Brisbane one-hit wonders 1956 – 2002 according to the mcduff rule

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ArtistEntry DateHPTW
AD LIBSBoy from New York City13-Mar-1965316
ADAM ANTGoody Two Shoes30-Jul-1982411
ADRISSI BROTHERSWe Got to Get it On Again5-May-19721611
Haley AITKENKiss Me Quick5-Aug-2002156
ALAN PARSONS PROJECTEye In The Sky10-Sep-19821711
ALIASMore Than Words Can Say6-May-1991159
ALIVE AND KICKINGTighter, Tighter19-Sep-1970617
ALLMAN BROTHERSRamblin' Man2-Nov-19731215
ALLNIGHTERSMontego Bay10-Oct-1983813
ALLONDEEWait For Summer3-Oct-1970716
A.L.T. & The LOST CIVILIZATIONTequila2-Nov-1992427
ALTERED IMAGESI Could Be Happy16-Apr-19821413
Daniel AMALMClassical Gas20-May-1996113
AMERICAN BREEDBend Me Shape Me10-Feb-19681110
Bill ANDERSONStill23-Jan-1963138
Greg ANDERSONNo Roses For Michael12-Sep-1970410
ANDROIDSDo It With Madonna4-Nov-2002417
ANGELS (America)My Boyfriends Back1-Sep-1963108
A PERFECT CIRCLEJudith22-May-2000191
APOLLO 4 FORTYSay What12-Nov-20011513
APPLEJACKSMexican Hat Rock7-Dec-19581911
ARNEE & The TERMINATORSI'll Be Back18-Nov-19911910
ASHTON, GARDINER & DYKEResurrection Shuffle7-May-1971219
ATCAround the World26-Feb-20011212
Christopher ATKINSHow Can I Live Without Her1-Oct-1982812
AUSTRALIAN OLYPMIANSYour Not Alone2-May-1988147
AUTUMNYellow River29-Aug-1970117
AVERAGE WHITE BANDPick Up the Pieces14-Mar-1975206
BABYFACEHow Come How Long14-Jul-1997521
Kenny BALL & HIS JAZZMENMidnight in Moscow17-Sep-1971217
Hank BALLARD & The MIDNIGHTERSFinger Poppin' Time4-Sep-19601710
The BANDRag Mamma Rag4-Apr-19701210
Bobby BAREAll American Boy22-Feb-1959614
BARRON KNIGHTSCall Up the Groups22-Aug-1964146
Les BAXTERPoor People of Paris2-Jun-1956120
Carole BAYER SAGERYou're Moving Out Today4-Aug-1977120
The BEATCan't Get Use to Losing You5-Sep-1983175
BEATS INTERNATIONALDub Be Good To Me2-Jul-1990615
BEDROCKSOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da25-Jan-196949
Regina BELLEA Whole New World19-Mar-19931119
BELLSStay Awhile7-May-19711015
Merv BENTONCincinatti Fireball17-Jul-1965711
BIG BOPPERChantilly Lace16-Nov-19581412
BILL BLACK'S COMBOWhite Silver Sands1-May-1960184
BILLIEBecause We Want To14-Sep-19982011
BILLY JOE & The CHECKMATESPercolator11-Mar-1962713
Stephen BISHOPOn and On3-Nov-19771413
BIZZ NIZZDon't Miss the Partyline10-Sep-1990179
BJERREShe Taught Me How to Love Again22-Sep-19771113
BLACK CROWESRemedy1-Jun-1992149
BLACK EYED PEASRequest + Line26-Feb-20011710
Barry BLUEDancin' (On a Saturday Night)5-Oct-1973219
BLUE CHEERSummertime Blues11-May-1968157
BLUE MAGICThree Ring Circus14-Mar-19751013
BLUES BROTHERSShake Your Tail Feather3-Oct-19831613
BLUESTONEWind and Rain27-Jul-1973138
BOBB B SOXX & The BLUE JEANSZip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah6-Jan-1963196
BOBBY FULLER FOURI Fought the Law23-Jun-1966712
BONE THUGS - N - HARMONYTha Crossroads23-Feb-1998726
BOOTLEG FAMILYYour Mama Don't Dance19-Jan-1973514
BOSTON POPS ORCHESTRAI Want To Hold Your Hand1-Aug-1964127
Michael BOWLove and Devotion1-Jun-1987513
BOW WOW WOWI Want Candy15-Oct-19821411
Jimmy BOYDI Would Never Do That18-Jun-19661111
Mike BRADYYou're Here To Win3-Sep-19821111
BREATHGet Me Some Help21-Jul-1972912
BRENDA & JOHNNYThis Can't Be Love18-Apr-196489
BREWER & SHIPLEYOne Toke Over the Line16-Apr-19711613
BROOKLYN BRIDGEWorst That Could Happen18-Jan-19691010
BROTHER JOHNPolyanna22-Aug-19701411
BROTHERS JOHNSONStomp5-Jun-1980814
Arthur BROWNFire7-Sep-1968207
