Mick JAGGER(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back24 January 1979331511
TOTO COELOI Eat Cannibals Pt 123 December 198240714
TOURISTSI Only Want to be With You2 July 198034613
TOWN & COUNTRY BROTHERSSandy Sandy30 August 196333216
TOWN CRIERSEverlasting Love20 March 1968371611
Pete TOWNSHENDFace the Face5 February 198623910
TOYAI Do4 March 200221910
TOYSA Lover's Concerto3 November 196527218
T'PAUHeart and Soul9 September 1987331111
TQWestside21 June 1999381012
TRAFFICHole in My Shoe11 October 1967391113
TRAINDrops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)16 July 200132522
TRAMMPSDisco Inferno24 May 1978371111
TRASHMENSurfin' Bird28 February 19642539
Diana TRASKOh Boy5 June 197539418
Garry TRAVERSIt's Never Really Over2 November 1972401517
TRAVISWhy Does It Always Rain On Me17 April 2000151012
TREMBLE M'SWe Wish You A MMMerry Christmas11 December 19851525
Obie TRICEGot Some Teeth10 November 2003241212
TRIODa Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha9 September 198234414
TRIPLE XX Files Theme6 May 199621318
Timmy TRUMPETFreaks18 August 201413724
TSAI CHINDing Dong Song (Second Spring)10 September 1960371111
Junior TUCKER16 (Into The Night)26 November 1990401421
Louise TUCKERMidnight Blue4 August 198327910
K T TUNSTALLSuddenly I See26 February 200715622
Ike & Tina TURNERNutbush City Limits3 April 197539513
TWEETOops (Oh My)22 April 200219178
20 FINGERS feat. GILLETTEShort Dick Man12 December 19946214
28 DAYSRip It Up22 May 2000161216
TWINKLETerry20 January 19653039
TWISTA feat. Andy HAMILTONSunshine9 August 2004141210
TWISTED SISTERWe're Not Gonna Take It11 October 198422210
2 CHAINZDirty Talk5 August 201334315
2 IN A ROOMWiggle It21 January 199131515
TWO-MAN BANDUp There Cazaly18 August 197931415
TYPICALLY TROPICALBarbados25 September 1975312011
Judie TZUKEStay With Me 'till Dawn21 November 197932815
UGLYSWake Up My Mind23 June 196533412
ULTIMATE KAOSCasanova27 July 1998281616
ULTRASay It Once10 May 199934515
ULTRA-SONIC1, 2, 3, 4 / Tic-Tok26 June 1995201510
ULTRAVOXVienna15 May 1981271214
UNCLE KRACKERFollow Me11 June 200137111
UNCLE SAMI Don't Ever Want to See You Again16 March 1998401813
UNDERWORLDUnderneath the Radar8 June 1988391813
UNIQUE IIBreak My Stride16 December 199638323
Midge UREIf I Was6 November 1985381211
URGE OVERKILLGirl You'll be a Woman Soon23 January 1995371411
URIAH HEEPFree Me19 April 197839913
USA FOR AFRICAWe Are the World28 March 19851122
USURAOpen Your Mind5 April 1993381515
UTAH SAINTSSomething Good12 October 1992371216
Ritchie VALENSLa Bamba / Donna14 March 195929815
Caterina VALENTEBreeze and I (Andalucia)19 May 195616162
VALENTINESMy Old Man's a Groovy Old Man23 July 1969361210
Joe VALINOGarden of Eden18 May 195720314
VALJEANTheme from 'Ben Casey' (i)7 July 196238187
Armin VAN BUURENThis is What it Feels Like27 May 201323713
VANDALISMNever Say Never6 March 20069911
VANILLA FUDGEYou Keep Me Hanging On31 July 196837118
Gino VANNELLIWild Horses29 July 1987241114
Randy VANWARMERJust When I Needed You Most29 August 1979371014
VAPORSTurning Japanese30 April 198034125
VELVET REVOLVERSlither31 May 200420202
VENETIANSSo Much for Love29 January 198637139
Billy VERA & The BEATERSAt This Moment13 May 1987241412
Larry VERNEMr Custer15 October 196037128
VERSUSForever More23 November 200939204
VETERANSThere Ain't No Age for Rock 'n' Roll28 May 198023611
VILLAGE STOMPERSWashington Square25 October 196334712
VIRTUESGuitar Boogie Shuffle (i)16 May 1959271213
VISAGEFade to Grey29 April 198137314
Richard VISSONI Like It8 February 201027421
VOGUESTurn Around Look at Me28 August 1968382011
VOICE OF THE BEEHIVEI Think I Love You9 March 1992391112
Roger VOUDOURISGet Used to It6 June 197929315
VOYAGERHalfway Hotel29 August 197936814
VYBEWarm Summer Daze12 February 1996331112
Adam WADETake Good Care of Her6 May 196140717
Johnny WADE & HAWAIIANSIn the Islands6 January 195020138
WAIKIKI'SHawaii Tattoo (i)4 August 1962311211
Loudon WAINWRIGHT IIIDead Skunk5 April 1973291110
John WAITEMissing You13 September 198436513
WAITRESSESI Know What Boys Like21 July 198231119
Jimmy WAKELEYBroken-Down Merry-Go-Round13 April 1951291812
