Adelaide one-hit wonders 1959 – 2002 according to the mcduff rule

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ArtistSongEntry DateHPTW
A.B.SWhat You Got9-Sep-2002168
ACCELERATORSNumber One (Grand Prix Song)17-Oct-198596
ACEHow Long18-Apr-1975208
ADAM ANTGoody Two Shoes30-Jul-198249
ADEVAI Thank You17-Feb-1990185
AFTER THE FIREDerkommissar15-Apr-1983413
ALABAMAWhen We Make Love22-Jun-19841910
ALESSIOh Lori16-Dec-1977187
ALFStuck On Earth7-Apr-1988117
ALI GMe Julie27-May-20021115
ALISHA'S ATTICI Am I Feel13-Jan-19971017
ALIVE AND KICKINGTighter Tighter31-Jul-1970615
ALL 4 ONEI Swear25-Jul-1994125
ALLMAN BROTHERSRamblin' Man26-Oct-197357
ALLNITERSMontego Bay21-Oct-1983198
Marc ALMOND & Gene PITNEYSomething's Gotten Hold of My Heart1-Apr-1989910
ALPHAVILLEBig in Japan20-Jul-1984208
ALT & The LOST CIVILIZATIONTequila14-Dec-1992317
ALITHIA AND DONNAUptown Top Ranking7-Apr-1978138
AMERICAN BREEDBend Me Shape Me10-Feb-1968319
AMES BROTHERSPussy Cat4-Mar-195943
Bill ANDERSONStill22-Jun-19631613
Chris ANDREWSTo Whom it Concerns15-Jan-1966118
ANEKAJapanese Boy20-Nov-19811014
ANNETTE & The AFTERBEATSFirst Name Initial20-Jan-19601010
Christine ANUSunshine on a Rainy Day15-May-20001516
A1Caught in the Middle24-Jun-20021614
ARIELJamaican Farewell24-Aug-1973177
Renee ARMANDRaining in L.A.2-Feb-1973197
ARTFUL DODGER (U.S.)A Girl20-May-1981813
Ernest ASHWORTHTalk Back Trembling Lips28-Sep-1963515
ATCAround the World12-Mar-2001511
ALTANTA RHYTHM SECTIONImaginary Lover2-Jun-19781211
AUDIO MURPHY INCTighten Up Your Pants14-Nov-19941411
AULTON MOBMarch of the Mods2-Jul-19661910
AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIANSYou're Not Alone5-May-1988117
AVANT-GARDEFly With Me18-Jan-1969510
AVERAGE WHITE BANDPick up the Pieces18-Apr-19751411
BABYFACEHow Come How Long14-Jul-1997621
Philip BAILEYWalking on the Chinese Wall19-Apr-1985198
BAJA MARIMBA BANDComin' In the Back Door18-Jan-19641111
Russ BALLARDVoices12-Oct-198459
Lori BALMERDon't Throw it All Away4-Jun-19761311
BAND AIDDo They Know it's Christmas21-Dec-1984119
BARBARELLAColour My Love30-Aug-1999714
J. J. BARRIENo Charge16-Jul-1976610
BASIC ELEMENTThe Ride16-Oct-1995206
Carole BAYER SAGERYou're Moving Out Today22-Jul-1977114
BAZZ AND PILKA feat. Peter PLUSBite Your Bum20-Mar-1981110
BEATFISHWheels of Love9-Sep-1981208
BEAUTIFUL SOUTHA Little Time6-May-1991177
Jeff BECKHi-Ho Silver Lining20-May-19671611
Bob BECKHAMJust as Much as Ever9-Dec-1959198
BELLE STARSClapping Song24-Dec-1982216
BELLSStay Awhile16-Apr-1971512
DION & The BELMONTSAmerican Dance24-Feb-1962199
Cliff BENNETT & The REBEL ROUSERSGot To Get You Into My Life8-Oct-1966137
Merv BENTONCincinatti Fireball29-May-1965413
BERLIN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRATheme from '2001 A Space Odyessey'20-May-1970310
Leon BIBBBallad of the Virgin Soldiers8-May-1970610
BJERREShe Taught Me How to Love Again2-Sep-1977197
BLACK SABBATHParanoid4-Dec-1970316
Sharon BLACKLittle Church Around the Corner23-Oct-1965417
BLIND FAITHWell All Right2-Jan-1970710
BLUE STREAKSTake It Easy / Let Me Be the One26-Sep-19642016
BLUE MAGOOSNothin' Yet18-Feb-19672011
MONBALURINAItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini8-Dec-1990207
Gary 'U.S.' BONDSQuarter to Three22-Jul-196169
BONE THUGS 'n' HARMONYTha Crossroads15-Jul-19961220
BOOMTOWN RATSI Don't Like Mondays21-Sep-1979119
BOURGEOUIS TAGGI Don't Mind at All24-Mar-198889
BOYS TOWN GANGCan't Take My Eyes Off You24-Dec-1982117
BREWER AND SHIPLEYOne Toke Over the Line9-Apr-1971211
Teresa BREWERMusic Music Music13-Jul-1973110
Johnny BRISTOLHang On In There Baby4-Oct-1974513
Elkie BROOKSPearl's a Singer9-Sep-1977108
Garth BROOKSTo Make You Feel My Love / Two Pina Colada's23-Nov-1998158
BROTHERHOOD OF MANSave Your Kisses For Me4-Jun-1976610
BROTHERS JOHNSONStomp25-Jul-1980513
Arthur BROWNFire16-Nov-1968207