BROWNSVILLE STATIONSmokin' in the Boys' Room8-Feb-1974315
Anita BRYANTPaper Rose5-Jun-1960615
BUREAUOnly for the Sheep13-Aug-19811012
Ray BURGESSLove Fever8-Aug-1975148
BUSTA RHYMESBreak Ya Neck4-Mar-2002812
CAFE CREMESUnlimited Citations25-May-19781610
CAKEI Will Survive12-May-19971711
Eddie CALVERTIl Selenzio29-May-1965512
Debbie CAMPBELLPlease Tell Him I Said Hello12-Sep-19751216
Ellie CAMPBELLDon't Want You Back27-Nov-20001216
Jim CAMPBELLLights of Tuson15-Aug-1970198
Tevin CAMPBELLCan We Talk31-Jan-19941118
Blu CANTRELLHit 'em Up Style24-Sep-2001415
CAPTAIN SENSIBLEWot26-Nov-19821213
Henson CARGILLSkip A-Rope2-Mar-1968187
Vanessa CARLTONA Thousand Miles3-Jun-2002123
Warren CARRLil' Ole Me1-Oct-1961177
Jose CARRERASAmigo Para Siempre3-Aug-1992114
Clarence CARTERPatches5-Sep-1970718
CASHEARSHey Diddle Diddle2-Apr-1971510
Buzz CASONAdam and Eve14-Sep-1968313
CAT MOTHERS & The ALL NIGHT BOYSGood Old Rock 'n' Roll9-Aug-19691111
C.C.S.Band Played Boogie21-Sep-1973617
Peter CETERAHard to Say I'm Sorry30-Jun-1997421
CHAINBlack and Blue4-Jun-1971513
Kasey CHAMBERSNot Pretty Enough21-Jan-2002121
Graham CHAPMANGee I'm Gonna Miss You4-May-1968113
Ray CHARLES SINGERSLove Me with All Your Heart20-Jun-19641411
CHARLIE DANIEL'S BANDDevil Went Down to Georgia6-Sep-19791012
Sonny CHARLES & The CHECKMATES LTDBlack Pearl7-Jun-19691617
CHEEKSo Much In Love2-Mar-19781312
Neneh CHERRY7 Seconds15-Aug-1994718
CHICLe Freak18-Jan-1979118
CHICORY TIPSon of My Father31-Mar-197289
CHIFFONSHe's So Fine21-Apr-1963129
CHILLIWACKMy Girl4-Jun-1982119
CHIMESI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For16-Jun-19901111
CHRISTIESan Bernadino22-Jan-1971517
CICADASThat's What I Want7-Mar-1964214
Jimmy CLANTONVenus In Blue Jeans28-Oct-19621512
Dee CLARKRaindrops9-Jul-19611010
Roy CLARKThen She's a Lover28-Feb-19701515
CLASSIC IVSpooky17-Feb-1968185
CLASSIX NOUVEAUXGuilty16-Jul-19811511
Patsy CLINEI Fall to Pieces23-Jul-1961612
CLIQUESugar On Sunday4-Oct-19691510
CLIVILLES AND COLEPride3-Feb-19921113
Bruce COCKBURNIf A Tree Falls5-Jun-19891910
Alma COGANIt's You19-Dec-1964159
Tony COLEThe Hook25-May-19731310
Ray COLUMBUS & The INVADERSShe's A Mod3-Oct-1964212
CONGREGATIONSSoftly Whispering I Love You25-Feb-19721212
Arthur CONLEYOb-La-Di Ob-La-Da25-Jan-196949
CORNELIUS BROTHERS & SISTER ROSEToo Late to Turn Back Now4-Aug-19722013
Bill COSBYLittle Ole Man21-Oct-1967197
Elvis COSTELLOEvery Day I Write The Book17-Oct-1983208
COUNT FIVEPsychotic Reaction29-Oct-1966910
COVENOne Tin Soldier25-Feb-1972211
John COWSILLPath of Love7-Dec-1968311
Crabby APPLETONGo Back19-Sep-19941112
Randy CRAWFORDOne Day I'll Fly Away28-May-1981198
CRITTERSYounger Girl9-Jul-1966912
CROWEvil Woman Don't Play Your Games With Me28-Feb-19701210
CYPRESS HILLThrow Your Set in the Air9-Oct-1995189
D:REAMThings Can Only Get Better7-May-20011021
DADDY DREWDROPChick-a-Boom4-Jun-1971312
DAMITO JOI'll Save the Last Dance for You4-Dec-19601413
DAVE BRUBECK QUARTETTake Five5-Nov-1961417
Billy DAVIS & MARILYN McCOOYou Don't Have to be a Star3-Feb-19771212
Skeeter DAVISEnd of the World28-Apr-1963167
DE KROO BROTHERSScarlett22-Sep-196319
Jackie DE SHANNONPut a Little Love in Your Heart16-Aug-19691214
DEACON BLUEReal Gone Kid27-Feb-19891713
Hazell DEANSearchin'5-Nov-1984207
DEEP BLUE SOMETHINGBreakfast at Tiffany's22-Jan-1996317
DENVERMENAvalon Stomp8-Sep-196357
Jim DIAMONDI Should Have Known Better28-Jan-1985217
DICK & DEE DEEMountains' High24-Sep-1961178
Barbara DICKSONJanuary Febuary5-Feb-19811211