Anton WALBROOKLa Ronde De L'Amour26 October 195139623
WALK THE MOONShut Up and Dance13 April 201527228
Alan WALKERFaded7 March 201620219
Scott WALKERJoanna3 July 196840189
Tom WALKERLeave a Light On20 August 2018371120
WALL OF VOODOOFar Side of Crazy26 March 1986391711
Jerry WALLACEShutters and Boards8 December 1962361612
WALLFLOWERSOne Headlight16 June 1997392018
Anita WARDRing My Bell11 July 197932217
Billy WARD & HIS DOMINOESStardust19 October 195716147
Clifford T. WARDGaye29 November 197336198
Anthony WARLOWBeauty School Dropout / My Prayer15 June 199826193
Johnny WARMANScreaming Jets7 October 1981391317
WARRANTCherry Pie26 November 1990311215
WAS (NOT WAS)Walk the Dinosaur16 December 1987271015
WASHINGTONCement26 October 2009321912
Dinah WASHINGTONWhat A Diff'rence a Day Makes15 August 195934815
WATERBOYSWhole of the Moon5 February 1986401910
Dennis WATERMANI Could Be So Good For You (Theme from 'Minder')27 January 1983371013
Jody WATLEYLooking for a New Love27 May 1987351511
WE FIVEYou Were On My Mind11 August 196522512
Joan WEBERLet Me Go Lover22 January 195532418
Eric WEISS & HIS BANJOSDueling Banjos (i)8 March 197316214
Bob WELCHEbony Eyes8 March 197838215
Les WELCHAnd They Called it Dixieland2 June 195615612
Mary WELLSMy Guy15 May 196429114
Hayley WERNERGood Day21 December 20091295
Kayne WEST feat. Jamie FOXXGold Digger17 October 20052113
Johnny WESTERNBallad of Paladin25 April 195940179
Paul WESTON & HIS MUSIC FROM HOLLYWOODKentuckian Song26 January 195718183
WHA-KOO(You're Such a) Fabulous Dancer9 August 1978321014
WHEATUSTeenage Dirtbag25 September 200017127
WHISPERING JOXSanta Claus is Back in Town14 December 198834174
Barry WHITENever Never Gonna Give You Up7 March 197432614
WHITE PLAINSMy Baby Loves Lovin'8 April 1970391318
WHITE TOWNYour Woman14 April 199733115
Axle WHITEHEADI Don't Do Surprises17 March 2008101010
WHITESNAKEIs This Love18 November 1987251012
David WHITFIELDCara Mia28 August 195435218
Roger WHITTAKERLast Farewell (For You are Beautiful)5 June 197531120
Betty WHOI Love You Always Forever15 August 201629315
WIDELIFE with Simone DENNYAll Things (Just Keep Getting Better)29 March 200410108
WILD CHERRYPlay That Funky Music3 November 197639420
Marty WILDEAbergavenny24 July 196836713
Matthew WILDERBreak My Stride16 February 198428213
Hank WILLIAMSKaw-Liga18 July 1953381114
Mark WILLIAMSShow No Mercy18 June 1990401123
Mason WILLIAMSClassical Gas (i)14 August 196830218
Tom J. WILLIAMSLOL12 April 201031206
WILLOWWhip My Hair29 November 201025209
Marie WILSONNext Time13 April 199831197
WILSON PHILLIPSHold On25 June 199016213
Hugo WINTERHALTER ORCHESTRA feat. EDDIE HEYWOODCanadian Sunset (i)3 November 195618218
Brian WITHERSCling's Thing24 February 196530208
WIZZARDSee My Baby Jive2 August 1973221110
WOLFMOTHERJoker and the Thief6 November 2006131316
WOMACK AND WOMACKTeardrops30 November 198821125
Brenton WOODGimme Little Sign5 October 196735217
Bruce WOODLEYI Am Australian16 March 200932163
WORLD PARTYShip of Fools20 May 198722513
Tony WORSLEYVelvet Waters29 September 196527515
WRECKX-N-EFFECTRump Shaker22 February 199334721
WRIGHTSEvie Pts 1-37 March 20051111
Jane WYMANZing a Little Zong28 February 1953371911
XTCSenses Working Overtime21 April 1982301111
Trisha YEARWOODHow Do I Live18 August 199729329
YELLOOh Yeah17 August 198839815
YELLOW DOGJust One More Night21 June 197828512
YELLOWCARDLight and Sounds23 June 200617177
YOLANDA BE COOL & DCUPWe No Speak Americano26 April 201039418
YOU KNOW WHO GROUPRoses are Red My Love20 January 196539106
Harry YOUNG & SABBATHWheat In Field10 June 197132715
YOUNG MCBust A Move30 July 199034121
Neil YOUNGHeart of Gold13 April 197240813
Victor YOUNG & HIS SINGING STRINGSAround the World (Main Theme) (i)3 August 195717129
YOUNGBLOODSGet Together24 September 196935515
YOUTH GROUPForever Young13 March 20062121
Florian ZaBACHHot Canary (i)14 September 1951311021
ZAGER AND EVANSIn The Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)9 July 196940118
ZENDAYAReplay24 March 201428911
Warren ZEVONWerewolves of London7 June 1978251111
ZINCMorning After5 July 200419194
ZOOTEleanor Rigby7 January 197135318
ZZ TOPLegs30 August 198438713