Joe BROWN & The BRUVVERSA Picture of You21-Jul-1962515
Ruth BROWNI Don't Know20-Jan-19601014
BROWNSVILLE STATIONSmokin' in the Boys' Room1-Feb-1974158
Anita BRYANTPaper Roses9-Jun-1960176
Ray BRYANT COMBOMadison Pt 19-Jun-1960910
BUFFALO DRIVELife's Been Good to Me13-Oct-197289
Vika & Linda BULLWhen Will You Fall for Me13-Jun-1994179
BULLETWhite Lies Blue Eyes25-Feb-197298
Emma BUNTONWhat Took You So Long23-Apr-2001817
Gary BURROWNPeter Motley24-Sep-198739
Jerry BUTLERMoon River18-Nov-1961617
B. Z. feat. JOANNEJackie9-Nov-1998324
Cab CALLOWAYHistory Repeats Itself14-May-19661010
Eddie CALVERTIl Silenzio9-Oct-1965120
CANDY FLIPStrawberry Fields Forever19-May-1990209
CANNED HEATGoing Up the Country14-Dec-1968116
CAPTAIN MATCHBOX WHOOPEE BANDMy Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes15-Jul-19721411
Don CARROLLSeven Up and Icecream Soda7-Oct-196199
Tommy CASHSix White Horses16-Jan-1970196
Buzz CASONAdam and Eve9-Nov-1968115
CAT MOTHER & The ALL NIGHT NEWSBOYSGood Old Rock 'n' Roll12-Sep-196996
Kenny CHANDLERHeart25-May-1963116
CHANGIN' TIMESPied Piper11-Dec-1965118
Ronnie CHARLESKaty Jane19-Dec-1969149
CHASEGet It On9-Jul-197159
CHEECH AND CHONGEarache My Eye15-Nov-1974111
CHEETAHWalking in the Rain20-Oct-19781611
CHEROKEESMinnie the Moocher29-Apr-1967313
CHICLe Freak26-Jan-1979121
CHICORY TIPSon of My Father10-Mar-1972612
CHILLIWACKMy Girl2-Apr-1982198
Ana CHRISTENSENIsolate Your Heart20-Oct-1990187
CHRISTIANSWhen the Finger Points10-Mar-19882012
Gigliola CINQUETTIGo12-Jul-19741711
Jack CLEMENTSMy Voice is Changing16-Mar-19631412
CLOVERSLove Potion No. 99-Dec-1959512
Bobby COLEMr Bojangles3-Aug-19681010
COLLETTERing My Bell15-Apr-1989810
Ray COLOMBUS & The INVADERSShe's a Mod17-Oct-1964219
COMMUNARDSDon't Leave Me This Way2-Oct-1986218
CON THE FRUITERERCuppla Days8-Dec-1988173
Julian COPEWorld Shut Your Mouth5-Feb-19871810
CORNELIUS BROTHERS AND SISTER ROSEToo Late to Turn Back Now18-Aug-19721812
COUNT FIVEPsychotic Reaction22-Oct-1966615
Peter CRISSDon't You Let Me Down16-Feb-19791211
CRITTERSYounger Girl2-Jul-1966611
Nicole CROISILLEWoman In Your Arms23-Apr-1976207
Christopher CROSSI Will29-Sep-1988813
CRUEL SEABlack Stick19-Apr-19931413
CULTWild-Hearted Son23-Sep-1991189
Stephen CUMMINGSStand Tall17-Dec-1976412
D-COYSI Don't Want28-Aug-19651411
D-GENERATIONFive in a Row25-Nov-1989156
Paul DA VINCIYour Baby Ain't Your Baby No More30-Aug-1974412
DADSleeping My Day Away / Girl Nation2-Jun-19901110
DADDY DEWDROPChick a Boom28-May-1971213
Michael DAMIANRock On22-Jul-1989206
Vic DAMONEOn The Street Where You Live11-Mar-1959101
DANAWho Put the Lights Out23-Apr-1971913
Vic DANAI Will26-May-19621310
Charlie DANIEL'S BANDDevil Went Down to Georgia5-Oct-1979915
DAVE AND SUGARQueen of the Silver Dollar24-Sep-1976911
DAVID AND DAVIDWelcome to the Boomtown15-Jan-19871313
Dave DAVIESDeath of a Clown2-Sep-1967149
Windsor DAVIESWhispering Grass12-Aug-1977214
Dana DAWSONRomantic World4-Nov-19911413
Joel DAYDEMammy Blue1-Oct-1971412
AL DE BARGEWho's Johnny14-Aug-1986158
Cliff DE YOUNGMy Sweet Lady1-Nov-1974311
DEACON BLUEReal Gone Kid4-Mar-1989176
DEAN END KIDSHave I The Right3-Jun-1977615
DEADSTARDeeper Water3-Jan-20001410
DEAT SCHOOLWhat a Way to End it All3-Dec-19761111
Bill DEAL & The RHONDELLSNothing Succeeds Like Success10-Jul-1970211
Nick DE CAROHappy Heart19-Apr-1969613
DEF FXPsychoactive Summer15-Jan-19962015
DEFAULTWasting My Time17-Jun-2002159
DEL AMITRIKiss This Thing Goodbye3-Mar-19901115
Tim DELUXEIt Just Won't Do2-Sep-2002912
Cathy DENNISJust Another Dream25-Feb-19911212
Martin DENNYA Taste of Honey4-Aug-1962518
Rick DERRINGERHang On Sloopy30-May-1975158
DICK AND DEE DEEThe Mountain's High23-Sep-1961812
DIVINE {Band}Lately15-Nov-1999161
DIXIEBELLESPapa Joe's26-Oct-19631012
DR BUZZARD'S ORIGINAL SAVANNAH BANDWhispering / Cher Chez La Fomme / Sesi Bon4-Mar-1977139
DR DRECalifornia Love8-Apr-1996613