DIXIEBELLLESPapa Joe's24-Nov-1963168
DJ BOBOSomebody Dance with Me15-Nov-19931019
DJ OTZIHey Baby18-Feb-2002120
DJ SAKIN & FRIENDSProtect Your Mind26-Apr-19991811
Ken DODDTears30-Oct-19651012
Ernie K DOEMother In-Law14-May-19051213
DOGGY'S ANGELSBaby If Your'e Ready12-Mar-2001199
Bo DONALDSON & The HEYWOODSWho Do You Think You Are1-Nov-19741213
Ral DONNERYou Don't Know What You've Got24-Sep-1961196
DOOLEYSChosen Few24-Jan-1980911
Charlie DOREPilot of the Airwaves3-Apr-1980412
Carol DOUGLASDoctor's Orders31-Jan-1975317
Joe DOWELLWooden Heart3-Sep-1961178
DR ALBANSing Hallelujah21-Mar-1994817
DR & The MEDICSSpirit in the Sky7-Jul-1986414
DR JOHNRight Place Wrong Time20-Jul-1973178
Clive DUNNGrandad12-Feb-1971314
Robbie DUPREESteal Away10-Jul-1980198
Kim DURANTLove You Brisbane6-Jun-198327
Steve EARLECopperhead Road13-Feb-19891212
ECHO & The BUNNYMENThe Cutter20-Jun-1983206
Duanne EEDDYRebel Rouser24-Aug-1958611
Johnathan EDWARDSSunshine11-Feb-1972711
Tommy EDWARDSIt's All in the Game12-Oct-1958219
EL CHICANOTell Her She's Lovely11-Jan-1974720
Donnie ELBERTI Can't Help Myself10-Mar-19721913
ELECTRONICGetting Away With It6-Aug-1990167
Bern ELLIOTT & The FENMENNew Orleans25-Apr-1964139
Buddy ENGLANDMovin' Man11-Mar-1967213
ENGLAND DAN & John FORD COLEYI'd Really Love To See You Tonight2-Sep-1976144
ENYAOrinoco Flow6-Feb-1989146
EVERCLEARSanta Monica4-Mar-1996723
EVERLASTWhat's it Like22-Mar-19991819
EXCITERSTell Him3-Feb-1963817
Shelley FABARESJohnny Angel22-Apr-19621510
Percy FAITHTheme from 'A Summer Place'21-Feb-19601122
FAMILYHallelujah Day15-Jun-1973619
Maynard FERGUSONGonna Fly Now2-Jun-1977116
FERRY AIDLet It Be25-May-1987106
FIELDING AND DYERThe Ghost1-Jun-19731810
FINCHWhere Were You23-Feb-19781612
Toni FISHERWest of the Wall1-Jul-1962214
The FIVEI'll Be There27-Nov-1965147
FIVE AMERICANSWestern Union13-May-1967177
5,000 VOLTSDoctor Kiss-Kiss28-Oct-1976418
Sally FLINCHLet's Start the Whole World Singing7-Feb-19751412
FLIRTATIONSNothing but the Heartache3-May-1969209
FOGHATI Just Want to Make Love to You2-Mar-1973109
Ellen FOLEYWe Belong to the Night22-Nov-19791912
FOOLSPsycho Chicken9-Oct-19801714
Andy FORRAYDrac's Back28-Feb-1980613
FOUR JACKS AND A JILLMaster Jack25-May-1968310
4 THE CAUSEStand by Me5-Apr-19991514
John J FRANCISPlay Mumma Sing Me a Song24-Aug-1973119
GORDON FRANKLIN & The WILDERNESS ENSEMBLELet the Franklin Flow2-May-19831013
FRATERNITYSeasons of Change30-Jul-1971518
FREAKED OUT FLOWER CHILDRENSpill the Wine16-Dec-19911017
FREEWishing Well12-Oct-1973149
FREEFALLDrinking Pina Colada21-Feb-1980179
FRIJID PINKHouse of the Rising Sun28-Feb-19701113
Mike FURBER & The BOWERY BOYSYou / That When Happiness Begins20-Aug-1966198
G CLEFSI Understand26-Nov-19611810
Frank GALLOPThe Ballad Irving4-Jun-1966197
Barbara GASKINIt's My Party24-Dec-1981813
David GATESGoodbye Girl20-Jul-1978912
Donna GAYENormie4-Jun-1966208
David GEDDESRun Joey Run14-Nov-1975317
GERRY & The JOY BANDRave On3-Mar-19721110
Terri GIBBSSomebody's Knockin'28-May-1981168
GIBSON BROTHERSQue Sera Mi Vi Da19-Mar-1981511
Debbie GIBSONLost in Your Eyes24-Apr-1989519
Jimmy GILSTRAPSwing Your Daddy4-Jul-19751111
GIRL OVERBOARDThe Love We Make26-Feb-1990209
Tom GLAZER & The DO-RE-MI CHILDRENS' CHORUSOn Top of Spaghetti7-Jul-1963718
Andrew GOLDThank You for Being a Friend8-Jun-19781610
GOMPIEAlice Who the F*** is Alice24-Jul-19951211
GOOD CHARLOTTELifestyle of the Rich and Famous16-Sep-20021622
GORILLAZClint Eastwood11-Jun-20011620
GRANDMASTER CHICKEN & D.J. DUCKCheck out the Chicken12-Mar-1990911
GRANDMASTER FLASHThe Message21-Mar-1983166
Cheryl GRAYYou Made Me What I Am20-May-1967189
Dobie GRAYDrift Away25-May-1973912
Al GREENPut a Little Love In Your Heart13-Dec-19881215
Johnny GREENWOODGoondiwindi Grey13-Apr-1973913
Alison GROSSNaturally1-Aug-1970411
Henry GROSSShannon17-Feb-19771510
Daryl HALLDreamtime15-Sep-1986127
HAPPYLANDDon't You Know Who I Am3-Aug-19982013
Francoise HARDYOnly You Can Do It2-Jul-1966312
Debbie HARRYFrench Kissin' in the U.S.A.29-Dec-1986715
Anne HAWKERBoom Bang-a-Bang29-Mar-1969212
HAWKING BROTHERSOne Day at a Time23-Nov-19781413
Justin HAYWARDForever Autumn24-Aug-19781112
HEAVEN 17Temptation8-Aug-1983137
HEINZCountry Boy21-Dec-1963313
HELLOTell Him14-Feb-19751413
Mark HEMBROWIf I Had Time30-Jun-19771111
HENCHMENRockin' Robin1-May-1965116
HERBIERight Type of Mood10-Jul-1995920
Al HIBBLERHe28-Jan-1956116
HILLSIDE SINGERSII'd Like To Teach The World to Sing21-Jan-1972314
Rupert HINEMisplaced Love16-Jul-19811210
Buddy HOLLYPeggy Sue18-May-1958186
Eddie HOLMANHey There Lonely Girl7-Mar-1970614
Clint HOLMESPlayground in My Mind7-Aug-1973510
HORIZONLooking at the Third Window3-Dec-1971912
HORRIE DARGIE QUARTETAlexander Waltz2-Aug-1959312
HOTHOUSE FLOWERSI Can See Clearly Now28-Jan-19911614
HUDSON BROTHERSRendevous24-Oct-1975514
HUES CORPORATIONRock the Boat26-Jul-1974420
Ian HUNTEROnce Bitten Twice Shy2-Jan-19761012
Ferlin HUSKYWings of a Dove5-Feb-1961218
The IDBig Time Operator14-Jan-1967816
IDES OF MARCHVechile16-May-1970915
IDLE RACEIn the Summertime25-Jul-1970119
IGUANACalIfornia My Way15-Jun-196859
Glen INGRAM & The HI - FIVESkye Boat Song10-Dec-1966912
INVERTIGOChances Are11-Dec-20001513
IPSWICH CONNECTIONHey Hey We're the Broncos5-Oct-199214
John ISHERWOODOld Time Movies22-Feb-1969179
JACKOI'm an Individual22-Apr-1985146
Stonewall JACKSONWaterloo12-Jul-1959118
Dick JACOBSFacination14-Dec-1957116
JAGGERZThe Rapper4-Apr-1970315
JAM AND SPOONRight in the Night2-May-1994418
Paul JENNINGSBob Hawke Drinking Song22-Aug-1975169
Jesus JONESRight Here Right Now10-Jun-1991109
JETHRO TULLLiving in the Past19-Jan-1973811
JO JO GUNNERun Run Run4-Aug-19721312
Don JOHNSONHeartbeat13-Oct-1986186
Lou JOHNSONAways Something There to Remind Me10-Oct-1964216
JOHNSONSBoth Sides Now9-Nov-196869
JON AND ROBINDo it Again a Little Bit Slower20-May-1967412
Jack JONESRace is On10-Apr-1965168
Marcie JONESArmed and Extremely Dangerous31-Aug-1973179
Paul JONESI've Been a Bad Bad Boy18-Feb-19671410
Rickie Lee JONESChuck E's In Love31-May-1979313
Jeremy JORDANRight Kind of Love5-Apr-1993524
JUMP 'N THE SADDLECurly Shuffle27-Feb-198438
Bert KAEMPFERTWonderland by Night1-Jan-1961114
KALIN TWINSWhen31-Aug-1958118
KANSASCarry On Wayward Son31-Mar-1977199
Jerry KELLERHere Comes Summer6-Sep-1959167
Grace KELLYTrue Love10-Nov-1956412
R. KELLYI Believe I Can Fly3-Feb-19972016
KIDS FROM FAMEHi Fidelity28-Feb-1983109
KILLING TIMEDream Alone (EP)23-Mar-19921812
Claude KINGWolverton Mountain8-Jul-1962117
Morgana KINGI Have Loved Me a Man23-Sep-19671111
Solomn KINGShe Wears My Ring9-Mar-1968118
KING TRIGGERThe River27-Dec-19821510
KINGDOM COMEGet It On25-Apr-19881210
KINGS OF MISSISSIPPIDelta Queen1-Dec-1972166
KINGSMENLouie Louie1-Feb-1964156
BUDDY KNOXI Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself12-Jul-19592011
KNUCKLE HEADSCurly Shuffle27-Feb-198438
L7Pretend We're Dead6-Jul-19921120
LA BIONDAOne for You One for Me15-Feb-1979147