DR FEELGOODSee You Later Alligator28-May-1987815
Fats DOMINOBe My Guest17-Feb-1960127
Charlie DOREPilot of the Airwaves29-Feb-19801711
Harold DORMANMountain of Love25-May-1960196
DOUG AND THE SLUGSDay By Day12-Sep-19851412
DRAFTIMarble Breaks and Iron Bends28-May-1966611
DRAMARAMAAnything Anything3-Jun-1991186
DREAMHe Love U Not26-Mar-2001177
DREAM FREQUENCYTake Me31-Aug-19921310
Dave DUDLEYSix Days On The Road10-Aug-19631013
Patty DUKEDon't Just Stand There31-Jul-19651611
Steve DUNDONIt's the Crows Again21-Dec-199828
Francis DUNNERYAmerican Life in the Summertime8-Aug-19941210
Judith DURHAMOlive Tree1-Jul-1967168
Ian DURY & The BLOCKHEADSHit Me With Your Rhythm Stick2-Mar-1979220
Slim DUSTYDuncan30-Jan-19811013
DYNAMIC HEPNOTICSSoul Kind of Feeling19-Oct-1984216
Jonathon EDWARDSSunshine11-Feb-1972613
Tommy EDWARDSI've Been There25-Nov-19592010
Ted EGANWillie the Whinging Pom26-Oct-1973166
ELECTRIC HIPPIESGreedy People30-May-19941010
ELECTRIC PRUNESI Had Too Much To Dream4-Feb-1967911
ELECTRONICGetting Away with It28-Jul-19901810
Yvonne ELLIMANIf I Can't Have Him21-Apr-1978512
Buddy ENGLANDMovin' Man18-Mar-196779
Joy ENRIQUEZTell Me How You Feel2-Apr-20011210
Don EPPERSONButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid29-May-1970314
Eric B. & RAKIMPaid In Full19-May-1988174
Ray ETHIERPresident's Walk30-Dec-19591110
Faith EVANSI'll Be Missing You21-Jul-1997116
EVERY BROTHERThis Town18-Feb-1988206
EXILEKiss You All Over17-Nov-1978322
E.Y.C.Feelin' Alright7-Feb-1994616
F.A.B.Happy People23-May-1985109
Shelley FABARESJohnny Angel21-Apr-1962167
Barbara FAIRCHILDTeddy Bear Song25-May-1973208
FAMILY {U.K.}In My Own Time24-Sep-1971139
FANTASTICSSomething Old Something New21-May-1971313
FANTASYThe Marrow Song29-Jun-19731010
FAR CORPORATIONStairway to Heaven6-Mar-1986159
FAT BOYSThe Twist11-Aug-1988911
FATBOY SLIMPraise You1-Feb-19992017
FERRY AIDLet It Be21-May-1987127
FINCHWhere Were You17-Mar-1978129
FIREHOUSEDon't Treat Me Bad26-Aug-1991177
Eddie FISHERI'd Sail a Thousand Seas6-Jan-1960215
FIXXStand or Fall25-Jun-1982166
FLAKEThis Wheel's On Fire11-Sep-1970711
Lester FLATT & Earl SCRUGGSFoggy Mountain Breakdown8-Jun-196839
FLEETWOODSMr Blue16-Dec-1959215
FLOWERPOT MENLet's Go To San Francisco23-Sep-1967138
FLOWERSWe Can Get Together31-Oct-19801511
FLOY JOYWeak in the Presence of Beauty22-May-19861112
Dan FOGELBERGPart of the Plan28-Feb-1975129
FOGHATI Just Want to Make Love to You26-Jan-1973137
FOOLSPsycho Chicken21-Nov-19801412
Clinton FORDWhy Don't Women Like Me24-Dec-19661115
Andy FORRAYDrac's Back14-Mar-1980187
FORRESTRock the Boat27-May-19831210
FORUR JACKS AND A JILLMaster Jack11-May-1968311
FOUR LADSHappy Anniversary30-Dec-1959109
FOUR TONESTennessee Stomp9-Nov-1963614
4-2 THE FLOORFuture Love22-Aug-19941311
FOURMOSTGirls Girls Girls12-Feb-1966712
FOXS-S-S Single Bed11-Jun-1976116
FRANCESCAWay of the World26-Aug-200211
David FRANJOxygen25-Mar-20021310
James FRUEDHurricane13-May-1989109
Glenn FREYHeat is On5-Apr-1985116
FUN AND GAMESGrooviest Girl in the World1-Mar-196939
GALLAGHER AND LYLEI Want To Stay with You30-Apr-19761710
Chris GANTRYDreams of the Everyday Housewife29-Jun-1968413
Barbara GASKINIt's My Party27-Nov-1981214
David GATESNever Let Her Go11-Apr-1975206
David GEDDESRun Joey Run17-Oct-1975411
GENTRYCinnamon Girl3-Jul-1970412
GEORGESpecial Ones25-Jun-2001153
GINSON BROTHERSQue Sera Mi Vida13-Mar-1981612
GILLETTEShort Dick Man12-Dec-1994111
GIN BLOSSOMSHey Jealously23-May-19941411
GINGERBREAD MENLet the Little Girl Dance27-Nov-19651810
GLITTER BANDAngel Face19-Apr-1974910
GLOBO'SBeat Goes On18-Mar-1983612
Angie GOLDGet It Over With15-May-1982129
Brian & Tony GOLDHey Sexy Lady28-Oct-2002423
GOONSYing Tong Song14-Sep-197397
GOSDIN BROTHERSHangin' On2-Mar-1968712
GRAND FUNKFootstompin' Music25-Feb-19721211
GRAND POLO FOOTBALL CLUBMen are Not Nice Guys28-Jan-2002188