LA BELLELady Marmalade30-May-197599
LACEI'm a Gambler14-Jun-19691811
Don LANEWe Were Lovers Then20-Nov-1970511
LASHTake Me Away26-Mar-20012016
Rod LAURENIf I Had a Girl14-Feb-1960611
Vicky LEANDROSSDanny Teach Me to Dance14-Feb-19751119
LED ZEPPELINWhole Lotta Love31-Jan-1970117
Johnny LEELookin' for Love2-Oct-19801310
Raymond LEFEVRESoul Coaxing16-Nov-1968811
Paul LEKAKISBoom Boom23-Mar-1987118
LEMON PIPERSGreen Tambourine17-Feb-1968611
LENNON SISTERSSad Movies1-Oct-1961118
Bobby LEWISTossin' and Turnin'23-Jul-1961615
C. J. LEWISSweet for My Sweet11-Jul-199464
LITTLE ANTHONY & The IMPERIALSTears on My Pillow9-Nov-1958188
LITTLE EVALoco-Motion7-Oct-19621512
LITTLE HEROESOne Perfect Day21-May-1982109
Robin LOAUSick with Love29-Sep-19971915
Hank LOCKLINPlease Help Me I'm Falling6-Nov-19601613
Dave LOGGINSPlease Come to Boston9-Aug-1974618
Julie LONDONDesifinado4-Nov-19621016
Claudine LONGETLove is Blue16-Mar-196897
LOOKI Am the Beat2-Apr-1981913
Lisa LOPEZNever be the Same Again10-Apr-2000220
Gloria LORINGFriends and Lovers3-Nov-1986612
Peter LOTISJody and the Kids11-Jul-1970313
LOVE AND ROCKETSSo Alive15-Jan-1990169
LOVERBOYTurn Me Loose23-Apr-1981221
Lene LOVICHLucky Number10-May-1979216
LUVTrogan Horse13-Sep-19791312
M. PEOPLEMoving On Up15-Nov-1993624
Kathi McDONALDYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'26-Jun-1980115
Lonnie MACKMemphis21-Jul-1963137
Barry MANNWho Put the Bomp7-Aug-19611112
MAR - KEYSLast Night20-Aug-1961147
Bobby MANCHINIShow and Tell1-Feb-1974912
MARCIE AND THE COOKIESI Would If I Could / All Or Nothing12-Oct-1968213
Pigment MARKHAMHere Comes the Judge20-Jul-1968612
Moon MARTINBad News / Signal For Help26-Mar-1981812
Tony MARTINFlamenco Love22-Sep-195647
Layng MARTINERub it In17-Dec-1971168
Sandy MARTONExotic and Erotic28-Jul-198658
Hank B. MARVINThrow Down a Line11-Oct-1969177
Carolyn MASStillsane28-Feb-1980189
MASTER WELWhen I Was Sperm27-Mar-1995188
MAYBE DOLLSNervous Kids28-Oct-19912017
John MAYERNo Such Thing16-Sep-20022010
Mike McCLELLANThe One I Love11-Sep-19801411
Ewan McGREGORCome What May2-Jul-2001128
Peter McLEANTom23-Feb-1973208
Betty McQUADEMidnight Bus23-Oct-1965176
David McWILLIAMSDays of Pearly Spencer8-Jun-1968108
MELANIE BI Want You Back26/10/19981610
Harold MELVIN & The BLUE NOTESDon't Leave Me This Way23/06/1977516
Lee MICHAELSDo You Know What I Mean8/10/1971615
MICHAEL ZAGER BANDLet's All Chant2-Nov-19781411
Haley MILLSLet's Get Together5/11/1961177
Danni MINOGUEPut the Needle On It2-Dec-20021512
MIS-TEEQOne Night Stand12/11/20011915
MR BIGRomeo14/04/19771611
MR GEORGELazy Susan30/11/19731514
Domenica MODUGNOVolare5/10/1958119
MOE KOFFMAN QUARTETSwingin' Shepard Blues6-Jul-19581311
Matt MOFFITTMiss This Tonight30/06/1986138
Eddie MONEYTake Me Home Tonight29/09/1986139
MONTE VIDEO & The CASSETTESShoop Shoop Diddywop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang7-Mar-1983113
MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUSAlways Look on the Bright Side13/03/19801211
Mark MORRISONReturn of the Mack24/06/1996425
Geoff MULLINS & The 41P GOOD GUYSJingle Bell Rock / The Ringing Reindeer10/12/197116
MURMURSYou Suck20/02/19951810
Michael MURPHYWildfire23/05/1975217
NASI'm Gonna Be Alright15/07/20021913
NATE DOGGRegulate5/09/19941821
Me'shell NDEGEOCELLOWild Night11/07/19941613
NEON PHILHARMONICMorning Girl17/03/19691510
NEW DREAMSoft Delights18/06/1971816
Anthony NEWLEYDo You Mind10/07/19601610
Troy NEWMANLove Gets Rough22/07/19911115
NEWTONSometimes When We Touch23/09/1996418
Bert NEWTON & The DEBNEY PARK HIGH SCHOOL BANDBring Back the Spirit of Christmas24/12/1981102
Juice NEWTONAngel of the Morning2/04/1981217
NEXTToo Close20/07/19981117
NIGHTHot Summer Nights6/09/1979315
Maxine NIGHTNIGALERight Back Where We Started From27/02/1976417
NINE DAYSAbsolutely11/09/20001913
NOLAN-BUDDLE QUARTETPicnic at Hanging Rock9-Dec-1976413
Chris NORMANStumblin'21-Dec-1978117
NOTTING HILLBILLIESYour Own Sweet Way23-Apr-19901910
Heather NOVAWalk This World5-Jun-19951910
OAKRIDGE BOYSEasy17-Aug-1978815
OINGO BOINGOStay19-Jan-1987310
O'KAYSIONGirl Watcher9-Nov-1968198
OLLIE & JERRYBreakin' There's No Stopping9-Jul-1984205
Nigel OLSSONLittle Bit of Soap7-Jun-19791011
Benjamin ORRStay the Night19-Jan-1987157
Little Jimmy OSMONDLong-Haired Lover from Liverpool30-Jun-1972418
OTTOWANHands Up21-May-1982314
OUTSIDERSTime Won't Let Me16-Apr-19661911
Reg OWENHappy Guitar9-Dec-1962129
Buck OWENSMade In Japan9-Mar-1973422
PACIFICSSlowly But Surely / Lost My Baby26-Dec-19641511
Jimmy PAGECome with Me20-Jul-1998916
PANDORAA Little Bit5-Oct-19981728
Graham PARKERLife Get's Better28-Nov-1983148
PARTNERS IN KRYMETurtle Power6-Aug-1990613
Don PARTRIDGEBlue Eyes6-Jul-1968112
PARTY BOYSHe's Gonna Step on You Again15-Jun-1987118
Tony PASSSpring Fever20-Aug-1966188
PASS TO PRESENTGet Down On It26-Feb-1996414
PATIENCE & PRUDENCEThe Money Tree5-Jul-195753
Kellee PATTERSONIf It Don't Fit Don't Force It20-Sep-19791012
Billy PAULMe and Mrs Jones2-Feb-1973515
PEACHES AND HERBReunited26-Jul-1979312
PEBBLES & BAM BAMDaddy19-Sep-196698
Lana PELLAYPistol in My Pocket9-Jan-1986613
PEOPLEI Love You13-Apr-1968414
A PERFECT CIRCLEJudith22-May-2000191
Red PERSKEYSmiley3-Nov-195618
Jean-Jacques PERRYCountry Rock Polka10-Oct-19701514
Paul PETERSONA Little Bit for Sandy5-Oct-1968118
PHANTOM ROCKER & SLICKMen Without Shame20-Jan-1986117
Jeff PHILIPSBaby it's You7-Dec-19681110
Ester PHILLIPSWhat a Difference a Day Makes14-Nov-19751413
Nikki PHILLIPSSomething About You10-Nov-1986126
Phil PHILLIPSSea of Love30-Aug-1959412
Wilson PICKETTLand of a Thousand Dances24-Sep-1966169
PICKETTYWITCHBaby I Won't Let You Down15-Jan-19711911
Billie PIPERDay and Night29-May-2000819
P J & DUNCANStepping Stone24-Jun-1996169
PLAYMATESBeep Beep28-Dec-1958218
POOKAH MAKES THREETake it Back3-Jun-1985187
POPPY FAMILYThat's Where I Went Wrong12-Dec-1970416
Mike POSTTheme from 'Hill Street Blues'19-Mar-19821710
Will POWERSKissing with Confidence28-Nov-1983166
PRATT & McCLAIN with BROTHER LOVEHappy Days {Theme}21-May-1976619
PRIMITIVE RADIO GODSStanding Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand19-Aug-1996167
PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITEDThis is Not a Love Song26-Dec-1983313
PUSH PUSHTrippin'1-Jul-19911710
RACING CARSThey Shoot Horses Don't They2-Jun-1977614
Jack RADICSTwist and Shout28-Mar-19941415
RADIO FREEDOMI Can Feel It1-Jun-1992816
RAIDERSBirds of a Feather12-Nov-19711410
Marvin RAINWATERGonna Find Me a Bluebird28-Sep-195747
RAN - DELLSMartian Hop8-Sep-1963117
Lou RWALSLady Love16-Mar-1978915
REAL LIFESend Me an Angel13-Jun-1983615
Jim REEVESHe'll Have to Go6-Mar-1960122
Vic REEVES & The WONDER STUFFDizzy27-Jan-1992222
REPARATA & The DELRONSCaptain of Your Ship4-May-19681111
Johnny RESTIVOThe Shape I'm In4-Oct-19591421
Emitt RHODESFresh as a Daisy26-Feb-1971711
Dig RICHARDS & The R.JAYSComin' Down15-Dec-1963109
ROBERT CRAY BANDSmoking Gun23-Feb-1987117
Wayne ROBERTSAussie Talk22-Oct-1982193