GRANDMASTER CHICKEN & DJ DUCKCheck Out the Chicken17-Feb-19901212
GRANDMASTER FLASH & the FURIOUS FIVEThe Message27-May-1983177
GRAPEFRUITDear Delilah23-Mar-1968129
Cheryl GRAYYou Made Me What I Am13-May-196799
GREYHOUNDBlack and White3-Dec-1971157
GROOVE TERMINATOROne More Time29-May-20001410
Henry GROSSShannon26-Nov-1976314
Steve GROVES BANDI'm On the Loose Again28-Jan-1977128
Larry HALLSandy2-Mar-1960910
HAPPYLANDDon't You Know Who I Am3-Aug-19981310
Tim HARDINSimple Song of Freedom29-Aug-19691512
Francoise HARDYOnly You Can Do It6-Aug-19661010
Hargood HARDYHomecoming30-Apr-1976209
Ben HARPERFaded31-Mar-1997193
Major HARRISLove Won't Let Me Wait25-Jul-19751812
Sam HARRISOver The Rainbow13-Jun-1985168
HARTSLittle Girl22-Apr-19671710
Ronnie HAWKINSMary Lou4-Nov-19591514
HEADBANDLand of Supercars25-Aug-19721310
HEADLESS CHICKENSCruise Control7-Nov-1994415
Jeff HEALEY BANDAngel Eyes23-Sep-1989178
HEAD 'N' AIDStars5-Jun-19861211
HEAVEN 17Temptation19-Aug-1983209
HENCHMENRockin' Robin8-May-1965315
Joe HENDERSONSnap Your Fingers23-Jun-1962208
Hendry SISTERSBimbo / It's Such a Pretty World Today14-Dec-1968910
HERDI Don't Want Our Loving to Die15-Jun-1968213
Vince HILLEdelweiss15-Apr-196769
HILLSIDE SINGERSI'd Like to Teach the World to Sing7-Jan-1972614
HIPPOSDark Age14-Jul-198888
Rodger HODGSONHad A Dream14-Dec-19841812
Suzanna HOFFSMy Side of the Bed18-Feb-19911910
HOLLYWOOD HORNETSCruisin'28-Jan-1977611
Clint HOLMESPlayground in My Mind25-May-1973910
HOOPS INCJoy25-Sep-1995128
HOT CITY BUMP BANDDo What You Wanna Do30-May-1975119
HOTHOUSE FLOWERSI Can See Clearly Now4-Feb-19911411
Shane HOWARDWalk on Fire4-Aug-19901711
Ole HOYER ORCHESTRAMazurka15-Dec-1972316
HUDSON BROTHERSSo You Are a Star24-Jan-1975118
HUES CORPORATIONRock the Boat19-Jun-1974612
HUGO AND LUIGIJust Come Home9-Mar-19601810
Ian HUNTEROnce Bitten Twice Shy4-Nov-1975413
Tab HUNTERAppler Blossom Time8-Jul-195936
Ferlin HUSKYWings of a Dove11-Mar-1961210
IDLE RACEIn the Summertime7-Aug-1970117
Enrique IGLESIASBailamos6-Sep-19991415
IMPRESSIONSGypsy Woman23-Dec-19611711
James INGRAMSomewhere Out There19-Feb-1987120
INKASEChoo Choo9-Jan-1970187
INVERTIGOChances Are1-Jan-2001213
JACKOI'm an Individual29-May-1985313
Jermaine JACKSONLet's Get Serious19-Sep-1980208
JAGGERZThe Rapper17-Apr-197067
JAM AND SPOONRight in the Night25-Apr-1994317
Sonny JAMESBorn to be With You15-Feb-1969109
James TAYLOR MOVEMagic Eyes12-Aug-1967109
Tommy JAMES & The SHONDELLSDragin' the Line20-Aug-1971139
Jean Michel JARREOxygene iv14-Oct-1977109
JAY & The TECHNIQUESKeep the Ball Rollin'16-Dec-19671613
JEBADIAHFall Down5-Nov-2001124
JELLYBEANWho Found Who5-May-1988126
JETHRO TULLLiving in the Past19-Jan-1973108
JO JO GUNNERun Run Run5-May-1972611
Billy Joe & the CHECKMATESPercolator10-Mar-1962813
Don JOHNSONHeartbeat23-Oct-1986206
Kevin JOHNSONRock and Roll21-Sep-1973512
Marv JOHNSONI Love the Way You Love20-Apr-1960194
Sabrina JOHNSONPeace10-Feb-1992208
George JONES & Gene PITNEYI've Got Five Dollars and it's Saturday Night1-May-1965312
Jack JONESRace Is On3-Apr-1965179
Paul JONESHigh Time5-Nov-19662010
Jeremy JORDANRight Kind of Love31-May-19931315
JOURNEYOpen Arms7-May-1982197
Jay JUSTINProud of You20-Apr-19631115
Kitty KALLENIf I Gave My Heart to You25-Nov-19591913
KANSASDust in the Wind23-Jun-19782013
KAYLANShake It14-Aug-200059
Paul KELLY & The COLOURED GIRLSTo Her Door17-Dec-1987118
Cheryl KENNEDYLove is Blue10-Feb-1968117
Claude KINGWolverton Mountain7-Jul-1962217
Morgana KINGI Have Loved Me a Man30-Nov-1968115
KINGDOM COMEGet it On5-May-198858
KINGS OF THE SUNSerpentine8-Sep-1988129
KINI QUARTETUnder the Sun17-Jul-1965220
Fern KINNEYTogether we are Beautiful23-May-1980516
KIP AND KENTrouble with a Women25-Dec-1965516
Marc & Katie KISSONPigeon28-Jan-1972177
Kevin KITTO SINGERSLights of Adelaide7-Sep-1968157
KLAXTONSClap-Clap Sound11-Sep-1986412
Jean KNIGHTMy Toot Toot8-Aug-19851610
Robert KNIGHTEverlasting4-Nov-196779
Mark KNOPFLERGoing Home22-Apr-19831411
KOOL AND THE GANGCelebration7-Aug-1981117
Mike KORB & The HIGHLAND PIPISDreamy Island9-Oct-198148
Les KOSMINGetting so Excited19-Mar-1982177
KRISS KROSSJump8-Jun-1992115
Kris KRISTOFFERSONWhy Me23-Nov-1973207
KUSHPeter Gunn6-Jul-197398
K.W.S.Please Don't Go13-Jul-1992116
LA BELLELady Marmalade6-Jun-1975110
Don LANGSink the Bismark18-May-1960412
Denise LASALLEMy Toot Toot8-Aug-19851610
LASHBeauty Queen10-Sep-2001195
Vicky LEANDROSSWhen Bazookis Played14-Sep-1973310
Raymond LE FERVRE ORCHESTRASoul Coaxing2-Nov-1968710
LETTERMENWhen I Fall In Love20-Jan-1962209
Levi SMITH'S CLEFSRoadrunner28-Nov-1969149
Bobby LEWISTossin' and Turnin'5-Aug-1961148
Jerry Lee LEWISChantilly Lace14-Apr-197269
John LEYTONLonely City30-Jun-19621513
LIFE ORGANIZATIONBeyond the Blue Horizen23-Aug-197458
LIME LITERSPaco Peco19-Aug-19611512
Peggy LIPTONWear Your Love Like Heaven24-Jul-1970196
LITTLE HEROESBon Voyage27-Jan-1984197
LITTLE RICHARDFreeedom Blues / Dew Drop Inn17-Jul-1970167
Carol LLOYD BANDAll The Good Things18-Mar-19771910
Dave LOGGINSPlease Come to Boston2-Aug-1974611
Julie LONDONDesafinado3-Nov-1962814
Alan LONGMUIRI'm Confessing29-Jul-197759
LOOKI Am the Beat24-Apr-19811312
LOOKING GLASSBrandy4-Aug-1972314
Lisa LOPESNever Be the Same Again10/4 2000221
LOS LOBOSLa Bamba20-Aug-1987120
LOTUSLotus 119-Mar-1971313
LOTUS EATERFirst Picture of You21-Oct-1984139
LOUDEST WHISPERKanon13-May-1991196
LOVE AFFAIRA Day Without Love2-Nov-1968117
LOVE SCULPTORSabre Dance18-Jan-1969214
LUVTrojan Horse2-Nov-1979812
Ray LYELL & The STORMColour of Money7-Jul-19901813
Jeff LYNNEEvery Little Thing14-Jul-1990913
Phil LYNOTTOut in the Fields22-Aug-19851912
Kathi MacDONALDYou've Lost That Lovin' Feeling6-Jun-1980116
Rita MacNEILWoking Man28-Oct-1989521
MADMOISELLEDo You Love Me5-Nov-20011713
MAGISTRATESHere Comes the Judge10-Aug-1968214
MAJORSA Little Bit Now5-Jan-19631213
Barry MANNWho Put the Bomp2-Sep-196189
Herbie MANNHijack9-May-19751010
MARBLESWalls Fell Down20-Jun-1969148
Benny MARDONESInto The Night14-Nov-19801016
MARK IVI Got a Wife27-May-1959105
Yannis MARKOPOULOSWho Pays the Ferryman22-Dec-19781710
Amanda MARSHALLLet It Rain17-Jun-19961112
Joe MARTINCut Me Kangaroo Loose23-Jun-1960208
Hank B MARVINJoy of Living6-Mar-19701410
MASHMAKHANAs Years Go By25-Dec-19701010
MASSIELHe Gives Me Love15-Jun-1968165
Mireille MATHIEUSometimes22-Feb-1969177
MAX-A-MILLIONSexual Healing15-Apr-1996619
MAZ QWay of the World16-Sep-198988
MAZXIMILLIANThe Breeze and I / Theme from 'Peter Gunn'12-May-1962149
MC SKST-KAY & The STRAY MOBOpposites Attract10-Mar-1990117
Mike McCLENNANOne I Love15-Aug-1980149
Ewan McGREGOR & Nicole KIDMANCome What May2-Jul-2001168
Robin McNAMARALay a Little Lovin' on Me24-Jul-19701011
MEDICINE HEADOne and One is One20-Jul-19731211
MEN OF HARLECHCharlie's Getting Married at Last26-Aug-1983167
Hilly MICHAELSShake It and Dance13-Mar-19811110
MIDNIGHT STRING QUARTETClassical Gas27-Jul-1968415
Buddy MILES & The FREEDOM EXPRESSThem Changes26-Jun-197056
Jody MILLERHe Walks Like a Man29-Feb-1964815
Mitch MILLERChildren's Marching Song4-Mar-195929
Don MILLER-ROBINSON BANDWho Kissed the Usherette23-Mar-1984139
MISTER KPopcorn11-Aug-1972118
Guy MITCHELLHeartache by the Number9-Dec-1959115
MOBYWe Are All Made of Stars6-May-2002122
Stephen MONAHANFlying Machine20-Aug-197167
MONIFAHTouch It15-Feb-1999721
MONTANASCiao Baby22-Apr-19671011
MONTE VIDEO & The CASSETTESShoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang4-Feb-1983115
MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUSAlways Look on the Bright Side29-Feb-1980812
MOONSHINE JUG AND STRING BANDKeep You on the Move13-Jul-1973167
Josh MORGANHere's to the King23-Sep-197778
Ada MORIMare Mare Mare Mare5-Oct-1973411
MOTHER GOOSEBaked Beans29-Jul-1977712