B.A. ROBERTSONBang Bang8-Nov-1979516
Vicki Sue ROBINSONTo Sir with Love6-Aug-1984411
Lyn ROGERSJust Loving You18-Jan-1969213
ROSCOETraining Day21-Jan-20021912
ROUGH TRADEAll Touch20-Dec-1982612
ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDSAmazing Grace28-Apr-1972114
ROYAL TEENSShort Shorts18-May-1958195
RUMOURPlay Mamma Sing Me a Song24-Aug-1973119
SAFARISImage of a Girl14-Aug-1960187
Buffy SAINTE-MARIEMister Can't You See5-May-19721212
ST LUNATICSBatter Up14-Jan-20021618
ST NICKJingle Bells24-Dec-1981113
ST WINIFRED'S SCHOOL CHOIRThere's No One Like Grandma30-Apr-1981177
Evie SANDSAny Way That You Want Me13-Sep-19691610
Tommy SANDSBigger Than Texas5-Apr-19591113
SANFORD-TOWNSEND BANDSmoke from a Distant Fire22-Sep-19771214
Mongo SANTAMARIAWatermelon Man21-Apr-1963197
SANTO AND JOHNNYSleepwalk18-Oct-1959189
Joe SATRIANIAlways with Me Always with You31-Oct-19881114
SCANDALThe Warrior15-Oct-19841013
Peter SCHILLINGMajor Tom12-Sep-1983177
SECTLonely Road6-Dec-1969214
SENSATIONLet Me In25-Mar-1962129
SHANICEI Love Your Smile30-Mar-19921115
The SHARPAlone Like Me18-Jul-1994209
Rocky SHARPE & The REPLAYSShout Shout10-Sep-1982212
Gary SHEARSTONI Get A Kick out of You3-Jan-19751214
SHEPHARDBirmingham Station14-Apr-19721012
Troy SHONDELLThis Time22-Oct-19611514
SILVER CONVENTIONFly Robin Fly28-Nov-19752012
Gene SIMMONSHaunted House19-Sep-1984412
SINCLAIR BROTHERSYesterfool29-Jun-1978179
SISTER HAZELAll For You20-Oct-19971821
SKID ROWI Remember You2-Apr-19901121
Grace SLICKDreams28-May-1981812
SLOW CLUBShout Me Down12-Nov-1990204
SLY & The FAMILY STONEFamily Affair21-Jan-19721612
SNOOP DOGGY DOGGWhat's My Name31-Jan-19941115
Joanie SOMMERSJohnny Get Angry22-Jul-19621110
SORROWSTake A Heart20-Nov-1965212
SOUNDTRACK RECORDINGSGetting to Know You16-Feb-195744
Billie Jo SPEARSBlanket on the Ground29-Aug-1975320
SPIDERNew Romance4-Sep-1980810
SPOTNIKSOrange Blossom Special30-Sep-19621210
Lisa STANSFIELDAll Around the World19-Feb-19901410
Barry STANTONBeggin' on My Knees19-Nov-19611614
STARSLook after Yourself19-Jan-19781510
STATLER BROTHERSFlowers on the Wall22-Jan-1961128
STEAMNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Gooodbye31-Jul-19701312
Jim STEINMANRock and Roll Dreams2-Jul-1981913
STEVE & The BOARDRosalyn15-Jan-19661811
Al STEWARTYear of the Cat21-Apr-1977511
Amii STEWARTKnock on Wood12-Apr-1979120
Jermaine STEWARTWe Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off22-Sep-1986169
Stephen STILLSLove the One Your With12-Mar-1971214
STEVE GROVES BANDI'm On the Loose Again3-Feb-19771311
STONE TEMPLE PILOTSVasoline1-Aug-1994179
STORIESBrother Louie31-Aug-1973811
STRAWBERRY FAIRCome Back and Shake Me28-Jun-1969129
STRAY CATSRunaway Boys2-Apr-1981199
Jud STRUNKDaisy a Day25-May-1973115
SUGA BABESRound Round11-Nov-20021016
SUGARHILL GANGRapper's Delight1-May-19801213
Henry Lee SUMMERI Wish I Had a Girl13-Jun-1988715
SUNNYDoctor's Orders31-Jan-1975317
SUNNYBOYSAlone with You19-Nov-19811513
Keith SWEATTwisted23-Dec-1996821
Terry SYLVESTEREnd of the Line28-Feb-19751813
SYLVIAPillow Talk6-Jul-19731613
Sylvia SYMSI Could Have Danced all Night25-Jan-1959717
T. BONESNo Matter What Shape (You're Stomach's In)12-Feb-1966314
TADPOLESThrow a Little Lovin' My Way22-Jan-19711111
TAHITIDaddy Cool20-Jan-1977119
Norma TANEGAWalkin' My Cat Named Dog18-Jun-1966196
A TASTE OF HONEYSukyaki25-Jun-1981129
Jo Beth TAYLOR99 Reasons24-Jun-19911014
Johnnie TAYLORDisco Lady7-May-1976617
Matt TAYLORI Remember When I Was Young25-Jan-1974317