MOTLEY CRUEDr Feelgood21-Oct-1989196
MOTT THE HOOPLEAll the Young Dudes13-Oct-197229
Nana MOUSKOURIFour and Twenty Hours1-Dec-1972148
MOUTH AND McNEALHow Do You Do3-Mar-1972218
MOVEBlackberry Way1-Mar-1969812
MOVING PICTURESWhat About Me19-Mar-1982115
Michael MURPHYWildfire20-Jun-1975310
Anne MURRAYYou Needed Me10-Nov-1978117
Neil MURRAYCalm and Crystal Clear24-Jun-1989136
MUSICK EXPRESSJackie's Thing30-Oct-1970158
NATE DOGGRegulate29-Aug-19941812
NEILHole in My Shoe31-Oct-19851211
NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELSChitty Chitty Bang Bang8-Mar-1969310
NEW EDITIONCandy Girl15-Jul-1983411
Anthony NEWLEYDo You Mind23-Jun-1960109
Paul NICHOLSHeaven on the Seventh Floor7-Oct-1977213
98 DEGREESI Do15-Nov-19991714
Buster NOBLEYoung Camp Stockman5-Jan-1973129
Tom NORTHCOTT194116-Mar-1968129
NUTTY SQUIRRELSUh Oh27-Jan-1960138
N.Y.C.C.Fight for Your Right4-May-19981016
OAKRIDGE BOYSEasy4-Aug-1978216
Des O'CONNERRemember23-Nov-1973211
Esther & Abi OFARIMCinderella Rockafella23-Mar-1968412
OG AND THE JOGGERSZap - Zow8-Oct-1971167
OINGO BOINGOStay10-Jul-1986215
O'JAYSLove Train9-Mar-1973178
Nigel OLSSONOnly One Women7-Feb-19751110
ORGYBlue Monday5-Jul-199975
ORIGINAL CASTLENothing Can Touch Me24-Jul-1970136
PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRICAre You Ready19-Jun-1970211
PANDORAA Little Bit9-Nov-19981428
Graham PARKERLife Gets Better28-Oct-19831811
Michael PARKSLong Lonesome Highway29-May-1970207
Alan PARSON PROJECTEye in the Sky3-Sep-1982148
PARTNERS IN KRYMETurtle Power4-Aug-1990712
Tony PASSSpring Fever6-Aug-1966510
Billy PAULMe and Mrs Jones22-Mar-1973110
Anne PEEBLESI Can't Stand the Rain26-Jul-197479
PEPSI AND SHIRLEEAll Right Now19-May-1988147
Emilio PERICOLIAl-Di-La2-Jun-1962153
PHANTOM ROCKER AND SLICKMen Without Shame16-Jan-19861311
PICKETTYWITCHThat Same Old Feeling20-Nov-2970212
PIRANAHere it Comes Again23-Apr-1971189
PLAYMATESBeep Beep4-Mar-195915
Richard PLEASANCESarah6-May-1991208
POCORose of Cimarron22-Oct-19761112
POP TOPSMy Little Woman3-Aug-1973108
Cozy POWELLDance with the Devil5-Apr-1974810
Will POWERSKissing with Confidence9-Dec-1983159
PRATT AND McCLAIN & BROTHER LOVEHappy Days {Theme}14-May-1976116
PRELUDEAfter the Goldrush29-Mar-197458
PRIMAL SCREAMRocks25-Apr-1994187
PRIMITIVESWay Behind Me4-Feb-1989145
Leroy PULLINSI'm a Nut13-Aug-1966206
PUSH PUSHTrippin'3-Jun-1991612
Python Lee JACKSONIn a Broken Dream18-Feb-1972158
William QUILLS ORCHESTRAEarly Mornings14-Jun-1974611
RACING CARSThey Shoot Horses Don't They25-Feb-1977179
Jack RADICSTwist and Shout28-Mar-19941112
RADIO FREEDOMI Can Feel It8-Jun-1992816
RAH BANDThe Crunch24-Mar-1978315
Boots RANDOLPHYakety Sax23-Mar-1963814
RARE BIRDSympathy6-Nov-1970159
James RAYIf You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody14-Apr-1962213
RAYSMy Claire De Lune21-Oct-1961208
REAL BLONDESI Won't Let You Go17-Jul-2000141
Johnny REBBThink Me a Kiss28-Dec-1960101
RED BOXLean On Me14-Nov-1985169
Derek REDFERNPut Your Head On My Shoulder5-Apr-1974199
REEFPlace Your Hands24-Mar-19971115
REEL 2 REELI Like to Move It23-May-1994221
Della REESENot One Minute More24-Feb-1960610
Jim REEVESHe'll Have To Go16-Mar-1960115
Reo SPEEDWAGONKeep On Loving You27-Mar-1981517
Johnny RESTIVOShape I'm In16-Dec-1959101
Nelson RIDDLERoute 66 (Theme)7-Jul-19621314
Brenton ROBERTSMan and Woman25-Mar-1983118
B. A . ROBERTSONBang Bang29-Feb-1980413
Don ROBERTSONButtons and Bows27-May-19611613
Vicki Sue ROBINSONTo Sir with Love29-Jun-1984516
RACK-A-TEENSWoo - Hoo9-Dec-19591412
ROKESWorks of Bartholomew13-Jul-1968144
Aleesha ROMESearch My Heaven27-Dec-19991211
RONETTESBe My Baby2-Nov-19631418
ROSEBUDHave a Cigar29-Feb-1980187
Marianne ROSENBERGA V.I.P.10-Dec-197699
Jack ROSSHappy Jose17-Feb-19622011
ROUGH TRADEAll Touch6-Aug-19821114
ROULALick It10-Jul-1995812
James ROYALCarolina12-Feb-1971111
ROYAL TEENSBelieve Me10-Feb-1960189
RUBBERY FIGURESRecession Rap8-Jul-1991106
RUFUSTell Me Something Good4-Oct-1974208
Todd RUNDGRENCan We Still be Friends1-Sep-1978715
Leon RUSSELLA Hard Rain's Gonna Fall5-Nov-1971109
Mitch RYDER & The DETROIT WHEELSWhat Now My Love14-Oct-1967139
SADDLE CLUBHello World21-Oct-20022021
SADENo Ordinary24-May-19931811
SAILCATMotorcycle Mama20-Oct-1972159
ST CECILIALeap Up and Down13-Aug-1971611
Jeff ST JOHNTeach Me How to Fly5-Feb-1971614
ST LUNATICSBatter Up14-Jan-20022018
John ST PEETERSSo Many Ways13-Apr-19791212
Crispian ST PETERSThe Pied Piper4-Jun-1966213
ST WINIFRED'S SCHOOL CHOIRThere's No One Quite Like Grandma22-May-1981195
SAINTSMusic Goes Round My Head28-Jan-1989129
SANITY CLAUSEMerry Bloody Christmas18-Dec-1981174
Joe SATRIANIDreaming # 24-Mar-1989138
Ray SAWYERDaddy's Little Girl24-Dec-1976115
Paul SHILLINGMajor Tom4-Nov-1983812
John SEBASTIANWelcome Back4-Jun-1976159
SECRET SERVICEOh Susie1-Apr-1980314
SEEDSPushin' Too Hard17-Dec-1966312
SENSATIONLet Me In17-Mar-1962199
David SEVILLE & The CHIPMUNKSAlvin's Harmonica17-Jun-195955
SHAGLoop Di Love1-Dec-1972311
Rocky SHARPE & The RELAYSShout Shout23-Jul-198249
Gary SHEASTONI Get a Kick Out of You13-Dec-1974118
Kevin SHEGOGFall Out Shelter6-Oct-19621211
Sheila & B. DEVOTIONSingin' in the Rain14-Jul-1978614
Peter SHELLEYGee Baby15-Nov-1974217
Troy SHONDELLThis Time14-Oct-1961614
SHY FX & T POWERShake UR Baby3-Jun-2002204
SILKIEYou've Got to Hide Your Love Away4-Dec-19651017
SILVERWham Bang Shang-A-Lang22-Oct-19761411
SILVER CONVENTIONGet Up and Boogie28-May-1976712
SIMON FAmerican Dream21-Jan-1988165
SINCLAIR BROTHERSYesterfool30-Jun-1978119
SINGING SHEEPBaa Baa Black Sheep8-Apr-1983208
SIOUXIE& The BANSHEESDear Prudence16-Dec-1983818
Sir DOUGLAS QUINTETDynamite Women10-Oct-1969128
SISQOThong Song2-May-2000316
SISTER SLEDGEHe's the Greatest Dancer25-May-19792011
Grace SLICKDreams23-Jan-1981614
SLIKForever and Ever16-Apr-1976713
SMOKE CITYUnderwater Love5-May-19971211
Errol SOBERWhat Do You Say to a Naked Lady24-Jul-1970145
Joanie SOMMERSJohnny Get Angry14-Jul-1962812
S.O.S. BANDJust Be Good to Me17-Feb-198449
Jimmy SOULIf You Wanna Be Happy27-Apr-1963116
SOUND BENDERSDo You Believe In Magic29-Mar-1969138
J.D. SOUTHERYou're Only Lonely11-Jan-19801611
SOUTHERN GENTLEMENLeave Myself to Me13-Nov-19651311
Billie Jo SPEARSBlanket on the Ground12-Dec-1975511
SPECIALSGhost Town9-Oct-1981148
Chris SPEDDINGMotor Bikin'1-Jul-1977613
SPOKESMANDawn of Correction9-Oct-1965159
SPRINGFIELD REVIVALMama Was Right All Along26/1/19731410
STANDELLSSometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White24-Sep-1966176
Edwin STARRWar18-Feb-1977811
Lucille STARRFrench Song12-Sep-19641118
Lucky STARRI've Been Everywhere14-Apr-1962121
STATLER BROTHERSBed of Roses26-Mar-1971126
STEELEYE SPANAll Around My Hat19-Sep-1975196
STEREO MCSConnected25-Jan-19931112
STEREOSI Really Love You6-Jan-19621610
B. W. STEVENSONMy Maria28-Sep-1973197
STEVIE BBecause I Love You15-Feb-19911012
Al STEWARTYear of the Cat25-Feb-1977912
Billy STEWARTSummertime3-Sep-1966198
Stephen STILLSChange Partners23-Jul-19711210
STILLS-YOUNG BANDLong May You Run1-Oct-19762011
Paul STOOKEYWedding Song22-Oct-19711610
Billy STRANGEGoldfinger13-Mar-1965415
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCKTomorrow3-Feb-19681510
STRAW PEOPLETrick with a Knife7-Aug-1995209
SUGARLOAFGeen-Eyed Lady13-Nov-19701413
SUNNYDoctor's Orders28-Jun-1974211
SUPERGROOVECan't Get Enough13-Feb-1995196
SUPERHEIST7 Years27-May-2002175
SWEEPERSHarlem Song18-Mar-1974178
SWEET DREAMSHoney Honey25-Oct-1974215
SWEET SENSATIONSad Sweet Dreamer1-Nov-19741611
SYLVERSBoogie Fever9-Jul-1976179
SYNDICATE OF SOUNDLittle Girl23-Jul-1966148
T-BONESNo Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)26-Aug-1967711
TADPOLEThrow a Little Lovin' My Way15-Jan-19711113
TARNEY-SPENCER BANDNo Time to Lose5-Oct-19791415