R. Dean TAYLORIndiana Wants Me31-Oct-1970314
TEACH - INDing - A - Dong25-Jul-1975415
TEN WHEEL DRIVEMorning Much Better14-Nov-1970811
THA EESTSIDAZGot Beef26-Jun-20001912
THE THEInfected29-Dec-1986815
38 SPECIALSecond Chance31-Jul-1989911
Chris THOMPSONEve of the War5-Oct-1978205
3 DOORS DOWNKryptonite30-Oct-2000629
Johnny THUNDERLoop De Loop10-Feb-1963169
Justin TIMBERLAKELike I Love You21-Oct-20021011
TIMBUK 3The Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades15-Dec-19862011
TIM DELUXEIt Just Won't Do2-Sep-20021114
TIN LIDSChristmas9-Dec-1991145
TISMO'l Man River26-Jun-19951311
TOYAHI Want to be Free20-Aug-1981199
Umberto TOZZITi Amo3-Apr-1980212
TRAVISWhy Does it Always Rain On Me17-Apr-2000917
TROUPADORSBy the Devil27-Apr-19731712
TUBEWAY ARMYAre Friends Electric13-Sep-19791812
Sammy TURNERLavender Blue9-Aug-1959812
Lesley UGGANSRiver Deep Mountain High7-Sep-1968139
ULTRAVOXDancing with Tears in My Eyes30-Jul-1984207
UNIT 4 PLUS 2Concrete and Clay17-Apr-1965412
URBAN DANCE SQUADDeeper Shade of Soul29-Apr-1991910
Jerry VALEYou Don't Know Me24-Nov-1956114
Leroy VAN DYKEWalk On By17-Dec-1961918
VANDA & YOUNGLazy River7-Apr-1972118
VARIOUS ARTISTSuperstition25-Mar-200265
Sarah VAUGHANBroken-Hearted Melody6-Sep-1959314
VERTICAL HORIZONEverything You Want10-Jul-20001213
The VERVEBitter Sweet Symphony1-Sep-19971020
VERVE PIPEThe Freshman21-Jul-19971126
VINNY AND MELVINDip Dip Doodle12-Nov-197178
VIOLENT FEMMESChildren of the Revolution17-Feb-1986135
VOICE OF THE BEEHIVEI Think I Love You9-Mar-1992814
Johnny WAKELIN & The KINSHASA BANDBlack Superman25-Apr-1975119
Jerry Jeff WALKERMr Bojangles17-Aug-1968108
WALL OF VOODOOMexican Radio13-Jun-198359
Wallace COLLECTIONDaydream5-Apr-1969208
Clifford T. WARDWherewithal22-Feb-19741914
Robin WARDWonderful Summer4-Jan-1964209
WEATHER GIRLSRaining Men23-May-198369
WEBB BROTHERSThe Colonel Put the Lickin' in Chicken but Who Put the Roo in Stew1-Oct-1981212
Marti WEBBTake That Look off Your Face1-May-19801510
WEDDINGS PARTIES ANYTHINGFather's Day18-May-19921714
WEENPush th' Little Daisies5-Jul-1993813
Lenny WELCHSince I Fell for You4-Jan-19641610
WHITESNAKEHere I Go Again19-Oct-1987414
WHITLAMSBlow Up the Pokies / Thank You5-Jun-2000127
WICKETY WACKMoonlight Marvel7-Mar-1983127
Jack WILDWait for Summer3-Oct-1970716
WILL TO POWERBaby I Love Your Way / Freebird6-Feb-19891714
Billy WILLIAMSNola5-Apr-1959714
Danny WILLIAMSWhite on White28-Mar-1964138
Don WILLIAMSI Believe18-Dec-19802013
Maurice WILLIAMS & The ZODIACSStay11-Dec-196089
Vanessa WILLIAMSSave the Best for Last25-May-1992218
John WILLIAMSONOld Man Emu18-Jul-1970218
Bruce WILLISRespect Yourself13-Apr-1987811
Viola WILLSGonna Get Along Without You Now5-Jun-1980913
Al WILSONShow and Tell1-Feb-1974912
Kia WINDINGMore25-Aug-1963208
WINDOWSHow Do You Do31-Mar-1972219
WINSTONColor Him Father21-Jun-1969210
Gary WRIGHTLove is Alive19-Aug-1976189
Mark WYNTERVenus in Blue Jeans28-Oct-19621512
X - ECUTIONERIt's Goin' Down29-Apr-2002195
X 3Girl Like Me9-Jul-200141
Glenn YARBROUGHHoneywind Blows24-Oct-19641416
YAZZOnly Way is Up26-Sep-1988324
YELLOWSTONE AND VOICEWell Hello6-Jul-1973215
YESYour Move3-Dec-19711912
YOU AM ISoldiers29-Jul-1996196
Faron YOUNGIt's Four in the Morning9-Jun-1972516
Karen YOUNGNobody's Child22-Nov-1969116
Timi YUROHurt3-Sep-1961129
Pia ZADORAWhen the Rain Begins to Fall1-Apr-1985198
Si ZENTNERDesifinado4-Nov-19621016
ZHANEHey Mr DJ20-Dec-19931019
ZOMBIESShe's Not There19-Sep-1964417