TASTEBoys will be Boys17-Dec-1976198
TASTE OF HONEYSukiyaki19-Jun-1981196
Andy TAYLORTake It Easy24-Jul-19861113
James TAYLOR MOVECountry Road26-Mar-19711912
Matt TAYLORI Remember When I Was Young30-Nov-1973912
R. Dean TAYLORIndiana Wants Me30-Oct-19701110
TELEXTwist at St Tropez21-Sep-1979815
TESTEAGLESTurn That Shit Up19-Jul-199966
THEIVESAli Baba22-Feb-197499
THEN MENA Little Bit Now5-Jan-19631213
THIRD PARTYRussian Spy and I8-Jul-196799
THIRD WORLDTry Jah Love7-May-1982510
THIRTY-EIGHT SPECIALSecond Chance8-Jul-19891211
G. Wayne THOMASJust to Love You26-Mar-19761510
Hank THOMPSONOlder the Violin the Sweeter the Music28-Jun-197478
3LWNo More25-May-20011914
THUMP'N PIG and PUFF 'N' BILLYCaptain Straightman6-Apr-1973188
Johnny THUNDERLoop De Loop26-Jan-1963516
Billy THUNDER KLOUD & The CHIEFTONESWhat Time of Day15-Oct-1976710
TIMBUK 3Future's so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades15-Jan-1987812
T. I. S. M.Ol' Man River26-Jan-1995189
T. M. SINGERSRhythm of the City15-Feb-19801010
Umberto TOZZITi Amo1-Feb-1980113
TRAVELLING WILBURYSHandle With Care24-Nov-1988413
Jackie TRENT & Tony HATCHTwo of Us14-Oct-1967117
TREVORCrying in the Rain14-Aug-1970213
TWILIGHTERSBottle of Wine20-Jan-1968111
UFODoctor Doctor23-Aug-1974196
Katie UNDERWOODBeautiful13-May-20021014
UNIT FOUR PLUS TWOUnderwater Love10-Apr-1965818
Andy UPTONStop in the Name of Love4-Nov-1977116
Margaret URLICHEscaping27-Jan-199078
Jerry VALECamelot25-Jan-19641911
Leroy VAN DYKEWalk On By9-Dec-1961514
Sarah VAUGHANBroken-Hearted Melody21-Oct-195959
Suzanne VEGATom's Diner3-Nov-19902011
VERTICAK HORIZONEverything You Want14-Aug-2000177
VIRGIL BROTHERSWhen You Walk Away10-Oct-1969207
VITABEATSBoom Box15-Mar-1985196
VOGUESMy Special Angel4-Oct-1968127
Johnny WAKELIN & HIS KINSHASA BANDBlack Superman6-Jun-1975115
WALKER BROTHERSThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine30-Apr-1966411
Joe WALSHLife's Been Good4-Aug-1978916
WARRANTCherry Pie24-Nov-1990415
Dinah WASHINGTON & Brooke BENTONBaby16-Mar-19601310
WAXBridge To Your Heart22-Oct-1987513
Wayne G PRESENTS TWISTEDTwisted8-Jun-19981019
WEATHER GIRLSIt's Raining Men20-May-19831710
Marti WEBBTake That Look Off Your Face4-Jul-1980119
WEENPushing th' Little Daisies21-Jun-19931014
WENDY & The ROCKETSPlay the Game3-Jun-1983159
WESLEY THREELittle Tommy22-May-19651414
Tony Joe WHITEHigh Sheriff of Calhoun Parrish20-May-1970713
Trevor WHITEJust Another Night28-Oct-1977107
WHITLAMSBlow Up The Pokies / Thank You5-Jun-2000814
Slim WHITMANChina Doll5-Nov-1967314
Harlow WILCOX & The OAKIESGroovy Grubworm24-Oct-1969148
Jack WILDWait for Summer13-Nov-1970176
Billy WILLIAMSNola6-May-1959103
Don WILLIAMSI Believe In You23-Jan-1981159
Paul WILLIAMSInspiration1-Mar-1974196
Roger WILLIAMSThe Impossible Dream17-Aug-1968109
Vanessa WILLIAMSSave the Best for Last25-May-1992417
Warren WILLIAMSGirls Were Made to Love and Kiss14-Jul-19621211
J. Frank WILSON & The CAVALIERSLast Kiss5-Dec-1964813
Mari WILSONJust What I Always Wanted18-Mar-1983208
Meri WILSONTelephone Man23-Sep-1977412
Pat WILSONBop Girl2-Sep-1983118
Ross WILSONBed of Nails1-Jul-1989129
Kai WINDINGMore27-Jul-1963618
Pete WINGFIELDEighteen with a Bullet29-Aug-1975119
Steve WINWOODHigher Love4-Sep-1986168
WOMBLESWombling Song10-May-197477
Roy WOODForever8-Feb-197419
Sheb WOOLEYHootenanny Hoot26-Oct-1963715
XTCGenerals and Majors14-Nov-19801913
YAZZOnly Way is Up6-Oct-1988314
YELLOWSTONE AND VOICEWell Hello6-Jul-1973312
YESOwner of a Lonely Heart13-Jan-1984911
YOU AM IWhat I Don't Know About You16-Feb-1968163
YOUNG AUSTRALIANSShadow Valleys and Iron Triangles10-Jun-196715
Clive YOUNGSomething Special1-Jul-1989194
Margaret YOUNGAlbert4-Aug-19781911
Timi YUROMake The World Go Away17-Aug-1963513
Frank ZANDERDa Da Da1-Oct-198259
Si ZENTERDesifinado3-Nov-1962814
ZHANEHey Mr D J17-Jan-19941813
ZOMBIESShe's Not There2-Jan-1965515